No captions but a beautiful set of pictu…

No captions but a beautiful set of pictures. Momma Cha

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Wife and mother of two beautiful adult daughters. I am a Christian teacher, writer, musician, and artist who enjoys the work of JYJCY as JYJ and HoMin. This site is designed for JYJCY -- to talk about those things that delight us about them, their music, and activities.

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    • Will do, YF. Things seem quiet right now, but I’m treading water and praying while waiting for the March 15th hearing. That’s also John’s bithday–so that will be an interesting time. Cha

  1. Who`s got a one track mind? Me, you or the dog? Or dogs in general? Ah…this time it`s my mind that`s too tired to follow. xD
    I really only wanted to come here to say what I forgot to mention last night, that is, NICE SIDEBARS! How do you put pictures into the sidebars? My personal web designer and slave (i.e love dbsk) is out…
    Lovely designs all over. Is your other site still pink? YF

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