KITTY SPAZZING You know sometimes it seems…

        KITTY SPAZZING You know, sometimes it seems as if there are some things that are unfathomable to the human mind and spirit. I have six beautiful cats named respectively Rochester, Greystoke, Victoria, Caspian, Peter, and Torte. Over time I have been observing their ways–so I wasn’t very surprised to discover definitively that two of my cats thoroughly enjoy JYJ/DBSK/HoMin. How did I discover this?  Generally, when I am winding down from a long day–I tend to listen to music to relax. Gospel music, inspirational music, then our guys music. I have a player/recorder by my bedside and it is very soothing to cooly loach with JYJ, DBSK, or HoMin. Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun especially seem to help me to relax whether it’s an active or slow song (that’s a good thing by-the-way) and I always have my two kitties, who have adopted me as one of their special people, at the foot of my bed.

Cat Perspective

I noticed over time that they would doze off, but as soon as I would cut off the music they would open one eye and stare at me until I cut it back on. Then back to their naps.

Peter the Great

Now you may be thinking that this is normal cat behavior–but none of the other four cats ever paid any attention to JYJ and co. music. As a matter of fact, they usually run whenever I play JYJ’s music. To make this even more interesting–when I insert a DVD into my player to relax with the Couple Talks or Saipan Antics, these two cats, Victoria and Peter, will come from wherever they are in the house, upstairs or down, to snuggle with me and watch the DVD.  Yes, I wrote “to watch the DVD”. Their eyes are glued on the screen and if I pause it just to mess with them–they will give me that classic stare. 

Queen Victoria

I believe that I can safely say that they are fans, and so, I wish to let our mancubs know how much they are appreciated over-all. I have tried to get the cats interested in pictures of JiJi  and Tigger, and Bakira and friends, but they seem to be more interested in their appas. Go Figure.  Momma Cha

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