Junsu-ah. Junsu-ah. You’ve done it agai…

Kim Junsu. You’ve done it again, my dear.

Ticket sales to “Tears of Heaven” soaring out of sight in five minutes flat rewarded by Interpark Golden Ticket Award given for the most ticket power for a musical performance, hmmmmm?
How can Korean entertainment executives simply ignore not only this dynamic young man but also his fellow JYJ members. It’s called “biting off your nose to spite your face”. I guess the concept is ignoring them until they go away? I don’t think that this will be the case, folks. Millions of fans and supporters say that they are the bomb!!! Wake up, Y’all.
To give credit where credit is due–this ability to inspire ticket sales is shared by Jung Yunho.

Addendum: the newest set of tickets for Junsu’s Tears of Heaven sold out in two minutes. Reiteration–I pray that they are going to the fans not the black market.
Momma Cha

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