[News] 140516 JYJ’s Junsu wraps up “XIA the Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert” in Tokyo

JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) has finally ended the three day performance for “XIA the Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert” in Tokyo. He charmed about 33,000 fans, who came to the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo, with a solid performance of his popular songs.

Junsu mostly performed his ballads and his musical songs, including “You’re so beautiful”, “I Love You”, and “No Reason”. He also performed a medley of TVXQ’s Japanese singles at the end of his performance, including “Begin”, “Proud”, “Love in Ice”, and “Asu wa Kuru Kara”. All of the songs were performed with a live orchestra and band with a touch of spring with the forestry background.

Besides singing, Junsu also presented the audience with the signature “Genie Time”, in which he got three requests from fans to be performed on stage. Some of the requests also included a request to sing the uber famous “Let It Go” from “Frozen” in Japanese. He also performed a duet with his guest star Jung Sun Ah for the musical songs, “First Love” and “Defying Gravity”.

Junsu expressed his gratitude to his fans who attended his shows through his agency C-JeS Entertainment. He also said that the attendance brought him into tears. The singer and musical actor also expressed his gratitude through an update on his Twitter account by tweeting: “I love Tokyo~☆”, along with his up-close selca.

Fans who were unable to catch the live show can still check out the behind-the-scenes photos of the concert, which were uploaded on JYJ’s official Facebook on May 16.

Junsu will continue the tour by making a stop in Osaka to perform at Osaka-jo Hall from May 22-24.

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XIA Junsu: Mini Album Musical December 2013 with Kim Junsu Songs

Beautiful, heart-felt vocals. To be listened to over and over… 🙂

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C-Jes Entertainment

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Kim Junsu Birthday and Birth of ‘December’, the Musical

Wow! What a lot of accomplishments for the year 2013, Birthday Man. We have seen Xia all over the planet, and Kim Junsu all over the entertainment field. He has starred on the song and dance stage in two major Asian and World Tours, and has excited us with the three Xia album hits ‘Uncommitted’, ‘Incredible’, and ’11 am’. Junsu has performed once again in the musical ‘Elisabeth’, and in the ‘Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra’. The second ‘Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra’ is also coming soon.

Junsu has scored on the soccer field as captain of the FC Men, and, as a fellow member of JYJ, is engaged in promoting the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. He has won many awards and I daresay that I have probably just touched the iceberg tip of his activity schedule. After all, let’s not forget the modeling individually or with JYJ.

Last, but not necessarily least, Junsu is starring as the lead actor in the new musical ‘December. This musical, a tribute to the late singer and songwriter Kim Kwang Seok, premieres June 16th, 2013–one day after the 28th birthday celebration of our own talented Kim Junsu. There will be a release of an album featuring Junsu’s vocals to Kim Kwang Seok’s songs on the 18th of December.

In addition, Junsu has recorded the OST song, ‘I Love You’, for the drama Empress Ki.

Beyond all these things is the inherent musical and personal ability that Xia Junsu has to draw others into the creative human process. Junsu, you are truly loved beyond what you could ever imagine. <3

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[TRANS] 131031 Kim Junsu Says, “I Didn’t Want To Miss The Chance To Sing Kim Kwang Seok’s Unreleased Songs”


Kim Junsu revealed his thoughts about getting the chance to sing the late Kim Kwang Seok’s unreleased songs.

During the production showcase of the musical ‘December: The Song that Hasn’t Ended’, which was held on the 31st at the Sejong Culture Centre, was attended by Park Gun Hyung, Kim Junsu, Oh So Yeon, Kim Yae Won and Kim Seul Gi.

On this day, Kim Junsu stated, “It may be because I listening to a lot of his songs when I was little, but I wanted to be the first to hear Kim Kwang Seok’s unreleased songs,” and “So when I turned on the song, it was like opening the doors to take out a treasure. Two songs in, I found myself thinking that I would regret it so much if I let this opportunity go.”

Kim Junsu also added, “Not only that, but I really like the song ‘December’. The title of the musical happened to be ‘December’ as well, so I thought that Director Jang Jin named it so because he also liked the song ‘December’ the most, but that wasn’t the case,” and “He had already decided on the title when he found out that there was a song called ‘December’. He said it must be fate. I really like that song, so I’m excited for this production.”

The musical ‘December’ has been created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the late Kim Kwang Seok’s birth, and will feature 18 of his songs, four compositions and two songs that have never been heard before, for a total of 24 songs.

Park Gun Hyun and Kim Junsu will take on the leading role of Ji Wook, and Oh So Yeon and Kim Yae Won have been chosen to play the role of Lee Yeon, Ji Wook’s first love. Park Ho San, Lee Chang Yon and Lee Choong Joo have been chosen to play Hoon, Ji Wook’s friend, while Song Young Chang and Jo Won Hee will play his father and Hong Yoon Hui will play his mother. Lim Gi Hong and Kim Dae Jong will play Sung Tae, while Kim Seul Gi and Jo Kyung Joo will play Yeo-il, the girl who is in love with Ji Wook.

Jang Jin has stepped up to direct the production and ‘December’ will be performed from the 16th of December till the 29th of January.

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[TRANS] 131022 Musical ‘December’ To Hold A Large-Scale Showcase… Kim Junsu WIll Sing The Main Theme Song


The musical ‘December: The Song That Hasn’t Ended’ will be holding a 1,000-seat showcase on the 31st of October at the Sejong Culture Centre.

‘December’ will feature Park Gun Hyung, Kim Junsu, Oh So Yeon and Kim Seul Gi as the leading roles and will feature a special event that invites 1,000 audience members to get a glimpse of the musical that centers around the late Kim Kwang Seok’s music. The showcase will be attended by CEO Kim Woo Taek of NEW, the Sejong Culture CEntre’s Yoo In Taek and Director Jang Jin. Park Gun Hyun, Kim Junsu, Oh So Yeon and Kim Seul Gi will also be joining them as they hold a press conference and perform a few musical numbers. Kim Kwang Seok’s study notes and unreleased songs will also be revealed during the event.

The tickets will be sold at 1,000 Won on Interpark as part of the ’1,000 Won Happiness’ event. The money that is earned from the event will be donated to society. The musical ‘December’ has been created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kim Kwang Seok’s birth and is a jukebox musical that features Kim Kwang Seok’s compositions and unreleased songs. Director Jang Jin will combine a strong storyline and the best technology in the industry to go with Kim Kwang Seok’s music to create a new musical. The show will commence on the 16th of December at the Sejong Culture Centre.

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[TRANS] 131011 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, ‘Perfectly Connects’ With His Fans At His Nagoya Concerts Without A Translator


YJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) has ended his Nagoya concerts in success.

Kim Junsu held the Nagoya leg of his ‘XIA 2nd Asia Tour Concert in Japan’ tour from the 8th till the 10th of October at Nagoya’s Nippongaishi Hall, attracting a total of 24,000 fans to the event.

A representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Junsu’s perfect live skills and the local project dance crew created an incredible stage. From the 14th till the 16th, Kim Junsu will hold the grand finale of his Asia tour in Yokohama.”

On this day, Kim Junsu performed songs from his first and second album, and his OST repertoire, as well as ‘Minna Sora No Shita’ and ‘Kobukuro’ to a cheering crowd. Starting off with ‘Tarantallegra’, the title song of his first album, Kim Junsu had everyone pumped up with songs such as ‘Chocolate girl’, ‘I’m Confessing Right Now’ and ‘Isn’t This Song Funny?’


It was later said that representatives were surprised by Kim Junsu’s Japanese fans following along with the Korean cheers of ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’, a song written by the singer himself and based on his real life experiences. In the second half of the concert, the singer touched everyone with a live rendition of ’11 o’clock’ and ‘Love is like a Snowflake’. For three days, fans stood up and clapped for Kim Junsu till the end of the concert instead of staying in their seats.

Through his talk segments, Kim Junsu connected with his fans and talked to them. Kim Junsu was able to communicate in fluent Japanese without a translator to help him, and gained a lot of attention for singing ‘The Last Dance’ from ‘Elisabeth’ in Japanese during ‘Genie Time’, when he granted wishes for his fans. He had everyone screaming with his ‘Gwiyomi Song’ dance, and a double encore of ‘Incredible’, the title song of his second album, ended the show.

During his last performance on the 10th, Kim Junsu said, “I was nervous because this is my first concert in Japan as a solo singer. But day by day, your applause and passion became a great source of strength for me. Thanks to you, I think I’ll be able to do great in Yokohama as well. Thank you.”

Ms. Ayumi (Female, 31) stated, “I really like Kim Junsu’s second album. I went to Korea last year because I wanted to watch him perform. I’m so grateful that he’s come all the way to Nagoya this year. I was so moved by his amazing vocal talent. I can say with confidence that you could only see such an amazing performance at a Kim Junsu concert,” while Ms. Haruko (Female, 24) said, “It was a pleasant surprise to see Kim Junsu singing and talking in Japanese. I’m very happy to be watching the last leg of Kim Junsu’s Asia tour in Japan. It was a two-hour concert full of happiness and joy.”

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News] 131009 JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) unveils BTS photos from the dance practice for his Japanese tour


The hard work and dedication JYJ‘s Junsu (XIA) is putting into his Japanese tour are obvious in recently released BTS photos of his dance practice.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 9th, “Junsu successfully wrapped up the first concert of his Japanese tour in Nagoya on the 8th. In response to the Japanese fans’ hot interest, Junsu’s practice photos have been unveiled. Though Junsu is halfway done with his Asia tour, he is still doing his best during dance practice, and he checked everything one-by-one during his live rehearsal for over two hours, showcasing his unbeatable passion.”


The label also commented that Junsu’s sincere and passionate performances during the three-hour concert were noticed by his Japanese fans, and his dancers and band gave 120% on stage.

Junsu himself shared, “Because this is my first solo stage in Japan, I feel a sense of responsibility as a JYJ member, and the energy from my Japanese fans who I am meeting for the first time in a long time is overwhelming. I will do my best for the remaining two days of my Nagoya concert and Yokohama concert next week.”

Junsu will continue on his Japanese tour in Nagoya until October 10 and Yokohama from October 14-16.


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[OTHER TWITTER] 131003 Gun Young Twitter Update: Junsu’s Autograph

Jung Gun Young is the leader of JYJ backup dancers
and the lead choreographer for most of JYJ(group&solo) dances


[TRANS] Junsu-ya..
sign Thank you~~


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