[Trans] 121201 JYJ Twitter Update‏

[Trans] 121201 JYJ Twitter Update‏

Welcome the return of Jaejoong on Twitterverse~

Junsu: thanks every one…^^ pic.twitter.com/x7NBGGpv

Bruce Automatic: @1215thexiahtic Hey brother! Have a great show in Germany! They are going to love you there! Rock on!!

Junsu: @BruceAutomatic thank you everyday!!!!

Jaejoong (@bornfreeonekiss): Start!

Jaejoong: Those who anticipated my return to Twitter… there were really many… Therefore I shall return once again through this way. As a commemorative for the returning, here’s a sleeping JJ for everyone.. pic.twitter.com/3kThtfwr

Jaejoong: Now, smile away~ ^^ pic.twitter.com/GHhxxx63

Junsu: i love germany~♡ pic.twitter.com/NJIEmDV0

Junsu: @bornfreeonekiss yo!!!!!!!!!

Jaejoong: @1215thexiahtic yo~^^jjun

Jaejoong: It’s been a while, ‘JIJI’ pic.twitter.com/mGioUAD7

credit: kimjaejoongbaidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source; sharingyochun.net

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One thought on “[Trans] 121201 JYJ Twitter Update‏

  1. Welcome Back Baby!!! You have truly been missed. Yes, we are smiling.

    Hi JiJi. I agree–long time no see. This kitty is looking well.

    Junsu, you enjoyed this trip, the concert, the sights, and we enjoyed it with you.

    Safe trip, Hon.

    Momma Cha 🙂

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