[Video+Translation] 110416 JYJ 3 For U Interview

Our mancubs really crack me up on these interviews. Everyone has their own dynamic, but you can sense their sincerety.
Junsu, If I thought that I could get them to you–barbeque sandwiches, coconut, and let’s not forget fried chicken. Your food tastes are like Southern America. Any Chunnie influence there?
Jaejoong. Fine job as Mr. Kim the Director, and Yoochun, you are the benevolent instigator. As a Virginia-born woman, I’d send you crab. I hope you all get your house in Thailand. Love to you all. Momma Cha

[Video+Translation] 110416 JYJ 3 For U Interview

JYJ: Hello, this is JYJ [Thai]
YC: Hello I’m Yoochun [Thai]
JJ: Hello this is Jaejoong [Thai]
JS: Hello my name is Junsu [Thai]

Q: Jaejoong please talk about your new role for the 1st time as the concert director? What have you already prepared?
JJ: I’m very excited because this is my first directing stage and I had quite high expectations for this. Both the staff and I intend to make it succeed and I’d like the fans to see all my efforts and intentions.

Q: Thailand is the 1st country that JYJ starts the world tour concert. Could you please talk about the enormity and the special surprises that you have prepared for Thai fans?

JJ: We’ve prepared 4 new songs which were composed and produced by ourselves
[T/N Junsu was lifting up the Microphone for Jaejoong] for Thai fans. It’s very meaningful to us.
JS: We will sing them for the 1st time in Thailand. So it’s very special and meaningful.

Q: Have you learned new Thai words? Please say something
JJ *hands the microphone to YC*
YC *looks at JS*
JJ *hands the microphone to JS*
JS: I will love coconut [Thai]
[See YC’s reaction LOL]

Q: What is JYJ future plan for the fans to be cheerful about? (regarding works/activities)
JJ: We’d really like to answer you but it really can’t be revealed right now.
YC: Because we have prepared it as a surprise to the fans.

Q: Anything you’d like to tell to Thai fans?
YC: This is the beginning of JYJ World Tour concert which has started in Thailand and after this we’re not sure which country is next because we will go back to Korea first. Jaejoong has been responsible for being the director and also composed new type of songs so we must be prepared for the new album.

JS: This is the 1st stage in Thailand. The staff and all of us are very excited and we will try our very best. I’d like to thank to the fans who came to the concert and have waited for us this long. From now off we will try to be the JYJ that the fans accept and want us to be. Thank you very much.
[Look at JJ+YC expression toward JS XD]

Q: Have you had any time to do what you wanted to?
JS: I have done some, but what I really wanted to do but couldn’t is to walk along the streets in Bangkok eating BBQ pork just like Thai people.
YC: When we were together, we’d like to joke that we wished to have a house in Thailand.
JS: If I had a house in Thailand, I’d grow coconut trees in my house so that I could eat coconut every day.
JJ: I came to Thailand early that other members to do what I wanted to, but there’s one staff that told me if I’ve already done everything, then I don’t have to come back to Thailand anymore. So I’m going to leave something here, so that I can come back to Thailand again. I’ve already planned out what I would do if I get the chance to come back to Thailand next time.

JYJ: Thank you, this is JYJ [Thai]

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trans by: sharingyoochun.net
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