110812 INFO C-JeS To Release “Mine’ Photo Book Limited Edition, Members Get Priority To Purchase

[INFO] C-JeS To Release “Mine” Photo Book Limited Edition, Members Get Priority to Purchase

10 Aug

The following is an announcement by C-JeS.

We have produced the works of the JYJ photo exhibition “Mine” into a photo book.

The “Mine” photo book which is formed of 52 total pages has all of its pages as single-sided prints. (Tip: If you pick the photos that you like and buy frames separately, you can decorate your space into a JYJ “Mine” gallery.)

Further, to preserve the value of the Mine Photo Book, we made it into a limited set. We will give the C-JeS members the priority rights to purchase. (One book per account / Even on-the-location sales will allow one book per ticket holder)

Size: 21 cm x 21 cm
Page: 52 pages (separate case)

  • This product is the same photo book that will be sold on location at the JYJ Photo Exhibition to be held August 12 through 21.
  • This product is able to be purchased by the regular C-JeS members only for now. Those persons in line to be a member or non-members cannot purchase. (As soon as we secure the quantity, we will arrange it so that non-members can purchase as well.)
  • This product is a limited set. Once the secured quantity is depleted, (that will be it). Please understand.
  • This product can be purchased on a one-person, one-product basis.
  • This product will be released starting August 17.

Source: C-JeS
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: iXiahCassie

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