130905 [Vid] Jaejoong Seoul Drama Awards

Sincerest congratulations Jaejoong. You truly deserved this. 🙂

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[TRANS] 130719 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s 2 Minute TV Appearance Has Japan In A Frenzy, “Preparing My Next Work”


Kim Jaejoong has proved yet again just how popular he is in Japan.

Last week, Kim Jaejoong’s appearance on BS11′s entertainment program ‘Han Love’ made quite an impact in Japan. C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “Kim Jaejoong appeared on the program ‘Han Love’ to teach Park Yoohwan, who is currently brushing up on his Japanese for his drama fanmeet, a few tips on the language.”

The representative continued to add, “Although he only appeared for two minutes, the outfit he wore that day was sold out on a Japanese online site on the same day, and the ‘Han Love’ video has been met with an explosive response on various online sites, proving yet again just how popular Kim Jaejoong is.”

A representative of the Japanese program also expressed Kim Jaejoong’s long-lasting popularity as he said, “Even we were surprised by the explosive reaction to his cameo appearance. We believe his appearance was a piece of welcoming news to viewers as there have been restrictions placed on his televised broadcast appearances since 2010.”

Although Kim Jaejoong has not been able to appear on programs recently, his dramas ‘Protect the Boss’ and ‘Dr. Jin’ are extremely popular in Japan. He also held a solo concert at the Yokohama Arena recently that attracted over 45,000 fans, more evidence that his popularity is stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong is currently taking a break after successfully completing his Asia Tour and is planning to greet fans with a new project soon.

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[NEWS] Focusing On Individual Activities For Now…A New JYJ Album To Be Released In The Summer

[NEWS] Focusing On Individual Activities For Now…A New JYJ Album To Be Released In The Summer

JYJ are planning to release a new album this summer.

Since releasing their latest album ‘In Heaven’ in 2011, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu have been focusing on their individual activities. They are now preparing to release their first album as JYJ in two years and are currently busy working on the tracks that will be included in the album.

They were extremely successful last year as individuals. Leader Kim Jaejoong made his mark in a variety of fields with the drama ‘Dr. Jin’, the movie ‘Jackal is Coming’ and his first solo album ‘I’. Park Yoochun dominated various end-of-the-year acting awards for his roles in the dramas ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘I Miss You’. Kim Junsu received the Best Lead Musical Actor Award at the 2012 Korea Musical Awards for his roles in ‘Elisabeth’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’, and also proved that he has the strongest ticket power in the market.

Through these activities, JYJ have increased their brand value. They plan to take this momentum to make 2013 the year to focus on their group activities.

But for now, they plan to put their all into individual activities. Kim Jaejoong will be holding a mini concert and fanmeet on the 26th and 27th at the Ilsan KINTEX to commemorate the release of his album and will then continue on to an Asia tour. Park Yoochun recently finished filming for ‘I Miss You’, and is now filming CFs and preparing fanmeets while Kim Junsu is working on music and taking a break.

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[TRANS] 121227 Lee Seung Gi, JYJ…Whose Fans Are The Strongest? Fierce Competition For The Popularity Award In The “MBC Drama Awards”

[TRANS] 121227 Lee Seung Gi, JYJ…Whose Fans Are The Strongest? Fierce Competition For The Popularity Award In The “MBC Drama Awards”

Beginning with the “KBS Entertainment Awards” on 22 Dec, the anticipation towards the year-end award ceremonies of the 3 broadcasting agencies in Korea is high. As with any awards ceremony, much attention is on who will walk away with the award. Although it is also an honour to receive the big awards from the broadcasting agencies, who take into consideration your contributions and popularity, the best way to affirm your popularity with the viewers is through the popularity award.

Among those, the popularity award of the drama awards is one that actors and actresses take pride in, and that fans participate enthusiastically in. In particular, as there are many male actors with deep-rooted popularity involved in the MBC Drama Awards this year, it has attracted an exceptional number of female viewers to vote. It seems that the competition is even stiffer than for the Daesang.

During an interview with OSEN, MBC representatives explained, “The number of nominees for the popularity award is usually set at 10. However, as the performance of the male actors in MBC drams this year has been outstanding, the number of nominees has been increased.” With the number of nominees increased to 15, it seems difficult to predict who will win.

Voting began on 21 Dec via the MBC official website. The 15 nominees for the popularity award are: Kim Soo Hyun with “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”, Kim Jae Won with “May Queen”, JYJ’s Jaejoong with “Dr. Jin”, JYJ’s Yoochun with “I Miss You”, Song Seung Hun with “Dr. Jin”, Ahn Jae Wook with “Light And Shadow”, Yeo Jin Goo with “The Moon That Embraces TheThe Sun”, Yoo Seung Ho with “I Miss You”, Lee Seon Gyun with “Golden Time”, Lee Seung Gi with “King 2 Hearts”, Lee Jang Woo with “I do, I do”, Lee Jun Gi with “Arang And The Magistrate”, ZE:A’s Siwan with “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”, Jung Il Woo with “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” and Jo Seung Woo with “The King’s Doctor”.

All the nominees are very popular actors. From Lee Seung Gi who has a wide fanbase that spans across age groups, to Kim Soo Hyun who has had a great year, to idol group JYJ’s members Jaejoong and Yoochun, all these actors are strong contenders for the popularity award.

MBC limits the number of votes to one vote per ID, and a maximum of 3 votes per IP address per day. Hence the fans, who love their idols, make use of the IDs of their family members as well. MBC will announce the results of the voting during the live broadcast of the awards ceremony, which will be held on 30 Dec.

(irrelevant portions omitted)

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[News] 121024 JYJ’s Jaejoong Holds A Successful Fan Meeting with 5,000 Fans in Thailand

[News] 121024 JYJ’s Jaejoong Holds A Successful Fan Meeting with 5,000 fans in Thailand

JYJ‘s Jaejoong captivated the hearts of fans in Thailand.

On October 23rd, Jaejoong held a fan meeting with 5,000 fans at the The Royal Paragon Hall in Siam Paragon.

He opened the fan meeting by singing his song from the ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘ soundtrack ”Living like a Dream” and then commenced with talks, games, and various other events that brought joy to fans.

The host of this fan meet asked him, “Do you like Thailand” and Jaejoong wittily replied, “I wanted to come to Thailand, but I didn’t have the opportunity. I think Thailand might be a nice place to reside when I get older. I bet when that time comes you all will be married, right? Then how does coming to my concert with your husbands and children sound?

Jaejoong prepared many memorable events for his fans.

He wore an apron and taught fans how to make kimbap and even hand fed fans and camera staffs who came on stage.

He emotionally touched his fans by preparing 5,000 roses to give each individual fan a rose and took pictures with his fans.

Jaejoong revealed his thoughts on this fan meeting saying, “It was very nice to see my Thai fans after such a long time. I will forever love my fans. You all are my happiness.

Jaejoong will have his next fan meetings in Indonesia on November 3rd and in Vietnam on November 10th

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[Info] 121004 Kim JaeJoong THAILAND Fan Meeting Ticket Information Is Updated On Official Website

[Info] 121004 Kim JaeJoong THAILAND Fan Meeting Ticket Information is Updated On Official Website

Fan meeting ticket information.
Date: 2012.10.23 (Tue) 6:00 P.M.
Ticket link: http://www.thaiticketmajor.com/concert/concert-detail.php?sid=1500&la=en
Ticket Open: 2012.10.7 (Sun) 10:00 A.M. (Local time)

credit: c-jes
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[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “The Girl I Was Introduced To Turned Out To Be An ‘Idol Killer’ ” – Interview (3)

[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “The Girl I Was Introduced To Turned Out To Be An ‘Idol Killer’ ” – Interview (3)

 Kim Jaejoong, who has a mysterious aura, was surprisingly candid in answering my questions. Staff from C-JeS said that although Jaejoong did not speak, he would never put on any false pretence, and is straightforward. This is part of his charm, and he also spoke about many issues that fans are concerned about.

Did you feel any pressure acting with veteran actor Kim Eung Soo in Dr Jin?

Burden? Not at all. Father and I got along very well from the beginning. Looking at his expressions made it easy for me to show my feelings. There were a lot of impromptu moments that were not scripted into the drama, and these came naturally to me as I watched his expression and actions.

In the crying scenes, there was a lot of drool.

(Laughs) We already talked about this during our gathering. Actually, there really was a lot drool, but in actual fact it was a mix of sweat, saliva, tears and nasal fluids. (Laughs) there are many complicated reasons for this. During that time, I had stayed up for many nights in a row, hadn’t had a proper meal,  and it was really hot on set; once the feelings came, and I saw my father’s tears, I just exploded, and whatever there was in my body just came out. (Laughs)

I heard that you bought Kim Eung Soo alcohol as a present?

Father was always someone who loved alcohol, and when filming the first scene, he said that it would be great if he could have a glass of whisky on such a hot day. I kept that in mind, and said that I would buy him alcohol in the future, and that was why I bought him alcohol as a present.

Kim Eung Soo seems to have really liked it?

He was never one to hide his feelings. If he likes something, he would say so directly. Father’s handphone was a 2G model, and he would sit beside me and say “My handphone isn’t easy to use, so it hard to keep in contact,” “Someone said that they would buy me a new phone, but when will that be.” He said that to me three times. So I ordered a new phone at once, and gave it to him. Although he didn’t say much to me, except “This is a smartphone, a 4G model.” He didn’t know how to use various functions on the phone, so I did a search online when I had the time, and helped him download everything he needed.

Did you always like to mix with seniors?

Jeong Hye-Seong sunbaenim once said that it is unacceptable for an actor be hated by others when he first starts acting. At first, I did not mean to try to earn their favour intentionally, but simply felt that I should start from the basics, such as reaching the filming set first, and not lazing around. Regardless of whether I acted well or not, I should still show that I am working hard so that my efforts could perhaps be recognised by everyone.

Did you get any acting advice from Jeong Hye-Seong?

She isn’t that kind of person. She says that no matter who you are, you should always respect your co-actors. If they don’t do well, it can still be part of their learning experience, or even a personal style, so we should let them explore their abilities to the fullest. She would definitely not say things like “You should do this or that.”

A lot of people are rooting for you and Jin Yi Han to win the Best Couple Award.

It always seems to end up that way for me. Instead of the female actors, I seem to have better chemistry with the male actors. Best Couple Award? That would be great, thanks.

 You look like Robert Pattinson.

I’ve heard that one before. Am I? He’s from the West, I’m from the East, I don’t think we look alike.

Compared to Park Yoochun, who do you think is a better actor?

Yoochun and I are totally different. Yoochun has a quiet toughness, and when he is acting he shows gentleness with strength shining through, and I find that very interesting. I am the type that gives of a feeling of toughness, and the gentleness shines through the toughness. If Yoochun played the role of Kim Kyung Tak, and I played Lee Gak, I think it would be a mismatch. I think it’s a good thing to have a team with members that each possess their own unique qualities.

You are very good looking.

No, I’m not good looking, I just look very different.

Who do you think is better good looking (than you)?

Junsu is better looking. Honestly, among the JYJ fans, each member has their own fans as well. These fans each have their own unique styles. Junsu and Yoochun’s charm is very different from mine. Junsu has something that I just don’t have.

What do you consider as your charm?

Hmm..I think there are two things. Overseas, it seems like the fans will notice me first, because I look special, and people tend to remember my face. But after that, the fans that continue to stick with me, may like me for my looks but more so because of my personality. Just by face, I think that I look a little rude, but actually I’m a nice young man.

What are Jaejoong’s beliefs?

It’s similar to Kim Kyung Tak. I want to protect those that are dear to me. There is a tattoo on my chest, that tells me to “Always keep the faith.” Man is the most afraid of losing things that they have gained. Even if I lose those things, I still want to protect things that I care about. Because I do not have the confidence to do this well, I tattooed it myself. Every time I falter, I look at it and regain my strength.

Is there something that you really want to achieve?

Not at the moment. However, there are many things that I want to revisit and challenge. Even if there will be pressure, it would still be good, as this will allow me to enjoy the happiness when I overcome the challenge. If success comes too quickly, then it wouldn’t be meaningful.

How does acting and singing weigh up against each other?

This is hard to say. For singing, as you grow older your voice ages as well. I may not be able to keep up with the music that I want to do. But for acting, there will be acting styles that are suitable even as you grow older. When I reach a certain age, I will be able to challenge roles that are suitable for my age. Therefore, I will continue to act, as well as sing. I don’t know what kind of music I’ll be making in 30 years’ time, but even during that time, I guess I will still want to continue doing music.

Is there a director you would like to work with? And why?

I want to work with Lee Jae Han, who directed the movie “A Moment To Remember.” That was a really good movie, and I even wrote a song for this movie, which is Junsu’s “No Gain.” In the lyrics, it says “The room in my heart is getting smaller” and this was something I wrote based on the script of the movie.

What are your plans for military enlistment?

About enlistment, when it is time for me to go, I’ll go.

What other plans do you have?

After this year, I want to film a new project to meet with everyone. Also, I want to fall in love, and if there is a nice girl, I would like to go on a blind date.

Have you gone on a blind date before?

Twice, but it never worked out. Although I went on the date, but then I found out she was an “idol killer,” and had dated many famous idols before, one after another. That girl is really pretty, very nice and very rich, but once I heard about this, I ended it at once and never saw her again. To me, friendship always comes first. She dated a close friend of mine before, and those friends were hurt by her.

What is your ideal type?

I don’t know, I need to meet more women before I can tell. It’s not just about falling in love, but I want to find someone that I can truly call “my woman.” I don’t like someone like Young Rae, but would prefer someone who reciprocates my feelings. She must be like Young Hwi, who only things about me. If Young Hwi wasn’t a friend but a girl, how great would that be.

When I was younger, I cared a lot more about looks, but now looks are not important at all, and it is what is inside that counts.

Source : [BaiduHeroJaejoong + My Daily]

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[News] 120825 JYJ’s Jaejoong Hangs Out with ‘Time Slip Dr.Jin’ Cast

[News] 120825 JYJ’s Jaejoong Hangs Out with ‘Time Slip Dr.Jin’ Cast

JYJ‘s Jaejoong and actor Jin Yi Han met up at an arcade recently.

On August 22nd,  ’Time Slip Dr.Jin‘ co-star Jin Yi Han tweeted, “Byong byong Joong. The best concentration! He is like this,” along with the picture above.

What stood out were Jaejoong’s absolute focus on the game as well as his colorful, unique sense of fashion.

Jaejoong later tweeted on August 23rd, “Is it okay to [hang out like this] with all guys. Coffee and arcade in broad daylight…

The four celebrities, actor Jin Yi Han, F.CUZ‘s LEE-U, and Kwak Yong Hwan, showed off their friendship, wearing adorable matching penguin backpacks and posing together.

Source & Photo: Aju Kyungje via Nate
credit: allkpop

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[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “I Want To Appear On Music Broadcasts” – Interview (2)

[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “I Want To Appear On Music Broadcasts” – Interview (2)

Honestly speaking, I haven’t really heard any JYJ songs. I also had that preconceived idea that “they are just like the other idol singers.” However, from the moment that I watched JYJ in concert, I suddenly felt that “It’s such a pity that I’m the only one watching this concert.”

They wrote their own songs, and the concert was not particularly biased towards performing or singing. While balancing between the two elements, they delivered a well-finished performance with high standards, and this was a truly impressive fact that I saw on site. This is why I felt that it was a pity. I felt, disregarding the issue of influential connections, the inability of JYJ to meet with the audiences via broadcast programs is not a loss to JYJ, but a loss to the viewers.

And it’s precisely because of this that I couldn’t help but ask Kim Jaejoong during the interview, “It’s been a long time that you’ve been unable to appear on music shows. How do you feel as you watch other singers appearing (on programs)?”

Kim Jaejoong paused for a moment, then simply said, “Why would I not want to appear (on programs)?”

I asked him again, “Don’t you wish to appear on broadcasts?”

This time, Kim Jaejoong said, “I do” then started to explain in detail about how he felt.

“After speaking with other juniors, I realise that JYJ is a group with a very special sort of existence. To the juniors, we have become very unique seniors. It’s hard to see us on broadcast programs, so juniors find it fascinating when they happen to see us. When JYJ releases a new album or new songs, our juniors will download the music themselves, and make a special effort to listen to our songs.”

Kim Jaejoong expressed, although he himself is unable to appear on music programs, he has always paid attention to music from his juniors. “My manager is a big fan of Sistar, so I often hear their songs. Their music is good, and Sistar sings very well. In terms of male idols, I think the recent B2st song is pretty good. I watched their “Inkigayo” performance.”

In terms of songwriting, Kim Jaejoong has been hard at work. Although busy with drama filming, he still puts in a lot of effort to write songs, especially when playing the role of Kim Kyung Tak in the MBC weekend drama “Dr Jin.”

When asked if he was inspired by his drama role, he replied, “I wrote many sad songs, but I deleted them all. My role in the drama was too tragic, so I only managed to write very sad songs.”

Kim Jaejoong mentioned, “We are in the midst of preparation, aiming to release a new album in the early part of next year.”

I’ve thought about whether things would have changed for JYJ by then, and even after much thinking, I still feel that it is too much of a pity for me to enjoy a JYJ stage by myself.

Source : [BaiduHeroJaejoong + My Daily]

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[TRANSLATION] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “It’s Better To Get Scolded” – Interview (1)

[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “It’s Better To Get Scolded” – Interview (1)

    This interview is split into 3 parts : the first portion will be about Kim Jaejoong’s acting, then the story of JYJ and Kim Jaejoong, and finally a honest confession of what it is like to be Kim Jaejoong.

The day which we met Kim Jaejoong was really warm, and we would start sweating after walking a few steps. Kim Jaejoong, who has completed the filming of Dr Jin has given up his topknot, and put on a sleeveless top, once again becoming a 26 year old youth.  Firstly, he greeted me, saying “Hello, I am Kim Jaejoong.” Looking at how white his complexion is, I doubt he’s the type who could get a tan.

Dr Jin is Kim Jaejoong’s first period drama. He spoke about the fear, unfamiliarity and difficulties he faced in his first challenge. “Because this is the first time (I’m filming a period drama), so I was really nervous, and really scared. I was really, really scared. Before filming started, no one could be sure about how it would turn out, and I did not have the confidence to do it well, so it was very frightening. Thinking back about the things that I did not do well previously made it even worse.”

“It wasn’t an easy role. Kim Kyung Tak had been abandoned by his parents, his friends as well as his love.” Kim Jaejoong spoke, on his opinion about Kim Kyung Tak. “Most of the other characters were fiercely ambitious. Prince Heungseon had great desires, and the ambition of Kim Byung Hee were not little as well. However, to Kyung Tak, he was only focused on one thing – protecting every single person he cared about. He had absolutely no greed. People around him wanted a lot, but all Kyung Tak does is to keep protecting. Everyone else is focused on the empire, but Kyung Tak only looks at those he loves.”

Also, there was quite a bit of crying. “Initially, he gives off a very cold impression, but there are quite a few crying scenes as the story progresses, so filming was difficult. Crying scenes took a lot of effort, and they were really tiring. Although its acting, but being in a continuous state of heartbreak is makes it physically straining.”

 There has been some criticism about Kim Kyung Tak’s voice being too loud and powerful, but perhaps it is the fear that he felt towards period dramas that made his voice sound unnatural.

“How am I supposed to handle a period drama role?” “How should I enunciate, how do I act, how do I speak? At the start I felt that since he is a general, he needed to give off an aura of power and leadership, and this was all I was thinking about. As an actor, and someone with absolutely no experience with period dramas, I felt that having a powerful voice would show leadership, but after watching myself act, I started understanding a lot more, and felt that there was more that I could do.”

As a singer-turned-actor, Kim Jaejoong has thrown away those “fixed opinions,” and he has started to realise the differences between the singing and acting stage. “I need to put myself aside, but I couldn’t put away those “fixed opinions”. Maybe it’s because I didn’t start off as an actor, so there are some parts of me that I am unwilling to let go of, and initially I felt that even while acting, there is a need to keep a handsome image. I did not realise that it is only when you manage to put yourself aside, do you become truly handsome. “

While acting in Protect the Boss, “I regretted not being able to put my own personality aside more, and this is probably a problem that all singer-turned-actors including myself, face. While on stage, we try our best to show of a cool side of our own personalities to satisfy the audience. But acting is not the same, and it is the thought process that really counts. But it is really difficult to put these old habits aside. It is easy to hide your flaws, but to give up on your strengths is really hard. However, the more you manage to put your image aside, the more you are able to get into character. In the future, I must put my own image aside more.

 There are some that compliment Kim Jaejoong on his acting, and there have been seniors that said, “He cannot be praised.” Kim Jaejoong agrees with this. “To be, it’s better to get scolded. I have a strong desire to prove myself to those who have a lot to say about me because of my looks.”

To be able to take an objective point of view, and admit to your shortcomings is something that takes a lot of courage. Therefore, Kim Jaejoong’s courage has left a deep impression on me. Kim Jaejoong said, “How do I rate my own acting?” “I will be thankful as long as viewers feel that I have improved.”

Also, he talks about his small ambitions with regards to being an actor. “I don’t have to play the main role, but I would like to act in a broader range of roles. It doesn’t matter even if it isn’t the main role. And I also want to try acting in plays. I’ve only done singing and dancing in front of an audience, so I would like to attempt acting as well. “

Source : [BaiduHeroJaejoong + My Daily]

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Time Slip Dr. Jin: A Walk Through Korean History

      One of the benefits that I have gained from watching “Time Slip Dr. Jin” is a lesson in the politics and history of the Chosun Dynasty. This has been an enlightening drama for me and my family simply because it has inspired us to read and learn so much more about the history of Korea than we knew before. Why is this important? It is important because ignorance about people and their ways is the reason why there is strife and war. To learn about a people’s history is a key to understanding them in the present. Korean people are strong nationalists. They cling to their heritage with an unsurpassed tenacity of spirit. Even living in foreign countries they distinctly remain Korean. This is a tribute to their sense of self as a nation and as a people undaunted by the many attempts to subjugate them.

As a  nation that did not desire ties with western nations or their ways, Korea had chosen to keep its borders closed. This stand changed as other cultures and ideologies intervened, and grass roots rebellions within Korea  produced an impetus to a new way of thinking that eventually changed the ruling class. The Andong Kim Clan controlled Korea for most of the 19th century along with the P’ungyang Cho Clan. This made the Kings and Queens primarily puppets and as the century neared it’s close there was a breakdown of the class system. Today, remnants of the class system still remain, but there is more equality and opportunity for those who exert themselves to rise above the societal layers.

Korea during the Chosun Dynasty was going through a transitional stage just before the dawning of the new century. In “Korea, Its History and Culture” published by the Korean Overseas Information Service, we read, …”There were also responses to economic growth, social change and the introduction of Western ideas. The new developments led scholars to break away from the abstractions and rigidity of Neo-Confucian doctrine and search for practical solutions and responses to the new social and technological situation. The result was an incredible surge of interest in all forms of practical scholarship”. [Sirhak]

This interest in new ways of thinking and doing led to drastic changes in Korean society and life, and other nations seized opportunity to control and use a courageous people for their own ends. Thankfully, that era has passed, but there is still unrest in a divided Korea. It will take courage and humility to reunite Korea, but sadly, it may also take many lives.

Episode 22 of this dramatic adaptation gives us a an 1860’s glimpse into the courage and desire of the Korean nation to remain solidified. This drama is based on historical fact woven into a thread of fantasy. I salute the writer(s) of Time Slip Dr. Jin for insight and courage to portray a time in Korea’s history that was not the most flattering, but which was a transition stage into the modern era. Societies tend to change through civil war and uprisings, and in this instance, also subjugation and manipulation. I have seen that in our own American history–so I understand a nation that has seen pain, sorrow, and politics shape her history and her people again and again.

Koreans are stalwart survivors, and Time Slip Dr. Jin has given us a glimpse into the hearts, minds, and spirits of a special people. The portrayal of all of the essential characters including Dr. Jin, Kyung Tak, Young Rae, Young Hwi, and many more was performed and acted impeccably and convincingly. I will enjoy this drama again and again.

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

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