Hilarity Corner: Enter With Caution!!!

Beware! You are about to see things that may be inappropriate for those with:
a. no sense of humor
b. no sense of humor
c. no sense of humor

Turn back while you still can!!!
(Don’t say we didn’t warn you)

Credits: dorcm1973, Cedric Nicole, Scooterpiety, ZuzuFitzwaller, PiLfan, SesameStreet, UsarahNCIC, Samron, stablergirl13, wallienator27, CrazyFrogsTV, MuppetsStudio, Blakwulf, Veselin Trayanov, Ciara Reyes, Yoo Jihyuk, StarlightNG, Jei Shim

Ivory’s Source: youtube

3 thoughts on “Hilarity Corner: Enter With Caution!!!

  1. Ahaha~ These are funny! I really like the Muppet stuff. It reminds me of the two movies I have of theirs that I love to watch. XD Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Ivory has more coming Maddie. I love so many of the Sesame Street songs like Seymour’s Every story has a beginning, middle, and an end…

    My favorite muppet one here is Danny Boy. There is something so hilarious about Animal’s approach to this song. 😮

    I guess next is The Kings Men Parody. I am so sorry for Jae in this video. I wonder if he wishes it would go away. 🙂 <3
    Minnie has a grand headache, June is simply harassed, Yunho is forgetful, and Chunnie is laying cheese on so thick that you can't close the sandwich. Totally hilarious.

  3. Squee!!! A fellow Muppet admirer! I launch into Swedish Chef imitations when I’m stressed at work. Since I work food service…hehe…I wish I could throw things in the kitchen too. Therapy in action.
    Don’t worry…I will find more craziness to add here.

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