[Vid Live] DBSK For You and Me

I receive so much peace in my heart while viewing these videos…
Wonderful music never grows old.   🙂

credit: llllllllllllilly+HDBSK+Yun Jae Jung+s3adolphin+angelvoices07+RUEHLNY+IceZ a.k.a. N+Riretournesol1

1 thought on “[Vid Live] DBSK For You and Me

  1. I really love this VIVI etdiion!they give us much about the boys <3Jaejoongg~ you are aggressive?I thought you are passive becauseyou want a aggressive girl~Yoochuunn~ I love doggy too xDand we have same habit with the candy~and what is that kindness? 8 bullets? xDChangmin, I love you neck too 8DJaejoong~ it's true you look so bright and calm :Dand that's right about Junsu too,toughness of heart <3Yoonho too. he is bright and I know he is passivebut Yoochun is aggressive? wow~

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