Video 120305 Rooftop Prince Teasers

Credit: fighting4jyj+SBSNOW1+preciousjyj+6002sky

Momma’s Source: youtube

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2 thoughts on “Video 120305 Rooftop Prince Teasers

  1. Everyone is waiting for this and I am no exception. The videos, however, have proven very hard to post! Are you having problems with WordPress, my friend? Perhaps it`s just me…

    Love the new background and all the posts. It`s always a pleasure to come here to read and watch. Love you, YF

    • Hi YF. Great to hear from you. Has everything straightened out?
      I have been hard-pressed to get posting done. Too much going on around here.

      I’ve had some mysterious posting dilemmas, yes. My pictures disappear and have to be reinserted,, but I’ve had no trouble with videos.

      i’m noticing that certain websites throw this one off. I won’t indicate which ones here, but we can talk in the e-mail if you wish to know.

      I am keeping us all in prayer because this is a hard time for the fandom. Junsu is scaring me to “Death”, and all of the ‘abuse’
      accusations are troublesome.

      I posted an Editor’s note on this. Love you too, Cha

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