[News] 120227 JYJ’s Yoo Chun Is Always Considerate of His Fans

[News] 120227 JYJ’s Yoo Chun is Always Considerate of His Fans

JYJ’s Yoo Chun is always considerate of his fans.

On February 27, SBS TV reported that Yoo Chun never forgets to take care of his fans despite his busy schedule for his new drama series The Rooftop Prince.

Yoo Chun is also promoting JYJ’s documentary film The Day with Jae Joong and Jun Su at movie theaters while shooting the drama series.

On February 25, he even attended a fan signing for a franchise restaurant, for which he’s working as a model with Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee

Receiving the news that one of his fans opened the franchise, he willingly held the singing on the day of its first opening.

As the signing started, he signed autographs for his fans, asking their names and saying hello to them with a smiling face.

Yoo Chun also gave a sweet smile to his Korean, Chinese, and Japanese fans, who had waited for him since a day ago, and didn’t forget to leave some messages at the restaurant, wishing its prosperous future.

The crew of The Rooftop Prince say, “Yoo Chun is always being considerate of people around him although he is having a hectic schedule. Thanks to him, we believe that this drama series will be loved by a lot of people.”

Yoo Chun is playing the role of prince Lee Gak, who came to the present from the Joseon Dynasty period of 300 years ago, in The Rooftop PrinceThe Rooftop Prince will start airing on March 14 after Please, Captain goes off the air.

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News 110801 Kim Jaejoong’s Chinese fans provided 4,000,000…

[News] 110801 Kim Jaejoong’s Chinese fans provided 4,000,000 won worth of food at filming site

Chinese fans provided the staff with food for 100 people in order to provide support for Kim Jaejoong who will take part in the new SBS drama “Protect the Boss”,.

On July 30th filming for “Protect the Boss”, Chinese fans paid a visit and provided the staff with food for 100 people, equivalent pricing of 4,000,000 won.

Especially since “Go with you, never stop” was written on the salad, sandwich, and all other food packing.

The members of this fanclub asked the staff to take good care of Jaejoong.

The producer expressed: “Last time filming at Lotte World, I felt surprised with the countless fans coming from abroad, this time they came here, providing food us sincerely with food, I felt Jaejoong’s popularity really is huge.”

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Video + Translation: 110412 JYJ Message to Chinese Fans

[Vid+Trans] 110412 JYJ message to Chinese fans

JYJ: Hello everyone, we are JYJ.

JJ: We will be having JYJ concert in Beijing on the 7th of May! *claps* Beijing has been the city where we had frequently visited since our debut days. We have also heard that there are a lot of fans waiting for us.

JS: And for this concert, our very own director Kim will be directing the concert stage, therefore we are very nervous. Fans would be able to anticipate our performance.

JJ: Yoochun, please add on something.

YC: What I would like to add on is that this stage is directed by Jaejoong hyung who has performing experience, thus he was able to understand fans’ and our feelings even more. (He) created the stage for everyone, so everyone would be very happy.

JJ: Everyone, please anticipate our performance. We would like to meet everyone as soon as possible. And this was…

JYJ: JYJ. Thank you.

JS: Thank you. (in chinese)

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