Just a little Shinee love….

Gotta love Shinee, I mean, our boys have adopted them (Changmin and Minho, anybody?), so they’re practically part of the fandom, right? 😉

credit to: Princessxd11 and youtube.com

5 thoughts on “Just a little Shinee love….

  1. This is Cha, YF. We are all doing well. I am working now plus trying to maintain all of the sites. I e-mailed you new passwords some time ago for WU and C’s Attic.
    We were away on vacation for a few days, and after that I’ve been working with John to give the site an update. We were using P2 from WordPress and having a lot of problems with it not being able to access WordPress and the language converter would not work–so we changed to this theme and it’s working much better. How are you and the ladies? I’ll visit your site and Twitter as soon as I can iron out some things here.

  2. Hello friend! The new theme looks smashing. It`s a paid update, right? I haven`t been looking into these things lately. In fact, I have been quite lazy when it comes to the blog. Luckilly love dbsk has worked hard. Probably because she realized there was no use in waking me up. I am still sleeping. Just the odd posting now and then. Maybe it`s the changing of the seasons. Yes, already.
    You did mail them – and I thank you for that – and it`s high time I cleaned up in my inbox. I really am too terrible with e-mail. We are fine – though it`s mostly just me. ^^ Looking forward to seeing you. I`ll try to comment more in here as well.
    Keep it up ~ 😀

    • YF. I am so sorry. I just found this. One drawback with this theme is that I cannot get the gravatars to show on the comments sidebar. I instantly clued in before to your posts because your gravatar was there. . I guess I shall have to be more diligent and check closely. Thank you for returning even if it did appear as if I snubbed you. I never would. The theme is free, YF. I used it to update Women United too. The browser is what costs the most.. Love Ya, Cha

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