[Info] 130311 JYJ’s Upcoming Tokyo Dome Concert To Be Broadcast Live in Theaters Across Japan

[Info] 130311 JYJ’s Upcoming Tokyo Dome Concert to be Broadcast Live in Theaters across Japan

JYJ will be returning to Japan in grand style through their upcoming concert ‘2013 JYJ Concert in Toyko Dome –The Return of the JYJ-‘. But for the Japanese fans who were unable to grab tickets to JYJ’s sold out concert, don’t worry because the concert will also be broadcast live in theaters across Japan.

A representative revealed, “The 150,000 tickets for the three-day concert sold out immediately upon ticket sale opening. For those who couldn’t grab tickets to the concert due to limited seating, the final concert of the concert series has been decided to be broadcast in theaters.”

JYJ will reunite with their Japanese fans at their Tokyo Dome concert on April 2nd-4th.

Check out JYJ’s message below

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[TRANS] 120516 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, “Difficulties With Broadcast Activities? Times Have Changed”

[TRANS] 120516 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, “Difficulties With Broadcast Activities? Times Have Changed”

JYJ’s Junsu, who released his solo album, spoke honestly about his feelings towards being unable to appear on broadcast activities.

On the early afternoon of 16 May, Kim Junsu held his first solo album “Xia Tarantallegra” release press conference at the Seoul Lotte Hotel, and said, “‘Being unable to do broadcasting activities could be a minus point, but nowadays the situation is different from before,” he said honestly.

JYJ are in a situation where, aside from appearing in concerts, dramas and musicals, they are unable to do broadcast activities such as music shows and variety shows.

To this, Junsu sais , “If you release an album, you have to attend the basic broadcasting activities, but these activities cannot be done at all. Even while creating this album it was already assumed that “broadcasting activities cannot be done” but as the album still had to be released, it was a helpless situation.” “Therefore, we had to prove ourselves even more with the quality of the album, and the music video. Although it is just one album and music video, we had to show something even better” he emphasized.

Also, “It is not a good thing to not be doing broadcast activities. If you talk about negative factors, it is a minus point. But times have changed recently. Via youtube and various internet sites, everything you are interested in can be seen. If you have watched my music video, I think that to a certain extent, it is more expensive that most Korean music videos. If you look at Korea, in the situation where you cannot attend broadcast programs, it would be impossible to create such a music video.”

Following that, he said, “Although I cannot attend broadcast programs, I think that I hold on to my freedom of expression. I can show more variety of color,” emphasizing on the positive aspects.

Source : [K Star News]

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[TRANS] 120412 JYJ Yoochun, “Rooftop Prince” Two-Episode Consecutive Broadcast Changed To A Single Episode

[TRANS] 120412 JYJ Yoochun, “Rooftop Prince” Two-Episode Consecutive Broadcast Changed To A Single Episode

SBS originally scheduled for two episodes of “Rooftop Prince” to be broadcast, but that was changed to a one-episode broadcast.

Due to the 19th Parliamentary Elections vote counting program being broadcast on 11 April, SBS originally planned for both episodes 7 and 8 of “Rooftop Prince” to be broadcast consecutively on 12 April. However, this was changed on the morning of 12 April, such that only episode 7 would be broadcast.

An SBS representative revealed over a phone interview with Joynews24 that, “Only the missed episode 7 of “Rooftop Prince”, will be broadcast. It was initially decided for two episodes to be broadcast consecutively, but due to various circumstances, only the 7th episode will be broadcast.”

While “Rooftop Prince” cancels its plans to have two episodes broadcast consecutively, anticipation is high for the competition between the Wednesday-Thursday dramas. “The Equator Man” was the only drama which did not have changes to its broadcast schedule, while “The King 2 Hearts” had two episodes broadcast consecutively.

Source : [K Star News]

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120225 TVXQ~ “Free Live Broadcast” of Concert for Residents of Tsunami-Stricken Areas of Japan

TVXQ~ “Free Live Broadcast of Concert for Residents of Tsunami-Stricken Areas of Japan  By  CTVXQstaff_mug_ping

Group Tohoshinki is having a free live broadcast of their concert performance for the sake of residents in tsunami-stricken areas in Japan.

According to Japan’s representative music site Oricon on February 24, Tohoshinki will be having a free live broadcast of its nationwide tour concert performances at movie theaters in the northeastern affected districts in Japan on March 10.

Representatives of Tohoshinki explained the background context behind these plans, “It was because, even if it made just a little difference, Tohoshinki wished for the residents in the affected areas in Japan to be able to find some laughter and be healthy.”

Apart from including the residents of the relevant districts, this event will also see students being invited to the live broadcast of Tohoshinki’s concert for its Japanese nationwide tour on March 10.

Meanwhile, Tohoshinki is currently on their nationwide tour around 11 cities in Japan, having started on January 18 in Japan’s Yokohama Arena. This tour has received a huge response, with approximately 550,000 local fans being mobilized.

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