[Vid] Ivory’s Final Fantasy Buffet

Hi, Ivory here!
For those of you who don’t know, I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts game series. The stories make you think and often surprise you. While I don’t agree with some of the plots’ strange twists of reality, I understand and love many of the characters and the artistry…and the music gives me shivers. Here are a few samples of fanvids and assorted bits of the games’ highlights that both I and Momma Cha enjoy. Doubtless ThatMelancholySoul would also approve if she were in the room right now. (Just ask her about Serah and Snow from Final Fantasy XIII!)
Enjoy! Ivory.

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Thanks Everyone! More To Come

9 thoughts on “[Vid] Ivory’s Final Fantasy Buffet

  1. UWAHHH!!! I love the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series as well (even though I’ve only played from Final Fantasy VII onwards with the exception of FFXI and FFXIV and only KH, KHII, and Birth by Sleep)! They have the greatest soundtracks I’ve heard! ^o^ I really wish I could go to a Distant Worlds concert. ;A;

  2. Squee!!!!!!! Me too! Me too!!!!
    I have Final Fantasy 1 & 2, VIII, X, X-2, XII, and Dirge of Cerebrus (I think I spelled that correctly). Haven’t been able to get a copy of VII or IX yet. Or the rest of the series capable of playing on PS1 or PS2. AHHH!!!
    Playing Kingdom Hearts2 and Re:Chain of Memories, but I’ve watched the cutscenes for all the others and want to get them (after I get a PS3 or PS4 and a host of other game platforms).
    The games I really want to get hold of: Crisis Core (FFVII), FFVII, FFXIII, KH Dream Drop Distance, Birth by Sleep…
    And have you seen the trailers for FFXIII-3, FFXIII Versus, or KH4?
    Oh! The graphics are going to be beautiful, never mind story lines!
    Who are your all-time favorite characters?

    • My apologies for seeing this super late. ^^ It seems we both have quite a few we need to play. As for my favorite characters, I’ve never really given it much thought, but I do tend to like the main character for the games I’ve played. But I also do like everyone in FFVII, Quistis, Vivi, and Fran.

      • Yeah. I really like Fran too…although I wish they had given the poor girl the dignity of full coverage in the back… 🙂
        Actually, my favorite character of all time (in terms of wish they were real) is Basch…and Larsa is so adorable and sincere I’d adopt him in a heartbeat.
        Vanye: “You may never have my…”
        Me: “Don’t worry, Larsa. I’ll slap your mean brother for you! Close your eyes…” *clonk* “See?”
        Larsa: “That’s very kind of you, ma’am, but I…”
        Vanye: “…a chocolate donut…with sparkles…” *passes out*
        Me: *clucks tongue and shakes head* “Pitiful. If donuts are all you eat…no wonder you are crazy! Come on, Larsa!”
        … in theory, of course. No copyrights were harmed in the making of this moment…Thank you.
        I’ve been trying out Final Fantasy Dimensions on my ipad. Pretty cool so far…Still so torn on whether to buy a PS3 and play FFXIII or a PS4 and play FFV and possibly FFXIII on the network….

        • Yeah, I suppose Fran could’ve had a bit more clothing in the back. ^^ That’s something my sister and I talk about when it comes to FF characters (even the random people). How are they able to wear some of the outfits? XD I do sometimes think to myself: “If I had the body of Fran (without the ears)…” Oh, so you like Basch and Larsa? They’re really good characters. Though I was thinking that Larsa was a girl when I first began to play it. XD I’d go with whatever works for you. FFXIII is pretty fun (though I’VE never actually played) it’s just a bit confusing with all the terms of which is a Fal’Cie, L’Cie, Ceith, Pulse L’Cie, etc. @__@ Oh, they released FFV on the PS4? It seems that’s gonna have to be one reason to get the PS4…later. XD

  3. Hi Maddie. Thanks for the company. I probably could do better at remembering the version names. I know that we play some of the really old games on my Playstation 1, and they are the chibi types. Then there is 7,8, 10, & 13. I’m ignorant though. I”m going to let Liz Ivory keep on working with you here, especially since she says we have played Dirge of Cerebus, not FFVII. I have two copies of the movie for Final Fantasy VII. 🙂 <3

    • Oh, it’s no problem. It’s just really cool that you and your daughters play Final Fantasy. ^o^ Eh? Two copies of the movie? Is one of them the special edition?

  4. It’s been so long since I watched them I can’t remember. Sometimes I actually wear out the DVD and I have to purchase another copy. In this instance I believe that one copy was for me and one for the girls so we didn’t have to keep exchanging it between our bedroom players. Spoiled rotten, huh? 😉

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