Editors Note: AVEX Statement on Withdrawal of Provisional Injunction

Avex would have us to believe that they have won the day by stating that ‘on the grounds that the case
would have been dismissed anyway” –C-JeS and Zak Corporastion have withdrawn the JYJ petition for the provisional injunction for the Charity concert in Japan.

I am more inclined to believe that there is another reason altogether for withdrawal of the provisional injunction, and until we hear C-JeS and Zak Corporation’s rebuttal on this matter–I conclude that Avex
would have lost this case.

Avex is no stronger than SM so we keep fighting their claims and support our guys. The sadness is in the refusal on Avex’s part to give ground on an issue of charity and humanity.

It must be nice sleeping in your warm beds at night while other Japanese people are struggling to survive. Shame one thousand times. Momma Cha

Translation 110602 Avex Press Release — Regarding the JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN Event Application For Provisional Injunction

[Translation] 110602 Avex Press Release – Regarding the JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN
Event Application For Provisional Injunction
Avex Group Holdings Ltd
Regarding the JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN Event Application For Provisional Injunction

As stated in our press release on 28 April, in relation to the Tohoku Earthquake Charity Event by our company’s artists JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN, the organisers Zak Corporation (Zak Corp.) and JJY’s Korean management company C-JeS ENTERTAINMENT.Co.ltd (C-JeS) had filed for 2 charges of provisional disposition against our company for unfair correspondence, at the Tokyo local district courts.

・ Heisei 23rd Year, No. 1115 Application for provisional injunction against obstruction of business operations (Civil Matters, 9th Dept)
Claimant (Complainant) = Zak Corp.
・ Heisei 23rd Year, No. 22020 Application for Provisional Disposition Order (Civil Matters, 46th Dept)
Claimant (Complainant) = Zak Corp. & C-JeS (Joint Claim by both companies)

With regards to the 2 counts of provisional injunction, our company had asserted its legitimacy on the issue, and we were confident that this case would be dismissed. However on 27 May, Zak Corp. and C-JeS had, without waiting for the final decision, withdrawn both claims.

Zak Corp. and C-JeS had considered that it would have been difficult for their two claims to stand, and had decided to abandon this application for provision injunction. With such facts, we can simply conclude that legally, our claims are valid.

The above is what we would like to report.

(T/N: Heisei 23rd Year = 2011)

Source : [avex.co.jp]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 110525 JYJ Japan Charity Concert — Reason Why Event Time Was Revealed But Not Event Location

Translation 110525 JYJ Japan Charity Concert – Reason Why Event Time Was Revealed But Not Event Location

Only revealing the event date, without a location. This is not a “guerrilla” performance, but an actual performance where tickets have to be purchased.

However, it is currently in a situation which cannot be understood easily. This is the Japanese charity concert of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu of JYJ.

JYJ will be holding a charity concert on 7 June. This concert was created in support of victims of the big earthquake that hit Japan in March. However, their management company C-JeS Entertainment has only revealed the event date, and has said nothing about where the concert will be held.

This is what happened. Initially, JYJ, who had broken away from TVXQ, had started selling tickets (for this event) for a concert at Yokohama Arena. However, they suddenly received a notice that they would be unable to perform at Yokohama arena, and the management company switched locations to Saitama Arena. However, they once again received a notice from the location management dissolving the agreement.

This matter is related to JYJ’ s management company in Japan, Avex Entertainment. Avex, who announced the suspension of JYJ’s activities in October last year, heard about this Charity Concert, and sent a official notice to the locations requesting that they “Do not hold this concert.”

In response to this, JYJ’s management company, together with the charity concert organiser Zak Corporation, filed for a provisional injunction against Avex Entertainment for unfair handling last month at Japan’s Tokyo District Courts.

With their concert venue being coerced into cancellation, the performance would have to be cancelled completely, but the management company has decided to push ahead with the plans to hold the concert.

According to personnel related to JYJ, the concert venue has already been decided. Those who have purchased tickets will be notified of the location soon via SNS. It will not be held at the currently stated arena, and because it will be an outdoor location, audio technicalities may occur, but after consideration of the waiting fans, they have decided to go ahead with this concert.

C-JeS Entertainment, expressed via their Japanese website, that “This concert is not just a one-time event, please take this to be a sign that JYJ will be restarting activities in Japan from now on. Even if the location for this concert may not be the best, please believe in our sincerity, and we hope that everyone will be able to support us.”

On another note, on 7 June at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome, Yunho and Changmin’s TVXQ will be participating in a joint K-Pop concert, incidentally creating a face-off of TVXQ members in Japan.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Chosun]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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News JYJ’s Japanese Fans Take Unusual Step of Taking Collective Action for Foreign Artist “Even Charity Concerts…”

[News] JYJ’s Japanese Fans Take Unusual Step of Taking Collective Action for Foreign Artist“Even Charity Concerts…” Japanese Fans Angered at Interference With JYJ Concert


“Avex sold CDs and DVDs without consultation with C-JeS (which is JYJ’s Korean management company) even though it had unilaterally suspended JYJ’s activities. Our fans (Japanese fans) who had been watching silently in the meanwhile reached the limits of our patience when Avex interfered with JYJ’s charity concert in Japan. We are furious at Avex which is interfering with an event for the benefit of Japan’s victims by using the contract as a shield.” (JYJ Japanese fan, Twitter ID @keiko04)

“Although under contract, (Avex is) not letting them be active, and also not terminating the contract. For what reason could this be?” (@byoru1)

The popular 3-person idol group JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejooong) is facing a difficult time with regards to appearing on domestic broadcasts due to the after-effects of withdrawing from TVXQ. When Avex put the brakes on to make even its Japanese activities become difficult (to materialize), JYJ fans have stood up to action.

The direct impetus is from the time of the relaying of the news that JYJ’s plans for a large-scale charity concert in Japan to help the victims of the March 11 earthquakes (June 7) has been put in danger of foundering due to Avex’s sabotage. It is that the discontent of the Japanese fans which had been seething at the treatment of Avex to announce the suspension of JYJ’s activities suddenly in last October has exploded at the potential of the concert’s foundering.

When a few Japanese fans drafted a “demand letter” to Avex that demanded the resumption of JYJ’s Japanese activitieson the 19th of last month, within less than one month more than 10,000 fans participated in signing.

The result of asking the opinions of Japanese fans on this situation through Twitter is that within a few hours more than 200 writings flooded the newspaper. As the pointing-out of the Japanese fans mentioned earlier, the writings are mostly of the content that one cannot understand the behavior of Avex.

That Japanese fans stand up to take collective action to publicly express an opinion for a Korean Wave star is an extreme anomaly.

In particular, the date of JYJ’s charity concert coincides with the date that TVXQ performs in “Seoul-Osaka Music of Heart 2011, Fighting Japan!” and so suspicions are becoming focused on the circumstances surrounding its cancellation.

According to a recent press release from C-JeS, JYJ had planned to hold a charity concert on the 7th of next month in the Saitama Super Arena which has the seating capacity of approximately 20,000 and had even finished the contract to rent the venue but suddenly was notified of the contract’s cancellation.

JYJ showed themselves to be actively sympathizing with the pains of the disaster, donating 600,000,000 KRW (approximately 600,000 USD) immediately after the earthquakes, saying that they “would like to return the help received from the Japanese fans.”

Perhaps due to this, among some fans there are responses that say: “It is too much to interfere even with a charity concert” and “I am ashamed to be a Japanese.”

The Twitter ID @eyua raised a question: “At this time when due to the nuclear issues many foreigners are returning home (away from Japan), JYJ says that they want to come in order to help in the revival of Japan, out of good will as human beings—why is this not allowed?”

C-JeS pointed to Avex as the forces behind the cancellation of the venue’s rental, saying that “Avex’s sustained and relentless sabotage attempts became the fuse of this incident (of the contract’s cancellation).” At this, C-JeS hurriedly contracted with another venue but it has become known that whether the concert will be held or not is currently unclear.

Paek Changjoo, director of C-JeS, said in a phone call with that “in order to accomplish the concert in any way possible, we are in the middle of persuading the venue affiliates and others.” JYJ’s charity concert began selling tickets on April 5 and is known to be sold out as of now.

Prior to this, director Paek wrote on the home page to the Japanese fans, asking for understanding that: “Because the Japanese fans had been waiting for JYJ’s stage for a long time, we thought of even cancelling the concert because we could not show a properly-equipped concert. But in order to keep the promise with many fans who had waited for JYJ in trust and in patience, we decided to push ahead with the concert.”

Director Paek revealed that even though Avex officially contracted with C-JeS regarding JYJ’s Japanese activities last March which is after the division of TVXQ and so recognized JYJ’s activities within Japan, in October of last year suddenly notified the “suspension of activities” of JYJ within Japan.

Director Paek revealed: “On the surface it is raising as reasons my personal issues and that (JYJ is) in the middle of a conflict with TVXQ. But in truth, it seems that it is attempting to take the rights relating to the management of the international activities of JYJ.”

The Japanese weekly recently reported that on this, Avex revealed: “Because the 3 of JYJ are singers attached to Avex, the concert contract is a clear breach of contract. Further, as we see it, (even though this event is a charity concert) this event has a profit-making motive. Currently we are filing for an injunction on the infringement of business rights.”

However, Japanse fans asked back in the demand letter: “If Avex argues that it did not know the past of the director of C-JeS prior to the signing of the contract and claim that this is the cause of the suspension of the contract, then is it not that they were negligent on their obvious (duty to the) task of prior research and examination of a company that is an object of collaboration?” Further, on the reason of being in conflict (with TVXQ) the demand letter also pointed out that: “By the April of last year when JYJ resumed its activities in Japan, the problem of confirming the exclusive contract between the 3 and SM had already been resolved through the (injunction judgment of the) Korean Court of October of year 2009.” It argued that: “Therefore the issue that Avex raises as the reason for the suspension of the activities – that “there is a possibility that the exclusive contract itself may become invalid according to the results of the trial” – is already meaningless.” Because the Japanese market is the biggest market for JYJ, if they find it difficult to be active there it is expected to be a large blow.

JYJ, which his currently in a conflict with the mega-entertainment agency SM Entertainment (hereafter SM) won against the Objection and the Injunction to Suspend the Effects of the Exclusive Contract (contract between JYJ and C-JeS) and was guaranteed independent entertainment activities until the main suit is decided. However, public broadcast stations and cable and satellite broadcasters are being wary of SM and other mega-entertainment activities and are avoiding their appearance on music programs. Director Paek said: “The results of the lawsuit is currently not affecting the appearance on broadcast at all.”

Therefore, JYJ is concentrating on tours outside of Korea, including Japan.

JYJ’s 4-time Asia Tour which kicked off in Thailand on April 2nd through 3rd gathered approximately 43,000 fans.

Translation credit: JYJ3
Source: Hankyoreh
Our Source: sharingyoochun.net


PETITION SHARING-ENG & JAP A Demand Letter from JYJ Japanese Fans to Avex!

Petition is for the Japanese fans only but may be opened up to international fans later. The petition site can be found HERE and you can view the full petition HERE in Japanese. The petition started today and will last until May 31st.

A Demand Letter from JYJ Japanese fans to Avex

We, Japanese fans of Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu (hereafter, JYJ) hereby make the following demands of JYJ’s current management company, Avex.

In September 2010, with sudden announcement from your company, JYJ’s activities were suspended, and the opportunity to listen to JYJ sing was deprived from us JYJ fans. Since then, JYJ’s activities in Japan have remained suspended till this day. During this entire time, we have kept waiting for the resumption of JYJ’s Japanese activities, and have continued to send such demands to your company, but even now have not received an acceptable explanation for the suspension of their activities.Moreover, on the matter of the earthquake relief charity event that JYJ is to hold, the representative of the venue where the event was going to be held has recently made an announcement citing contract problem with your company as a reason that has cast doubt on the materialization of the event as planned.

This event represents JYJ’s well-wishing for Japan after many years of doing activities here, and is a charity event they are to voluntarily come to Japan to conduct, as a segment of their effort expressed immediately after the earthquake to support the disaster-stricken areas. To prevent even an event purposed to revive (Japan) from happening, during a time when we as a nation need every possible effort to recover from the aftermath of this unprecedented earthquake, is an action that we feel is very questionable.

We hope for the prompt resumption of JYJ’s music activities, and hereby make demands of your company in regards to the following points.

1. C-JeS is a business entity officially registered in Korea in December 2009, its size and organization composition can be viewed by anyone on the company registry. Furthermore, your company’s Vice President has, on his Twitter, revealed his close relationship with the representative of C-JeS. Thusly your company’s assertion that you did not know about the past of C-JeS’s representative before signing the contract is entirely unconvincing.

If (despite the foregoing) your company still insists that you did not know about the past of C-JeS’s representative, and uses such as a reason to suspend the contract, then was it not a neglect of duty on your company’s part as a public listed company to do due diligence on your business partner before the fact?

2. In Korea, JYJ has been appointed to promote the G20 Summit, to promote the Overseas Korean Trader Association as honorary ambassadors, and to promote other internationally recognized Korean enterprises. Their entertainment activities have not been hampered by the fact that C-JeS is their management company.
To use a reason that did not cause any problem in (JYJ’s) home country, that the representative of C-JeS has himself denied, and to give the Japanese society false and negative impression of JYJ, we find your ground (that the reason was based on) to be very questionable.

3. When JYJ began their Japanese activities in April 2010, the problem regarding the affirmation of the three’s exclusive contract with SM was already resolved by the October 2009 court decision. Consequently, the reason your company used to suspend JYJ’s activities, “Depending on the progress of the exclusive contract affirmation lawsuit between JYJ’s three members and SM, there is a possibility that their exclusive contract with our company may become invalid” (quote from Avex’s official statement) has been rendered a non-issue.
Rather, it (the contract issue) was a problem that your company needed to resolve, as your company signed exclusive contract with JYJ while the contract signed (by Avex) with SM as Tohoshinki remained in effect, we feel your logic to make the issue a problem with JYJ is very questionable.

4. When your company, in spite of the aforementioned circumstances, used corporate compliance as a reason that your company would no longer provide management services to the three, it meant that the contract could no longer be maintained as per normal. To restrain the three with the contract while not letting them to engage in entertainment activities, we must say is very socially unjust behavior. We find it very hard to understand that in spite of the fact that both JYJ and their fans desire for (JYJ’s) Japanese activities, such a condition (the suspension of activities) has continued for as long as 8 months.

5. Moreover your company, while suspending (JYJ’s) activities in such a manner, continue to sell JYJ’s music CDs, DVDs among other products. What is more, these products were what Oricon addressed in their explanatory note as “products that were determined by your company prior to their sales to not be reflected on the Oricon ranking chart.” Notwithstanding the fact that those products were subject to such extremely unusual measures, with no advance notice given, (the action by Avex to disallow sales results of those products to be reflected on Oricon ranking chart) disappointed fans who despite feeling it’s questionable to sell (JYJ’s) products during their activity suspension, bought the products in an effort to support JYJ, and also made JYJ miss the opportunity to show their high popularity to the general public.
In April 2010, when the announcement to halt Tohoshinki activities was made, your company has declared, that “Our company intends to continue fully supporting respectively these five individuals, who are extraordinarily talented young people with a future”.

Yet for us fans who have devotedly waited for JYJ’s return since last September, we have already been deprived the chance to be close to JYJ’s music for 8 months, while your company has in effect relinquished the management of the three.

We as consumers and fans, seek (your company’s) explanation for this inconsistent situation. If there is no possibility of improvement of the current situation, (we ask you to) please as soon as possible resolve the contract problem (work out the validity or invalidity of your contract with the three), and return JYJ to their supporting fans.

We wish for the three young people with extraordinary talent, Jejung, Yuchun, and Junsu to be granted freedom to embark on a new journey of music activities, for us fans to be able to freely enjoy their music.
Note: we have not consulted Cjes or JYJ’s three members prior to writing this demand letter, the letter is presented by the Japanese fans who volunteered to participate. We ask for your understanding of this fact.

April 19, 2011

JYJ’s Japanese Fans

Source: @TheJYJfiles & Shomei.tv
English Translation by: Starfield
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Translation: 110428 Kim Junho Tweets About His Decision To Work With Avex Despite Its Relationship With His Brother

Junho, you are a grown man with the right to make your own decisions just as your brother is. As long as the two of you understand each other and your relationship continues in love–there is nothing to be said. Your family is loved. Do not fret. Momma Cha

Translation: 110428 Kim Junho Tweets About His Decision To Work With Avex Despite Its Relationship With His Brother

An article regarding the Japanese company I’ll be working with has finally been published. I think there will be lot of people who worry and have unkind things to say about the decision. I had been talking to this agency even before the guys’ problem arose, and I finally made the decision to pursue the venture, seven months since the happening began, after thinking about it and discussing it with my family and those around me.

We’ve settled it so that there is a minimum chance of the situation becoming a problem, so please don’t worry about it too much. I, too, thought long and hard before laying down this decision. Though you may say that it was the wrong decision to make, it has been made and I must take full responsibility of what is to come. I just hope you do not hurt my family. I will just work hard. I’m sorry and I thank you all.

Source: [Junho’s Twitter]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdatat.net
Our Source: sharingyoochun.net

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News: 110429 JYJ Sues Japanese Agency Over Cancellation of Concert

WHEN you are dealing with human rights issues, they cannot be resolved quickly unless either mutual respect on both sides leads to early resolution, or a timely process is employed to resolve the issues. In the case of JYJ against the established entertainment cartel, this is going to be a long, drawn-out process. I anticipated this was going to happen so I have always cautioned that the process was just beginning. Those of us who truly love our mancubs, not their bodies only, or their music only, but love their spirits, souls, and personalities will have to hold in and continue to pray for resolution that benefits the common good. I believe that Avex has been using JYJ and other artists to solve their money issues and to fufill their corporate goals with disregard for the artist’s human rights, as has SM and all of the United Management Companies, et al.. Artists are so much more than talent and box office appeal–they are human beings with desires and hopes of their own. It can be hard to work for years toward someone else’s dream. I have lived this. IN this particular case the disregard also extends to the people in need in Japan.

Let’s keep loving and supporting not SM, not Avex, not even C-Jes–just our guys wherever they feel the most comfortable. Love you, Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin. Momma Cha

News: 110429 JYJ sues Japanese agency over cancellation of concert JYJ has filed a lawsuit in Japan against their management company AVEX Entertainment for interfering with their attempt to hold a charity concert.

JYJ, a boyband formed by former TVXQ members Kim Jae-joong, Kim Jun-su, and Park Yoo-chun after they filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for unjust contract, had planned a charity concert to aid earthquake-affected areas in Japan. However, the concert’s venues have canceled their contracts with JYJ after AVEX allegedly pressured them.

(From left to right) JYJ’s Kim Jun-su, Kim Jae-joong, Park Yoo-chun talk to Thai fans during their Bangkok Concert on April 3. (Yonhap News)

JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment and the concert organizer ZAK Corporation have filed two provisional dispositions against AVEX with the Tokyo District Court.

AVEX released an official statement, in which they do not deny the action. “Our company holds the exclusive rights for JYJ’s activities in Japan, and we have just taken actions against the infringement rightfully and properly,” AVEX said. They also claimed that they have received blackmails and threats due to the matter.

AVEX signed a contract with three members of JYJ in early 2010 after JYJ filed the lawsuit with SM Entertainment. A few months later, AVEX announced the “suspension of activities” of three members, arguing JYJ should refrain from promoting in Japan while legal proceedings against SM Entertainment were under way in Korea.

This “suspension of activities” has kept JYJ from conducting any promotional activities in Japan. Even after the suspension, however, AVEX has continued to make profits with products such as DVDs and JYJ footage.

Due to their ongoing lawsuit with their management company, JYJ has had difficulties in their activities in Korea as well. They have released an album, held concerts globally, and acted in dramas and musicals, but have had trouble getting airtime on television entertainment shows.

Another pop group, KARA, who also had three members embroiled in a dispute with their management company DSP for nearly 3 months, recently announced they have resolved the disagreement and will continue their career with DSP.

By Joo Hye-Mi (hyemijoo@gmail.com)

credit: koreaherald
shared by: sharingyoochun.net
Our Source: sharingyoochun.net

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EDITORS NOTE This is so bogus I now…


This is so bogus. I now place Avex among the other kicking, screaming terrible two-year olds of the entertainment industry. How arrogant can you get!! It is so easy to posture, whine, complain, and poke fingers at JYJ and C-Jes. I’ve seen this ‘I’m afraid for the president’ stuff before. Don’t you have bodyguards? I know for a fact that JYJ would not try to harm anyone–so this in invalid. You need to look for someone else to throw this charge onto.

Avex believes that they can just snap their fingers and suspend JYJ’s activities? I don’t believe that our men were depending on Avex to promote or support them. No one is fooled by the cloying language of this post.
The tone is presumptive, implies that JYJ (and ourselves) is brainless, and is overall unconvincing.

What takes guts is to stand up and do what is right. Obviously the SM machine is still grinding away–and Avex is afraid to tip the cart. The whole dilemma (whether they know it or not) is that JYJ does not acknowlege their claims on the same basis as they have with SM. You talk about abuse on the part of the C-Jes President–you are abusing millions of people in Japan by your stubbornness and lack of humanity. You are concerned about the president of Avex. that is one person. There are millions of people in need of recovery in Japan.
Put it any way you like, it still boils down to nasty politics–and people cannot eat, drink, or be cared for by that. Momma Cha

Translation: 110428 Avex’s Statement Concerning JYJ’s Charity Event

April 28, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

Avex Group Holdings Inc.

Concerning the Charity Event by JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN

There was an announcement on April 5 this year, that JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN (exclusive artists of our company, hereinafter named “JJY”) will hold a charity support event (hereinafter called “this event”) for the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Disaster.

This event was planned without receiving any permission from our company, which holds the exclusive management rights for JJY in Japan.

Our company has protested multiple times to the organizer ZAK Corporation (hereinafter named “ZAK Corp”) and JJY’s Korean management company, C-JeS ENTERTAINMENT, Co.ltd (hereinafter named “C-Jes Corp” ). However, they have not listened to our protests, and forced through with the ticket sales unilaterally.

Concerning our company’s above handlings, we have received many comments and requests from JJY fans that this event should push through. Or, that since the sole purpose is for charity, we should especially dissolve the exclusive contract. On the other hand, we have received protests from multiple antisocial forces. Furthermore, we were under duress that our president should be harmed, etc.

However, our company holds the exclusive rights for JJY’s activities in Japan, and we have just taken actions for the infringement rightfullly and properly.

Additionally, as we have announced in our press release of September 16 last year, there remains to be compliance problems such as the criminal record of the President of C-JeS in assaulting/blackmailing an artist (of whom he was in charge of). Moreover, the exclusive contract declaratory judgment is still going on in Korea. Therefore, we have no other choice than to suspend the activities of JJY until these are settled.

In spite of the above circumstances, ZAK Corp and C-JeS have in their joint names, and, as ZAK Corp by itself, have filed two provisional dispositions against our company to the Tokyo District Court, claiming that our company’s handlings have no legitimate basis.

Hereafter, our company will contend our legitimacy at the judicature.

Our company does not think that the JJY members themselves are aware of everything that is happening.
Our company wishes that the JYJ members will understand the situation correctly and the real intention of our company.
Additionally, as we have been consistently commenting, our company long for the day where the compliance and legal problems in Korea will be resolved, and that our company can once again manage JJY. Furthermore, to resume the artists’ activities as Tohoshinki . We will do our best in the future.

For the fans who support JJY, we understand that we are making all of you worry.
We appreciate your kind understanding on the above.

Source: Avex Group Holdings Inc
Translations: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: ミ♥ Lovedust @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Translation: Max Matsuura’s Tweets About JYJ

Translation: Max Matsuura’s Tweets About JYJ
Posted on April 18, 2011

by YunhoFan

It’d be weird if people didn’t find this weird.

Losing is winning (laugh)

We’re not doing this because we want to. It’s that we can’t overcome what we are forced to do so even if we don’t want to….

If I tell it all, it’ll be all of you that will be saddened.

So what I’m saying is, we won’t do anything unfair. I understand your feelings of thinking about the people you like… but unfortunately it’s not like that. Although there is evidence, don’t despair. Saying this, I might get killed, (laugh)

RT @nattinharunana: Does President Matsura still believe in the five of them more than anyone else? (reply): Yes. But I wonder how they feel…

RT @ ycdycd: I wonder what you mean? If you go so far to say that much, can’t you tell us in more detail? The alleged reason for us being saddened and such. “I can’t say it now” –stop saying such things. (reply) But I can’t say it! I’m troubled!

@ TM538: Masa san, you being critical of people does not solve anything T^T (reply): That’s okay. It’s the role I have to play (laugh)

RT @ punpunkazu: Aren’t you guys being really rude? (reply): Wait a minute..Aren’t I the one that’s being talked to more rudely…

RT @richon1101: Masa san please do your best! (reply): Ye~es. Definitely. Because we know it’s the other side that’s bad. The three of them are not bad, the wrong one here is Mr.B .

This is how I feel. The three of them are not bad. That’s it.

It’s good enough to believe in the people you want to believe in! One day you will all understand.

A contract is a difficult thing. We can’t just simply allow exceptions.

RT @JJONMA:Does this mean there is someone behind all this?? Possibly by SM?? (reply): This is where everyone is mistaken. There is nothing going on between Avex and SM. That would be unbelievable. If that were the case, it would probably lead to a fight. IF that were the case. But it’s not.

I like the three of them. However….

I want to let all of you know the truth, but if I tell you here there is the possibility of putting family members at risk too. If there are people that understand, that’s all I need.

RT @ycdycd: Anyway! Please stop interfering with JYJ’s charity event! Don’t stop on the good intentions of charity! (reply): It’s not interference. It’s a problem with contract. Meaning, it’s with the matters of a promise.

I haven’t done anything to be embarrassed about. No matter what people say.

I understand the feelings of people who want to believe in the people that they like. But if they want to believe the boss of these people, that can’t be helped. If they can’t deny the boss, it won’t be possible to save the three of them. If this is how it is, I have nothing more to say.

@mjjeje Wake up (T/N: Open your eyes to reality)

If the details of the contract were revealed, no one would be able to say anything…

We’re not idiots. We wouldn’t do anything that leads to a no win situation.

I’m tired of twitter, and now I’ve realized that I’m not the one who should be coming out in front like this in the first place. Seriously it’s not that I hate the three of them. But, it’s tough being a president. If the company’s concepts and my own thoughts come into conflict, as a president, it is my responsibility to comply with the company.

RT @MAZINGER_DRAGON: President, tomorrow you have a lot of work to do. Please go to sleep now. Tomorrow’s meeting will especially require a lot from President so please rest your body. Please. This issue is also important , but I will take care of it. (reply): Idiot, you’ll die.

When the truth is in your face don’t be so surprised (laugh)

source: max matsuura’s twitter
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net
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Editor’s Note Refusal of Saitama Super Arena to…

Editor’s Note: Refusal of Saitama Super Arena to Host JYJ Japanese Charity Event

You know, Folks. Some things do not change. Are you surprised that this refusal came down the pike. I’m not because I saw it coming. There is a pattern to the harassment of our mancubs, and this chapter in our constant harrassment book lies at SM’s door via AVEX. The concert is sold out, the venue was secured, and now this. I’m not surprised in the least.

My argument is this. Anyone, any corporation, whichever way you want to say it, that would refuse a charity event for victims of Japan based on politics (excuse me, “contractual issues”) alone should be drawn and quartered.

Am I angry? Yes, I am. When people are hurting and have needs as deep as this–especially your own people–you do not throw away or thwart an opportunity for them to receive help from a legitimately caring source such as JYJ. I could care less about the contracts. I could care less about SM’s claims or Avex’s claims. People are hurting out there and you have just made a major social blunder. How can you say on one hand that you are in support of the Japanese people and on the other hand bite the charitable arm that is reaching out to them. Some things just plain stink!!! The stench is exceedingly strong here, and it will be smelled around the world.

What makes SM and Co. (of which obviously Saitama Arena management is a part) think that this is a legitimate means of retribution against JYJ? That is all that this boils down to. They know how much damage this could cause, how much work is involved if tickets need to be refunded.
Our guys have hearts of gold, but obviously there are a lot of people out there who have hearts of lead, and their obvious motivation is to save their own skin at the expense of the homeless and hurting people of their own country. This is a sad day indeed, and I pray that no one gets to benefit from refusing much-needed aid to Japan. Sometimes I wonder at the maturity level of these executives who get to eat well and live well while others are suffering. It is going to take a lot of money to get Japan back on it’s feet. Obviously some people could care less. Blind leading the blind.

Momma Cha

As I have stated before–No matter how m…

As I have stated before–No matter how many efforts are out there to limit and harm our mancubs opportunities to promote, sell, or perform their products–it will make no difference in the loyalties of their true fanbase. If anything it unifies us all in our dedication to their cause which in kinship becomes our own. We know how talented our guys are, so do they, and the fans are not hesitant in letting them know this, en masse. So let us keep hoping and praying for mountains to crumble and walls to fall down. It can happen. Love creates power. Momma Cha

[News] JYJ’s DVDs and albums excluded from Japan’s Oricon Chart

JYJ fans have yet another issue on their hands, as it was recently discovered that Japan’s Oricon chart excluded JYJ’s album from its rankings.

Representatives of Oricon Chart reported, “JYJ’s ‘DVD Memories in 2010‘ and their album, ‘Thanksgiving Live in Dome Live CD‘, will both be excluded from the chart rankings.”

According to Oricon, the decision was made in deference to Avex Entertainment’s condition of distribution. The Japanese agency had claimed their contracts with JYJ to be invalid as of September 2010. Consequently, this halt on their Japanese activities brought up discussions of whether or not JYJ’s albums would be still distributed. Avex agreed to release the albums under the condition that the trio are prohibited from promoting and advertising their releases for monetary gain.

The albums were eventually released on March 2nd to “revitalize the market“, but Oricon explained that they would be excluded from the rankings chart since it is also a form of advertisement.

After hearing about the notice, fans have been expressing their outrage over the situation by leaving comments like, “It’s ridiculous that JYJ is being excluded from Oricon just because that in itself is advertising and promoting the album,” “Oricon is killing the reliability of their chart,” and “Is JYJ nothing more than a tool to make money for Avex?”

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