[Pictures] 111109 Herojjbar Fan Support and Fan Gifts

[Pic] 111109 Herojjbar Fan Support and Fan Gifts

❤ Thank you ❤
First we are thankful for everyone’s hard work from the western hemisphere.
Next we want to thank everyone that came to help from the western hemisphere, the girls from Rome Italy, and Japanese fans.
During Jaejoong’s solo the girls and guys (now the fanboys are amazing too), thank you all for holding the green light stick.
Lastly I must thank our Jaejoong, we are thankful for your existence ❤~!

From afar at Berlin concert

Up close

Green ocean for Jaejoong’s I’ll Protect You


❤ Light Sticks ❤

Jaejoong’s smile from May 31st, 2008 seems like it was just yesterday
To give Jaejoong such a surprise again
We provided 1000 green light sticks

Because the light sticks are expensive in Europe, we only a few gave out light sticks
And the green light sticks are only from herojjbar
Before giving them the free light sticks, we asked everyone to only use it during Jaejoong’s SOLO
The European fans were very nice, everyone agreed.
That is how we have the beautiful green ocean.


❤ Flyers ❤

Because European fans may not be familiar with our support
We provided support flyers in 5 languages: Chinese, German, English, Japanese, and Korean
The flyers were given along with the 1000 light sticks~
Fans really liked it, the Japanese fans were “fighting” to get one~




❤ Gifts ❤

1. German Ice Wine
Because a lot of people gave Jaejoong wine, so this time we choose German specialty ice wine, by German’s famous Ahr.
There are total of 2 bottles, one with a sun logo, the other with the moon logo. The one with the moon logo represents when there isn’t a moon on the morning sky, the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius, the grapes are picked and made into the wine.


2. Tea
Tea is also German Tea, one is good for the throat, the other is to help sleep
We hope Jaejoong will protect his voice and get a lot of rest~~~~~~~~~~~



3. Danish Menu:


 4. German’s AUERHAHN tableware
30 pieces set


 5. Book






7. Necklace
From Tibet, made of rhino horn, seems fitting for Jaejoong

All the gifts~

There may be some difficulties every time
Especially providing support abroad
To go across the world, to bring Jaejoong support
All because of our Jaejoong and all the fans that are willing to do anything to support him
So we can always complete the supports
So we can have a beatiful green ocean, and beautiful memories

The happiness that results is the most important
So, see you all December 10th

source: herojjbar
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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