Lots of good things going on. Samples of…

Lots of good things going on.

Samples of Jaejoong’s essays from “Music Essay–Their Rooms” are now out. Intriquing could be the term. I am looking forward to receiving my 224 page copy, and listening to JYJ’s personally composed music .

Junsu is recording some music from “Tears of Heaven” on CD and included will be music from Mozart. This is great as everything out there has been fancam. We have been grateful for those who brought this much to us and it will be great to hear clear copies of Mozart.

Changmin’s “Paradise Ranch” is much anticipated and there are beautiful photos out there. It airs January 24th, 2011 on Channel SBS. Hoping for the best for you, Changmin. Check out the sidebar for visuals. Momma Cha

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