Picture Of You — Ivory’s DBSK Photobook…

Picture Of You Ivory’s — DBSK Photobook

Momma is so proud of you BethBethRee. Love and Kisses.

Credit: BethBethRee

Momma’s Source: youtube

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3 thoughts on “Picture Of You — Ivory’s DBSK Photobook…

  1. I guess it is no surprise that my techie would figure this out. Thank You, Ivory, for opening up yet another form of communication to us all. I love “Picture of You”. It is such a gentle yet challenging song in it’s arrangement. <3

  2. I like new toys…especially technological ones… (cackles like a mad scientist with electro-hair and green filled beakers)
    Seriously, I decided it was time to experiment. I work with recording, but I’d never tried to put a video together all these years. So I tested it with a video of the cats first.
    Thanks, Mommy. Glad you like it. I enjoy “Picture of You” as well.

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