[Trans] 120706~120707 JYJ Twitter Update

[Trans] 120706~120707 JYJ Twitter Update

Junsu: Together with my best staffs… At a teppanyaki restaurant in Shanghai ^^ pic.twitter.com/eLYeAsWS

Min Young Ki (@poimin73)@1215thexiahtic: ^ ^ You chose well to eat because it’d be difficult if food is not your taste in China.

Junsu @poimin73 Thank you Hyung*^^

@ganziyaa: Red hair twin with Junsu kekeke

Junsu @ganziyaa: Whoa~~~

Byung Han Lim (@code07lim) @ganziyaa @1215thexiahtic: they got the same hair color ㅋㅋ

Junsu @code07lim: Mmm Hmmm!

Jaejoong: I NG-ed during filming yesterday… Due to my mispronounciation… I said, “Let’s go and take a look at hwalinseo (T/N: The clinic in ‘Dr Jin’)… Jin Yi Han (Jin Yi Won) is waiting!”.. (T/N: Jin Yi Won means ‘Dr Jin’. lol. Jin Yi Han is the actor as Hong Yong Hwi, Kim Kyung Tak’s BFF.)

Song Seung Hun (@OfficialSSH): @mjjeje kekeke

Jaejoong: @OfficialSSH So hilarious! Have hyung eaten? I can’t sleep, how~~

Jaejoong: In the midst of working hard for today’s filming too…! Fight-ya pic.twitter.com/auGakOId

Jaejoong: Got bitten by mosquitoes this morning, and became a fatty hand.. pic.twitter.com/ir1pZTkB

Jaejoong: Pulled an all-nighter and sleepy and tired, this is the time to be even more livelier! (Presenting this after a long while) pic.twitter.com/5922KHSP

Song Seung Hun: @mjjeje Rather than eating, I want to sleep ㅠㅠ You do work hard too, fighting! ^^

Jaejoong: @OfficialSSH Let us all work hard together ^^

Jaejoong: If were to believe the distorted truth, it will become the truth too. The only real truth is also obviously the fact. For whom to be living, for whom to be alive, me who is able to say this is the real ‘me’.

Song Seung Hun: @mjjeje Thank you!! Sleep… sleep… zZzz… ㅎㅎ pic.twitter.com/tGEA7EF8

Jaejoong:@OfficialSSH Why did you sleep like this… Mr Jin’s waist, gonna get spinal problem~ It’s the spinal problem that even Dr Jin can’t correct!

Song Seung Hun: @mjjeje Kyung Tak goon! Dr Jin is also filming and watching the drama at the same time! kekeke pic.twitter.com/OxyI5ceE

Jaejoong: @OfficialSSH ㅎㅎ Kyung Tak is currently filming movie now, and finished watching the broadcast through DMB ㅎㅎ Mr Jin is so handsome~ ㅎ

Junsu: I love shanghai~♡ pic.twitter.com/tBVfm92g [T/N English tweet]

credit: josiemiao+jnam+kimjaejoongbar
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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2 thoughts on “[Trans] 120706~120707 JYJ Twitter Update

  1. Hello ~ ! How are you? ^^/ The King of Selcas strikes again. Some of these I haven’t even seen. This website simply remains my favourite place for updates. 🙂 Take care all of you! 😀

  2. Hey YF. . Blue funking all week. So many changes in my life and going so fast. I am overwhelmed but not defeated. The Ladies group still meets so I get to be with them. Big Help.
    We are at a new church (Korean Baptist)which I am enjoying tremendously. The girls are getting ready to take a formal Korean language course. They are excited! The both of them are making new friends fast and getting involved with the music ministry. So are Dad and I. I never thought that John would be comfortable in this setting but he seems fine. I think that he finally figured out that our love for the Boys is real and it’s not just the music–it is the culture that interests us.

    I finally figured out why I couldn’t get on your blog. The temp files were messing up and discombobulating the gravatar.. My computer needs an overhaul. Fighting!!!
    How is everything? I truly have been missing you. BTW, thank you, but I can’t imagine anyone liking my updates. Everybody has the same things. Sometimes I just make up my own to feel different and productive. I’ve been having a lot of fun with Duckie’s hair changes and watching Jae’s drama–although that is part of the funk. I want them to stop playing around with Kim Kyung Tak’s emotions or should I say our emotions.. The character deserves some happiness especially since it’s an add-on. Anyway, writing a book as usual and literally. I finally decided to buckle down and write my book. Pray for the outcome please. I haven’t been able to get to much this weekend–so I’d better get to work soon on this blog. Loving you, Cha.

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