Trans+Pic] 120310 JYJ Thankful For Peruvian Fans’ Love

[Trans+Pic] 120310 JYJ Thankful For Peruvian Fans’ Love

The members of the South Korean k-pop group expressed their excitement about performing in Lima and promised to come back to visit Peru.

After creating a stir among their Peruvian fans, who recieved them in happy tears and screams, the Korean boys, Jaejoong, Yoochun y Junsu, members of the k-pop group, JYJ, thanked their fans and promised to come back to Peru.

“We are very excited by the reception we got from the fans, and for being able to sing here”. They stated this at the press conference they offered after greeting the fans, who waited for them outside of the Marriot hotel in Miraflores.

They also expressed they feel a big responsibility, being the first Korean group that comes to perform at Peru, and they hope they can provide a performance in line with the expectations.

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