Red Alert!!!! O.K. Here goes. While read…

Red Alert!!!!

O.K. Here goes. While reading the information from the posting entitled 110315 Investor in JYJ Concert Sues Rights-Holders for Fraud….. with the subsequent understanding that there are supposedly investors out there who put out bukku bucks to get a return on artist’s performances–this question came to mind.
If there are individuals (and perhaps corporations?) out there investing millions of dollars into production companies for the use of promotion, expenses, etc; then why did SM have such a burden that they had to assign so much cost to be covered by their individual artists and groups? Where there is smoke there is fire.
So, if I am to understand this correctly–they are sueing C-JeS, and co. even though C-JeS says that the concert rights were transferred to Warner Korea who transferred them to KimXX? It sounds like selling bad loans. This opens up a whole new school of thought on coverage of concert expenses, profit vs non-profit concerts, and who gets caught holding the ball. Also, do any of those investment profits ever in any way benefit the artist themselves? Good Question. Hey, Folks. Give me some feedback here. And if you choose to copy it, please give me credit for the original. Momma Cha

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    • Thank you. Thank you. Muahhhaaa!
      Seriously, though, you do make a valid argument. I never thought about private individuals having rights to a groups’ concert. Although, what do producers do?

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