Danny Boy Like Never Before+ Traditional

Danny Boy Like Never Before   😉

Millions have viewed this rather humorous, stirring rendition of ‘Danny Boy’. It is so appealing if you can just close your eyes and listen to the vocals, especially Animal’s. Who can truly define music? 🙂

credit: Blakwulf

To make a sweet and gentle comparison I am featuring Celtic Women singing ‘Danny Boy’. Such a melodious contrast. Both versions are wonderful. Forgive the ads, please.

credit: emimusic

Here are some additional, beautiful and traditional versions of ‘Danny Boy’ including Eric Clapton’s instumental.

Danny Boy – 대니보이 – 박영모- Tenor Saxophone-Park Young Mo-Busan Korea

credit: Mark Cahill+KSY EGAS+OnlyVocalHQ+ilovemaria82

JYJFantalk Source: youtube

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