[TRANS] 130703 JYJ’s Junsu, His Ballad Tactics Have Worked… Unprecedented Results On Music Charts

[TRANS] 130703 JYJ’s Junsu, His Ballad Tactics Have Worked… Unprecedented Results On Music Charts


JYJ’s Kim Junsu released his new ballad ’11 o’clock, its adequacy’, which is garnering attention for successfully ranking high on various music charts.

Taking into consideration the fact that most male idol singers don’t do very well on online music charts, his feat of ranking high on various music charts with a ballad is extremely rare, and raises the anticipation for this second solo album.

’11 o’clock, its adequacy’ was released at noon on the 2nd and secured a spot in the top 5 rankings on Melon and Bugs today. What’s most surprising is that he was able to rank high with a ballad when hip-hop is the current craze with the return of Dynamic Duo.

Even his agency was extremely surprised by the results. They decided to push a ballad to showcase Kim Junsu’s vocal tone, but didn’t know that it would do so well on music charts, especially considering the fact that it wasn’t a OST buoyed by its drama. Many are surprised to see a ballad in the top 10 rankings these days.

This has increased the anticipation for Kim Junsu’s second solo album, which is set to be released on the 15th. His first solo album’s ‘Tarantallegra’ was not very approachable to the public, but this album has shifted a stronger focus on this aspect. Considering the fact that the title song’s genre has incorporated an element of hip-hop, which is snapping up top positions on music charts these days, the song is expected to be loved by fans and the public alike. With the number of acts who succeed without appearing on any broadcasted programs increasing, Junsu is ready to kick off his album and Asia Tour.

A representative of his agency stated, “We focused more on being approachable to the public with this upcoming album, and we’re all feeling very encouraged because the pre-released track is doing so well on music charts,” and “We hope that more people will be able to enjoy his solo album that will be released in two weeks.”

’11 o’clock, its adequacy’ is a song that expresses the sorrows of a man after a break up. The piano instrumental accentuates the emotions of Kim Junsu’s vocals and adds a dramatic element to the song, with a four seasons theme.

Kim Junsu recorded the whole song in one take and used only acoustic instruments to accentuate his charming tone. The special a cappella clip that was released on the same day as the music file has also garnered much attention for being filmed live in one take.

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