[Video] Happy Birthday Changmin Compilation 2013

So accomplished; so young. Have a wonderful Birthday, Changmin. We love you.     🙂

credit: marimin0218+miyutube123+Nhung Tr’o’ng+Ta khop+TheSunjekim

Momma’s Source: youtube

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4 thoughts on “[Video] Happy Birthday Changmin Compilation 2013

  1. Hi YF. Good to see ya. You’re absolutely welcome. This wasn’t hard. I feel bad because I have so much going on here at home that I couldn’t find the time to make what I call a quality post for Changmin’s birthday. He deserves as much as the rest.

    You are right, he is still a boy–man, and it is delightful watching him emerge from his shell. Changmin has always been bright and , of course, snarky, but he is also a warm human being. I’m looking forward to watching his development as a person and an independent artist in the future. He has so much potential yet to be seen. I don’t believe that he even realizes what he is capable of.

    Anyway, it is so cold here right now–minus 3 degrees with windchill of -15. I am bundled up in a warm blanket sitting at my desk–and I am reluctant to get up and get a hot cup of coffee. I guess I’ll venture out soon. How is life in your world? 🙂

    • Life and the world is getting colder! In a literary sense. ^^; There’s a full moon at the moment, and stars. Meaning, winter isn’t over yet and I’m going to freeze some more. Let me get my blanket too…there. Cha did you get my memo? I moved because I can’t seem to access the blog at the moment. You’ll find a link in my Twitter profile. ^^ Because of this I’m late with all the posts and everything is even more confusing than usual. Breathe. I hope you are all well and happy. Love to you <33

  2. Sounds familiar. Sometimes I feel as if JYJFantalk is calling me, but I have so much to do. John and I are working on some self-publishing projects and there are many tutorials I have to view. Can life get any busier? 😉 Probably. 😮

    What is moved? Your home or on the web. No, I haven’t seen the memo. I need to check my email today so I’ll probably get it soon.

    I know about the breathing part. Let’s go one step further and say stay alive.

    A lot of praying going on here right now. I’ll check Twitter. Love you too. Cha

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