Video + Translation: 110412 JYJ Message to Chinese Fans

[Vid+Trans] 110412 JYJ message to Chinese fans

JYJ: Hello everyone, we are JYJ.

JJ: We will be having JYJ concert in Beijing on the 7th of May! *claps* Beijing has been the city where we had frequently visited since our debut days. We have also heard that there are a lot of fans waiting for us.

JS: And for this concert, our very own director Kim will be directing the concert stage, therefore we are very nervous. Fans would be able to anticipate our performance.

JJ: Yoochun, please add on something.

YC: What I would like to add on is that this stage is directed by Jaejoong hyung who has performing experience, thus he was able to understand fans’ and our feelings even more. (He) created the stage for everyone, so everyone would be very happy.

JJ: Everyone, please anticipate our performance. We would like to meet everyone as soon as possible. And this was…

JYJ: JYJ. Thank you.

JS: Thank you. (in chinese)

credit: jyjbest
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
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