110915 Davichi’s Lee Haeri Mentioned Junsu

Davichi’s Lee Haeri Mentioned Junsu

Lee Haeri and Kang Min Kyung of Davichi is known as a girl group with amazing vocal skills as well as beautiful looks — but there’s far more to this talented duo than meets the eye and ear. For one, the title of “girl group” doesn’t seem to quite fit them as they stated, “We’re women, so it makes sense to call us a girl group, but it’s quite awkward. But we don’t really care about labels. ‘The group that sings well. That’s why they have so many hits’ – as long as we hear this opinion, it’s okay.”

Davichi most recently made an all-kill on music charts with their single “Don’t Say Goodbye.” Get to know the girls better in their interview with Joongang Ilbo newspaper below:


During that time, you tried something new. Kang Min Kyung starred in ‘Laugh, Mother‘ and Haeri in the musical ‘Heaven’s Tears‘:

“Because the drama was so strong, it was hard. From the beginning, the character went through sexual harassment, got her face slapped, and attempted suicide. I experienced all the hard ships. Since we had to film it all in a few days, I lost a lot of weight because I had no appetite. I even took a photo of me looking like a zombie, and forwarded it to Haeri.”
-Kang Min Kyung

“I fulfilled a childhood dream so I was happy. I used to go around saying that I wanted to do a musical. I spent time with my fellow actors including JYJ‘s Junsu like we were part of a club so it was fun.”


Source + Photo: Joongang Ilbo via Naver
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