[INFO] Jaejoong Sells Out The Leopard Costume on SAZAC

[INFO] Jaejoong Sells Out The Leopard Costume on SAZAC

Note: SAZAC is a Japanese brand which specializes in animal pajamas costume, which is apparently where Jaejoong’s leopard costume come from. This is posted on their official blog on the 17th.

Good morning everyone.
Ah, no, I should be saying ‘annyeonghaseyo’
That should be better yeah~

Yesterday, I was informed of this good news by a customer~
Jaejoong revealed a photo of himself wearing SAZAC’s kitty* (T/N should be referring to the leopard costume) costume on his twitter.
Ah~ right now there’s no more stock in the warehouse~~~
mi a nai yao~ (T/N i think he/she was trying to say mianhaeyo~ “sorry”)
Please make do with the picture of the model and the heart-shaped leopart print

Actually, from a long time ago, Jaejoong already wore SAZAC’s hamtaro costume.
thank you~

In addition, there are alot of other celebrities who like wearing our costumes too…
it became the trigger for others, who never liked wearing such costumes, to start wearing them…

thank you~

You must try it once, it’s cute, funny, and warm~”


Leopard costume now sold out; it’s the Jaejoong effect. XD

SourceSAZAC , 在啊花 @ Herojjbar
Translated by: @white_faith
Shared by: PrinceJJ
Please do not alter the credits.

Momma’s Source: JYJ3

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