[TRANS] 140310 TVXQ, “Sunmi Has The Greatest Choreography These Days, It’s Really Classy

TVXQ brought Sunmi up in their conversations.

During today’s broadcast of MBC FM4U’s ‘Kim Shin Young’s Hopeful Song of Noon’, TVXQ appeared as guests and chose Sunmi as the singer with the best choreography these days.

DJ Kim Shin Young asked, “TVXQ can never be left out when talking about choreography, which singer has caught your eye these days with their polished choreography?” Max Changmin replied, “Yunho and I talked about this yesterday, and we both think that Sunmi has a great dance routine. It’s really classy.”

U-Know Yunho added, “The concept for her song is really specific. I didn’t know she was actually going to draw a moon with her hands.”

When DJ Kim Shin Young kept asking about Sunmi, U-Know Yunho said, “The first time we met her, she told us that she was a member of our fanclub. More and more juniors are coming out and revealing that they were in our fanclub.” When asked who these stars were, U-Know Yunho hesitated for a moment before he said, “There’s Dal Shabet’s Woo Hee, Girls Day’s Min Ah, a member of BESTie, and EXO’s Xiumin and Chen.”

Max Changmin added, “More and more juniors are coming up to us and telling us that they were our fans, with a level of sincerity that brings truth to their statements, and it makes us happy to see them do well as singers.”

Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

JYJ Fantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 130724 JYJ’s FTC Verdict, 180,000 Fans Come Together To Solve The Problem

– SM and the KFPCAI have received a rectification order, the efforts of fans in the past three years has been tremendous
– 80,000 people participate in petitions during 3 weeks of 2011. Total participants in the movement is 180,000 people


The fans move, and the fans succeed.

The Fair Trade Commission (hereafter known as the FTC) has sided with JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun, aided by a whopping 180,000 signatures from JYJ’s fans. On the 24th, the FTC prohibited SM Entertainment (hereafter known as SM) and the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts Industries (KFPCAI) from interfering with JYJ’s activities. In their announcement, the FTC stated, “We received many petitions from fanclubs, asking us to allow JYJ to appear on broadcasted programs.” It was found that these ‘petitions from fanclubs’ were the work of both domestic and overseas fans. Some people on Twitter wrote, “The petitions mentioned by the FTC are those that were signed by 180,000 international fans. We were told by the judge that our petitions had been accepted.”

In an interview with edaily StarIN, Lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk, who was in charge of legal advice for JYJ, stated, “The latest decision by the FTC was a result of the fans’ efforts, rather than the work of C-JeS Entertainment or our legal team.” Lawyer Lim stated that the fans were the ones to collect and submit the petitions, as well as file the initial report, and today’s verdict was a result of the FTC investigating exactly what the fans had reported.

JYJ’s fans submitted their petitions to the Seoul District Courts and the Fair Trade Commission on the 28th of February, 2011. One fan who was studying in law school in the US at the time headed the petitions, which were translated into ten languages including French, Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish. Starting on the 2nd of February, the petitions collected a total of 86,418 signatures from 118 countries in a mere three weeks. The petition was submitted to the FTC as a report that required a legal solution. More petitions were added later to bring the number up to 180,000 participants.

The results led to the FTC announcing on the 22nd, “JYJ released their first album in October of 2010 and tried to resume their activities as singers, but SM and the KFPCAI interfered with their activities in the entertainment industry by releasing an official notice that asked those in the industry to refrain from inviting or allowing JYJ to appear on televised programs.” C-JeS Entertainment expressed their welcome for the verdict as they stated, “We believe that the FTC’s recent order to rectify such actions will shed light on the tyranny of super powers in the industry who go against the innovative economy policies of the current government.”

Regarding this, SM stated, “It is unfortunate that such a verdict was made, although there was no evidence to prove that such interference had taken place,” and, “SM is currently reviewing the option of pursuing legal action against this latest decision.”

Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun, who are former members of TVXQ, brought up the issues surrounding their exclusive contract with SM in June, 2009 and entered a legal dispute with the entertainment agency. Both sides were then locked in a legal battle regarding the validity of their exclusive contract, which finally came to an end on the 28th of November, 2012 through a settlement.

Source: [edaily StarIN]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 121223 Kim Jaejoong’s Fans Donate 10.8 Million Won To Fight Unfair Lunch Costs

[TRANS] 121223 Kim Jaejoong’s Fans Donate 10.8 Million Won To Fight Unfair Lunch Costs

Fans of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong have donated 10.8 million Won (approximately 10,080 USD) to fight against unfair lunch costs for students.

The members of ‘Straightforward HEROSE Noonas’, a fansite that supports Kim Jaejoong, visited the Beautiful Foundation on the 22nd and donated 10.8 million Won to the ‘I Oppose’ campaign that aims to fight against unfair lunch costs for children.

‘I Oppose’ is a campaign that fights against the unfair lunch money children living in institutions receive, which has been calculated as being around 1,420 Won per meal, and supports these children by providing financial aid in the form of donations and working to change government policies.

Though the Ministry of Health and Welfare has stated that the recommended cost of lunch for children should be 3,500 Won or above, but these children must figure out how to eat lunch with money that doesn’t reach this standard.

Hearing this, the members of ‘HEROSE Noonas’ donated 10.8 million Won from the proceeds of selling ‘HEROSE goods’ with the message, “Please use our donation to ensure that children in institutions can eat the same food as others.”

The Beautiful Foundation stated, “Fans these days have been creating a positive fandom culture, not only by donating, but also by participating in voluntary services with their favorite celebrity and donating in their celebrity’s name.”

Source: [mydaily]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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[News] 120920 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun’s Fan Club Donates 10 Million Won

[News] 120920 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun’s Fan Club Donates 10 Million Won

Widely recognized as singer and actor, Park Yoo Chun’s fanclub known as “Blessing Yoo Chun” celebrated their 2 year anniversary through a charity event.

The fanclub is made up of mostly nuna (ladies over 30) and ahjumma fans and was founded in September 2010. They first donated 10 million won (approx $10,000) to Park Mo Geun to help support his treatment and surgery for major degree burns. They have now been able to donate for charities supporting children with cancer, those who suffered from floods and others who are within the low-income bracket.

“Blessing Yoo Chun” first fed starving children warm, home cooked meals in 8 different children centers costing a little over 6 Million Won.

They also supported an orphanage in Indonesia called “Khusnul Khotimah” with roughly 4,500,000 won.

This orphanage supports 23 children from pre-kindergarten to middle school. The fan club donated living essentials and also provided 12 beds.

“Blessing Yoo Chun” explains, “As nuna and auntie fans, we want to continue supporting Park Yoo Chun by constantly donating and sharing love.”

credit: soompi
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

 Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net
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[Info] Save the Asian Elephants – A Kim Jaejoong Fan Support Project

[Info] Save the Asian Elephants – A Kim Jaejoong Fan Support Project

JACE United 김재중 Fanclub
Email: jacefc@hotmail.com
Website: http://jacefc.com

 credit: jacefc.com

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[News] 120229 Foreign fan club of JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong donates 10 million won

[News] 120229 Foreign Fan Club of JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Donates 10 Million Won

Prince JJ, foreign fan club of JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, recently donated 10 million won.

For Kim’s birthday, January 26, Prince JJ donated 10 million won and birthday presents for the Mango Tree Campaign from World Vision.

Mango Tree Campaign is a project proceeded by C-JeS Entertainment, which represents JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and Park Yoo Hwan. The project is to give over 2,000 mango and apple trees to Sudan, Africa.

Prince JJ also donated shoes, jackets, T-shirts, and CDs as birthday presents. People responded: “Kim’s foreign fans are so great.” “They are really nice to donate for Kim’s birthday.” “Kim must be happy because of his fans.”

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Pictures] 111109 Herojjbar Fan Support and Fan Gifts

[Pic] 111109 Herojjbar Fan Support and Fan Gifts

❤ Thank you ❤
First we are thankful for everyone’s hard work from the western hemisphere.
Next we want to thank everyone that came to help from the western hemisphere, the girls from Rome Italy, and Japanese fans.
During Jaejoong’s solo the girls and guys (now the fanboys are amazing too), thank you all for holding the green light stick.
Lastly I must thank our Jaejoong, we are thankful for your existence ❤~!

From afar at Berlin concert

Up close

Green ocean for Jaejoong’s I’ll Protect You


❤ Light Sticks ❤

Jaejoong’s smile from May 31st, 2008 seems like it was just yesterday
To give Jaejoong such a surprise again
We provided 1000 green light sticks

Because the light sticks are expensive in Europe, we only a few gave out light sticks
And the green light sticks are only from herojjbar
Before giving them the free light sticks, we asked everyone to only use it during Jaejoong’s SOLO
The European fans were very nice, everyone agreed.
That is how we have the beautiful green ocean.


❤ Flyers ❤

Because European fans may not be familiar with our support
We provided support flyers in 5 languages: Chinese, German, English, Japanese, and Korean
The flyers were given along with the 1000 light sticks~
Fans really liked it, the Japanese fans were “fighting” to get one~




❤ Gifts ❤

1. German Ice Wine
Because a lot of people gave Jaejoong wine, so this time we choose German specialty ice wine, by German’s famous Ahr.
There are total of 2 bottles, one with a sun logo, the other with the moon logo. The one with the moon logo represents when there isn’t a moon on the morning sky, the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius, the grapes are picked and made into the wine.


2. Tea
Tea is also German Tea, one is good for the throat, the other is to help sleep
We hope Jaejoong will protect his voice and get a lot of rest~~~~~~~~~~~



3. Danish Menu:


 4. German’s AUERHAHN tableware
30 pieces set


 5. Book






7. Necklace
From Tibet, made of rhino horn, seems fitting for Jaejoong

All the gifts~

There may be some difficulties every time
Especially providing support abroad
To go across the world, to bring Jaejoong support
All because of our Jaejoong and all the fans that are willing to do anything to support him
So we can always complete the supports
So we can have a beatiful green ocean, and beautiful memories

The happiness that results is the most important
So, see you all December 10th

source: herojjbar
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Trans] 111031 What Is JYJ’s Secret To Success According To The Admins Of Their Spanish Fanclubs?

[Trans] 111031 What Is JYJ’s Secret To Success According To The Admins Of Their Spanish Fanclubs?

“K-pop is something that can even appeal to the masses who are encountering it for the first time.”

Sara(27) and Laura(24), who are admins of Spanish JYJ fanclubs, stated with confidence that K-pop will become extremely popular all across Europe.

Sara and Laura participated in the meeting that was held at the POBLE ESPANYOL on the 28th and said, “K-pop is a form of content that is becoming more and more popular. Spanish music can get boring at times and we like K-pop because it has many singers who can dance well and sing live at the same time.”

They continued to add, “We really like K-pop, and we’re thankful that JYJ have decided to hold a solo concert in Spain for the first time,” and “We’re so happy to be able to see JYJ up close.”

Through the interview with Sara and Laura, we were able to gauge K-pop’s current position in Spain. Though the K-pop market is still small in Europe, even they could see that it was growing.

Here is the Q&A session with Sara and Laura.

-Please introduce your fanclubs.

▶I’m an admin of a fanclub called Sharing Yoochun (Sara Martinez, Sharing Yoochun). You could say that Sharing Yoochun is a global fanclub and that I’m the admin of the Spain region. We upload photos and videos of JYJ and we get around 5,000 visiters on our site every day. (Sara)

I’m currently the admin of Yongwonhi,sub (Laura Serates, Yongwonhi,sub). We upload and translate JYJ-related material. We’ve been collecting and translating dramas and videos related to TVXQ and JYJ since 2008. Though we’re a Spanish fanclub, a lot of our members are from South America. Around 3,000 people download the material we post. (Laura)


-What is the reason why you like TVXQ or JYJ?

▶I really like K-pop and most of the songs I listen to are K-pop songs. I’ve liked JYJ since they performed as TVXQ. (Sara)

-How did you come across K-pop?

▶In my case, I came across K-pop while watching a Japanese drama. Later on, my friend showed me a video of TVXQ and I immediately became a fan. (Laura)

My friend had me listen to Big Bang’s music and I began to take an interest in K-pop because it’s quite sophisticated like American pop music. I was moved by TVXQ’s ‘Mirotic’ and that’s when I became a fan. (Sara)

-What did you like about TVXQ? Did you like them because of ‘Mirotic’?

▶I think all K-pop singers sing and dance very well. I like TVXQ and though they are currently divided into TVXQ and JYJ, I support both groups. (Sara)

-What is the difference between Korean and Spanish music?

▶Most of the songs on my iPad are K-pop songs. I don’t have any Spanish music on it. The majority of it is rock music and it’s not that great to dance to. All Spanish singers feel the same for me so I don’t have much interest in Spanish music. (Laura)

I used to study music. Spanish music these days is missing something. When I first came across K-pop, it felt very similar to American pop, and the more you listen to it, the more it appeals to you. (Sara)

-Does language or age ever hinder any of the fans from enjoying K-pop?

▶The fans are all of a different age. The youngest are thirteen years old while most are usually in their thirties. I’m not from Barcelona, I’m from Galicia. In Galicia, there aren’t that many people who are interested in Korea, but when the fans do get together every once in a while, we watch dramas together or listen to music. (Laura)

-Who are the most popular Korean singers in Barcelona?

▶TVXQ(JYJ), Rain, Super Junior.

-Why is it K-pop and not J-pop?

▶The trend of J-pop has already come and gone. J-pop music is similar to European music and it has no character. K-pop is always new and we like it because there are so many good songs to dance to. I believe that K-pop is a good form of content that can even appeal to the masses who are encountering it for the first time. (Laura)

-What are the future possibilities for K-pop?

▶K-pop has become popular, especially amongst the younger generation, because it has a wide variety of characters who are fun and easily approachable. We believe that people in other age groups will also find the music appealing. K-pop’s become more approachable through Youtube, so we believe it will continue to grow and evolve.

Source: [TV Report]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net
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NEWS 111105 KPop Stars Overseas Fanclubs — More Passionately Devoted Than Their Managers

[News] KPOP Stars Overseas Fanclubs – More Passionately Devoted Than Their Managers

<Going As Far As Doing Press Publicity, Donations & Community Services>

“We Japanese fans are also thankful that U-Know Yunho-ssi is able to have many activities. We wish to convey U-Know Yunho-ssi’s Japanese activities in Korea.”

In the middle of last October, gratitude was conveyed to approximately 20 media outlets for press reports regarding idol group Tohoshinki member, U-Know Yunho. Letters requesting for reports on his Japanese activities were also relayed. The place where the letters were posted from was U-Know Yunho’s Japanese fanclub “Fan Blog Ring One”. Comprising of approximately 800 Japanese fans, these fans sent letters and Tohoshinki’s albums, which went on sale in Japan the previous month. The places where they sent these letters and presents did not merely include Korea’s media outlets. To promote and publicize U-Know Yunho’s activities, “Fan Blog Ring One” also sent letters and albums etc to music broadcast outlets in Europe and America.

An administrator of “Fan Blog Ring One”, Koto Kiyumi-ssi said, “There is an underlying commemoratory significance for Tohoshinki’s album, which went on sale in Japan in approximately 2 years. We wanted to do activities which could leave memories, so we commenced support activities.” More than just enjoying seeing K-Pop stars, the culture of overseas fanclubs is now evolving to the level where it involves assisting the stars’ activities and taking part in the management of their activities.

The “fan support culture” of these fans did not merely include the promotion of the albums, they have even gone on to overcome cross-border boundaries to do volunteer work. This fanclub raised 10 million won last February to donate to two social welfare organizations in U-Know Yunho’s hometown, Gwangju, conveying 5 million won to each of them. They commented, “As fans, while wishing U-Know Yunho on his birthday, we want to share these congratulatory wishes with the children of U-Know Yunho’s hometown, Gwangju.” As soon as the huge earthquake in Eastern Japan last March happened, they even used the name of U-Know Yunho’s fanclub to raise and donate 5 million yen (approximately 73 million won) through the Japanese Red Cross Organization.

Koto Kiyumi-ssi said, “Even before the K-Pop fever in Japan, U-Know Yunho has received love from the Japanese.” Further, she continued, “The fate with the individual star extends to looking on at that country and that country’s people. We’ve evolved so as to be able to look warmly at that country’s people too.”

Source: chosun
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Please Keep All Credits Intact, thanks.

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Arashi Fan Club Reaches 1 Million Members

Congratulations Arashi. Stick together, O.K. Momma Cha

Arashi Fan Club Reaches 1 Million Members

Arashi’s official fanclub reached 1 million members after 10 years since it started.
The Arashi fanclub was started in 2001, 2 years after the group’s debut in 1999. After its creation, 90,000 members had joined the official fanclub by its 1st year. Membership began to increase rapidly in 2007. Now the fanclub has reached an important milestone: 1 million members.
Membership through the years:
April 2002 90,000 members
April 2003 110,000 members
April 2004 120,000 members
April 2005 130,000 members
April 2006 150,000 members
April 2007 190,000 members
April 2008 250,000 members
April 2009 400,000 members
April 2010 670,000 members
April 2011 980,000 members
May 2011 1,000,000 members

via: Arama They Didn’t
Source: Arashi-On
Our Source: jpopasia.com

[Trans] 110302 Park Yoochun’s fan club ‘…

[Trans] 110302 Park Yoochun’s fan club ‘Blessing Yoochun’ donated 10 million won to Hallym Burn Foundation‏

‘Blessing Yoochun’, fanclub of JYJ member and actor Park Yoochun, recently raised and donated 10 million KRW for Hallym Burn Foundation which would be used for the treatment and surgery fees of burn children patients at the centre.

According to correspondent at Hallym Burn Foundation, “‘Blessing Yoochun’ contacted us in January and they had wanted to donate in the name of Park Yoochun.” One of the cafe (fanclub) administrator, ‘Player’ said, “Through Park Yoochun, the fanclub members seems to have received blessings and wanted to pass this blessing to the burn children who would be able to receive treatments. The members had wholeheartedly planned to donate 10 million won.”

Hallym Burn Foundation helped Park Hyun Bin, who had financial difficulties and thus unable to receive treatment, with the donation. Park Hyun Bin, a 13 year old boy, had 3rd degree burns when he was playing with the lighter at home in 2004. With the donation, he was able to have a surgery to correct his chronic skin damage which has resulted in bone growth problems due to the lack of treatments. He is currently back in Jeju and awaiting to continue his studies.

Fanclub members have visited Park Hyun Bin in the hospital and presented him with clothes and shoes. ‘Player’ expressed, “Through sharing, we are able to allow many people spread their love with this kind of charity drive in the name of celebrity. We hoped through this event, the burn children are able to have recovered beautiful skin like Milky Skin-like Yoochun after the treatments. This is why the members made such a decision. Though there are different kinds of fan supports, ‘Blessing Yoochun’ wish to let everyone share the happiness around and will continue in the future.”

‘Blessing Yoochun’ has previously donated 15 million won to children with brain illness and they have been introduced in news program as ‘the fanclub that shares in their love of celebrities.’

credit: Sports Chosun+baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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