Finally, a report on the court hearing f…

Finally, a report on the court hearing for JYJ vs SM. This appears to be a rough translation, but I sure there will be clarification later. Momma Cha

Today SM’s finance person appeared in court.

Said at court that 2008 SM’s net profit was 14.7 billion KRW, and out of that 1 billion was earned by TVXQ.

JYJ lawyer asked: then who earned rest of the money?

Finance person said: “It’s earned by BoA, CSJH, Ara, TRAX!”

Then JYJ’s lawyer asked: “So you are saying, they earn more money?”

Finance person couldn’t say anything in response.

2004 HUG album, SM only calculated March and April sales for the 5 of them, after that none of the sales were calculated for them.

In other worlds, all the details of album sales after April, there’s nothing.

MIROTIC sold 480,000 copies, SM should have paid them 5 million, but they didn’t pay it, then the trio said MIROTIC sold 54,000 copies (SM’s style is, sales is only calculated once, and they pay after they calculaed the 480,000 copies, and the 60,000 is all SM’s)……

SM says, because they didn’t come out with a next album, so we could give them (the money).

When SM said this, the court cut them off saying this could not be accepted.

Then the court says, if SM does not provide relevant documents, then the court will order it.

In other worlds, SM continues to not give the relevant documents, so the court wants to use force to gather the documents.

Said 2008 digital album sales would give them 10% of the income distribution, but in 2009, they didn’t even include it in the income distribution.

Also, MV, Dancer’s expenses were all paid by TVXQ.

Their world tour earned 3,400,000,000 (3.4 billion), out of that money, they only gave TVXQ 900,000,000, and then said this was SM’s expenses organizing the event, so it was then deducted (the entire 900,000,000).

Next court date is set for April 19th, at 2PM.

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