[Trans] 130814 [C-JeS] Regarding The August 10th (Sat) XIA 2nd ASIA TOUR INCREDIBLE IN BUSAN Concert

This is C-JeS Entertainment.

We would like to thank all the fans for the support they gave to the XIA 2nd ASIA TOUR INCREDIBLE IN BUSAN concerts.

We have taken into consideration the opinion of those sitting in the first row of R Areas 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the August 10th (Sat) concert that was held at BEXCO in Busan, and we would like to notify those involved of a refund policy we have implemented.

We will be giving a 50% refund to the fans sitting in the first row of R areas at the Saturday concert who fit the requirements stated below. However, people who bought their tickets from someone else or who changed their seats to a different area on the day of the concert will not be able to receive a refund.

The requirements for getting a refund are 1. the ticket number 2. the name of the ticket holder 3. the bank account of the ticket holder, and this information must be e-mailed to the C-JeS webmaster e-mail address (webmaster@cjes.co.kr).

We would like to give our apologies for inconveniencing fans with a change in the seating arrangements at the Busan concerts, and we promise to listen more closely to and reflect the opinions of fans to create a better concert experience in the future.

Thank you.

Source: [C-JeS Official Homepage]
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