The Phenomena of Counter-Tenors and Operatic Voices

I love music. All types of genres appeal to me as individual works. This is just a sampling of types of voices I find fascinating–the Counter Tenor and the Soprano/Mezzo Soprano.

1) “Steal Away” (arr. by Maria Thompson Corley)
2) (@04:30) “Peter, Go Ring dem Bells” (arr. by Margaret Bonds)
3) (@06:54) “Amazing Grace” (arr. by Hale Smith)

Darryl Taylor, counter-tenor
Brent McMunn, piano

from Albany TROY1244

As a contrast..

Just For a Fun Experience

Difference between vocal
Soprano and mezzo-soprano in the high notes of Una Voce poco fa.

credit: AlbanyRecordsUSA+Esotericoclast+Mostgivesmore+MusicForAWhileXVII+sjuli17+petercommi+EdmundStAustell

Momma’s Source: youtube

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