Picture TVXQ — Rolling Stone 8 Preview

[Pic] TVXQ – Rolling Stone 8 Preview

Homin naked arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Dear, Dear me. Momma scratches head 🙂 )

credit: soratomax
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2 thoughts on “Picture TVXQ — Rolling Stone 8 Preview

  1. It`s a nice photo. Nice, too, to see them take their rightful place among all the other top artists and actors who have graced the cover of Rolling Stone, people like Namie Amuro and Matsuyama Kenichi (one of my favourite actors by the way.). As fans we know how deserving they are of recognition, but confirmation is bliss. I will be waiting for JYJ to appear on this cover as well. 🙂

    • You’re right, YF, This is a very nice photo. Their features are so strong. Rolling Stone is a prestigious magazine, and I agree that we look forward to seeing JYJ featured in it as well. Fighting!! Cha

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