[News] 120905 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Fools Around, Hugging and Kissing…

[News] 120905 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Fools Around, Hugging and Kissing…

Xia Junsu, also known as Kim Junsu from JYJ, shared a rather amusing photo of himself, humoring his followers on Twitter. On September 5, JYJ’s Kim Junsu tweeted, “Don’t you like me?” and attached the funny selca. As shown in the photo, the singer is seen giving a back hug to a human-sized doll, leaning is for a kiss.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “I wish I was her,” “He is too adorable,” “Congrats on finishing your U.S. tour,” “I’ll never reject you Xia,” and more.

Meanwhile, Junsu wrapped up his North American tour with a concert in Los Angeles on September 2. At the Hollywood Palladium, the solo artist gave an explosive performance for his 2,000 American fans. Junsu will now head south to perform before his fans in Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

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[TRANS] 120727 Kim Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ Tops Peru’s Weekly Radio Charts

[TRANS] 120727 Kim Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ Tops Peru’s Weekly Radio Charts

 JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) has become a hot topic in South America for topping weekly radio charts in Peru.

The Peruvian weekly radio charts Teen Top held a poll in which Kim Junsu had a landslide win of 1,835 out of 3,014 votes and beat out other singers such as Big Bang, Justin Bieber and 2NE1.

Also, when the cities for Kim Junsu’s world tour were announced, Peruvian fans showed their intense desire for the singer to hold a concert in their nation by posting a video on Youtube titled ‘XIA SUPPORTING PROJECT BY PERUVIAN FANS’.

A South American representative stated, “When it was announced that concerts would be held in Mexico, Chile and Brazil, fans from Peru, Columbia, Bolivia and Argentina expressed their disappointment that the singer would not be visiting their respective countries. The feeling was stronger for Peruvian fans because JYJ’s popularity in Peru is immense, with 3,000 fans gathering in front of the hotel JYJ stayed at during their last visit.”

C-JeS stated, “We know how passionate South American fans are. Because we intend to include South American in all future world tours, there will be more opportunities for fans to meet the members. We are certain that Kim Junsu will be met with a sensational response in the continent.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will wrap up his Asia tour in Hong Kong on the 7th of August to begin his world tour soon after.

Source: [the star chosun]

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[PIC/TRANS] 120327 JYJ with Chile’s First Lady Cecilia Morel, Featured in a Chilean Newspaper

 [PIC/TRANS] 120327 JYJ with Chile’s First Lady Cecilia Morel, Featured in a Chilean Newspaper

March 27, 2012 · ceskjj


(Cecilia Morel) tells about how she met the popular guys and the first ladies in Seoul

Cecilia Morel Make-up Oriental Style and Meeting with JYJ 

Seoul. The second day of Cecilia Morel in Seoul transformed into a huge introduction to the korean culture.  During the second and last day of the Nuclear Summit, Morel had lunch with the first ladies. The lunch appointment was in the Blue House, seat of the government, that was built in Korean style. “We had to pull off our shoes to enter the house” said Cecilia, who had to put on special footwear.

She sampled the local food during lunch, and spent a lot of time with the korean first lady, Kim YoonOk, who was sitting right next to her .  The main event came after lunch, which began with a dance show with performers wearing traditional clothes. Later, Cecilia met JYJ, the most popular korean k-pop group who were in Santiago [Chile] in the beginning of March . ”I went to meet them and congratulated them. It was funny because two of them were very blonde, blonde, blonde, blonde. It was also funny because they look like Korean rock stars, and for me, that is something new and it catches attention” said Cecilia. 

(T/N; this is a rough translation; information unrelated to JYJ omitted )

++ Update++

The First Lady of Chile tweeted about JYJ:

[TRANS] At the First Ladies’ banquet in Korea, I was with JYJ

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s Impression of the South American Leg of the World Tour: “Moved by all the Love and Passion”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s Impression of the South American Leg of the World Tour: “Moved by all the Love and Passion”

On JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s personal twitter, Jaejoong conveyed his impression of the end of the last concert.

On his personal twitter he wrote, “In situations such as this, up till the last concert in Peru things ended quite well. Because of the great amount of support and love we received, I am very thankful. Though there was a feeling that we were quite close to everyone, we were still not able to see you all. I was moved by the South American fans who had been waiting for us with love. For sure, I will come again.” After this, netizens wrote, “I didn’t know in South America they’d be so popular too” and “If JYJ also had a concert in Korea, that’d be great” as well as “If they returned to Korea as soon as possible, that’d be great” and much more.

JYJ had a concert in Santiago, Chile on the 9th at the Teatro Caupolican and finished their final concert performance on the 11th in Lima, Peru’s Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental.

Source: News Nate

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[News] 120312 JYJ First Korean Band to Perform Solo in Latin America

[News] 120312 JYJ First Korean Band to Perform Solo in Latin America

Boy band JYJ held a concert at Teatro Caupolicán in San Diego, Chile, on Friday (local time), becoming the first Korean group to perform solo in Latin America. The venue was packed some two hours before the concert got under way, with over 3,000 fans hunkering down to catch a glimpse of the Asian pin-ups

JYJ perform at the Teatro Caupolicán in San Diego, Chile, on Friday. /Courtesy of C-Jes Entertainment

 In the days leading up to the concert, hundreds of fans from other parts of Latin America such as Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and Venezuela camped at a nearby parking lot to make sure they got a seat at the concert.

The spectators went wild throughout the concert, cheering and waving their national flags. During the show, three people were reported to have fainted and were carried out of the premises.

Fans cheer wildly at a concert by JYJ at the Teatro Caupolicán in San Diego, Chile, on Friday. /Courtesy of C-Jes Entertainment

The performance was part of the group’s world tour, which started last April and ended on Sunday in Lima, Peru.

Chilean reporters who were present at the latest concert said, “K-pop fans here currently number 20,000 to 30,000. But once Korean singers’ music is released through official channels, their fan base will surely expand further.”

credit: englishnews@chosun.com / Mar. 12, 2012 09:17 KST
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[PICS] #JYJ in Chile The Concert Compilations Junsu’s Cut ^_^

[PICS] #JYJ in Chile The Concert Compilations — Junsu’s Cut ^_^



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[Trans] 120309 JYJ Expressed Their Stance And Apologizes For The Sasaeng Incident‏

[Trans] 120309 JYJ Expressed Their Stance And Apologizes For The Sasaeng Incident‏

JYJ who have been under controversy with regards to sasaeng incidents recently, expressed their formal stance on the issue.

On the 8th of March 6pm (local time) at the press conference in Chile, Park Yoochun expressed, “Since the debut in 2004, though we have been loved by many, this past 8 years have been as though in a turmoil.”

“The stalking situations have been getting worse. Due to those fans who have been showing excessive concerns, it have made our lives as though we are living in a prison without bars. Though we wish to escape, trying to struggle away, yet we are still being trapped in such a space and end up in great mental suffering,” expressing his mental burden on the sasaeng incidents for this period of time.

Kim Junsu expressed, “Though such behaviors has been a bit absurd, I felt that this is a pain artistes should handle and thus been enduring it. But sasaengs have been chasing us by cars, or not frequently trespassing into (houses). In serious situations, it had even caused car accidents before. These behaviour under the name of love are what have been making us to live in indescribable pain.”

Lastly, Kim Jaejoong also expressed his self-reflection towards his own behaviour, “I would like to express apologies towards what we should not have done and very sorry for causing other fans to be sad and hurt. In the future, I will bear in mind the responsibility of being a public figure and to do my very best on stage for those who cherished us no matter when.”

source: starin.edaily
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[News] 120309 South American Affection Surprises JYJ

[News] 120309 South American Affection Surprises JYJ

JYJ recently said that they were surprised by South American affection.

On March 8, JYJ held a press conference for their ‘JYJ South America Tour 2012′ and said, “We arrived at the Airport early this morning, and there were lots of fans there to welcome us. We were surprised at the many female fans who kissed us on the cheeks.”

South American fans welcomed JYJ with traditional South American greetings. The group members were surprised by the cultural differences but they soon smiled and appreciated the fans’ support.

The members were also surprised at the fact that there were many male fans in South America.

 JYJ says, “We think that many fans love and support us for our powerful performances and talented vocal skills. Even though we are in South America for the first time, we knew about the country through social networks. South American fans also send lots of packages to our agency. They don’t know much Korean but they wrote short messages in Korean and it made those fans memorable. We will do our best to make the concert perfect for their support.”

JYJ will hold their exclusive concert on March 9 at Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile, and on March 11 at Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental in Lima, Peru.

source: TV Report
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