[Picspam] Happy Birthday Yunho ♥

[Picspam] Happy Birthday Yunho ♥

When idols talk about their ex-girlfriends       

  • Most idols: We broke up because I was training hard to debut as an idol            
  • Yunho: We broke up because she saw me going out with Heechul with long hair and wearing pink and thought I was cheating on her with a girl

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When we gather the tears of the world, let’s sprinkle them to everyone’s road. Someday, under somebody’s feet, it will become a flower in bloom. When we gather the beautiful flowers, the happiness will overflow. We become one with each other. For now, let’s believe so. (東方神起; In our time)

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8 thoughts on “[Picspam] Happy Birthday Yunho ♥

  1. You’re welcome. I, ahem…copied your Jae pictures too. Oooo-we-ee-e, I am so bad. I always do things the hard way 😉
    BTW. Queen of Ambition is an excellent drama although I must say that Yunho looks so young in it. It seems like the older they get, the younger they look–no Charlene–that is impossible, right?

  2. Yup it’s impossible…for some of us :((( It’s easier for the guys and especially for these guys =_= So unfair. Eeh! Must watch QoA! I stopped after ep. 2 for some unknown reason (laziness?) – it’s me who’s bad. BTW, any news about the OST there? Will Yunho be singing?
    Thanks for copying the Jae pictures. >> smiling now ^_____^

  3. Who can resist Jae or Yunho? He does sing on the OST. I put a post on in Jan. He did a fine job. I believe that it was mid-month. I got them from Youtube.

    BTW. Were you a victim of the video snatchers three days ago? The whole world must have had inoperative videos. The WordPress forums were smoking.

    As to QoA [ thanks Teach 😉 ] you stopped just as it was getting good. Murder, mayhem, and all that good [no bad] stuff. Since they showed us the end at the beginning it is a matter of watching things lead to that conclusion. I would have preferred not to know.

    My favorite is still HTTG. 🙂

  4. Oh thank you. I’ll be sure to check it out. How did I miss that peace of information? As I said. Growing old. ^^;; QoA – hehe. I did?? I really should go back to find out what it was all about. The end coming first – I’m not sure if I like that! True, it’s better not knowing – but so many dramas have this kind of structure it seems. I started watching Horse Doctor. It’s been a busy week of sorts so I didn’t get very far. This drama, too, is set up in the same manner. Still, it’s very good! I try watching modern dramas but I seem to favour Joseon era – stuff for some reason. The CCM singer Sohyang is featured on the OST – are you familiar with her? Fantastic voice. I cannot find that she is signed to any major label. I would buy her CDs if there were any. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LSdtq34WnZY
    We have such cold weather right now, it feels tempting to just stay inside. Well, even though I’ll have to venture outside I’ll try to update and I’ll check back here in not too long, too! Love you ღ See you soon!

  5. Thanks YF. I will certainly check out Horse Doctor. I tend to like historical dramas as well. To be honest–I’m all over the map from historical to hysterical. 🙂

    I’m really a closet Sci-Fi nut, or had you guessed that space travel is one of my fun things. 😮

    No. I am not familiar with Sohyang, but I will check her out. You have remarkable music taste. I am still trying to find Yim Jae Beum CD’s. I found a few on Amazon and YesAsia. Fascinating Voice. There is a compilation post that I put on in early January.

    I’ll look forward to your next visit. I’m feeling a bit more alive. Thank God. Lot’s o’ Love Cha

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