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[Fanaccount] 110331 Yoosu in Bangkok[Yoosu Little Fanaccount] 110331 I went to Siam Square for a b-day dinner and I accidentally spotted Yoosu (and the crew having dinner at the Thai restaurant in Siam Square area (T/N Siam Square is like the heart of shopping center in Bangkok) I saluted Yoosu for eating there XD I got a chance to see them walking out of the restaurant. Yoochun with no glasses was just so handsome. I did slap myself for had an eye for only Yoochun. Junsu was there too but I was more into Chunnie >< Yoosu at the Restaurant

credit: AomwoN

Then I had a little b-day dinner with my friend and went a little shopping at Siam Paragon (what kind of a fan I am) till the mall closed lol so I decided to check out Yoosu at the hotel a little bit.

Taaaaa Daaa Yoosu were ready to leave for the rehearsal. I saw them upclose. They were in the good mood. Yoochun was wearing the same outfit like yesterday lol Junsu smiled when fans called his name. I love Junsu smile >//< Oh My God!!!!! I kinda got a chance to follow them a little to Impact Arena (where Jaejoong has already been waiting there XD) I’m not so good at stalking but that was such a great birthday experiences ^^ written by: Our source: sharing Share this:

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