[News] JYJ Junsu To Star In Movie “Jackal Comes” With Song Jihyo?

[News] JYJ Junsu To Star In Movie “Jackal Comes” With Song Jihyo?

There is increasing interest in the entertainment industry to see if Song Jihyo, who is currently dating the CEO of her management company, will be starring in a movie with label-mate JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

On 23 February, according to the movie industry, Song Jihyo has been recently confirmed to star in the move “Jackal Comes” and they are in the midst of arranging her schedule. It has been 4 years since Song Jihyo starred as a lead in a movie, the last being “Frozen Flower” in 2008.

“Jackal Comes” is a new movie by director Pe Hyun Joon who directed “Don’t believe your girlfriend” and “Boys don’t cry”. The movie depicts the commotion that occurs when the police is dispatched after a mentally unstable female killer kidnaps a popular singer and attempts to murder him.

JYJ member Junsu is up for strong consideration to play the role that Song Jihyo kidnaps. Although Junsu has never acted in a movie, he is packing in acting experience through musicals like “Mozart!” and “Elisabeth”. He also matches the movie role of being a popular singer.

However, Junsu’s lack of experience in movies might be a point that hampers his participation. Production companies and sponsors are worried over Junsu’s lack of experience in acting on the big screen. With regards to this, the management company for the both of them had few words to say, “Although (Junsu’s appearance is) under consideration, nothing has been decided yet.”

Casting for “Jackal Comes” is expected to be completed soon and filming will begin from end of March at the earliest.

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