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 110301 JYJ World Wide Concert Tour in Thailand Sharingyoochun.net reports: When: Saturday April 2nd – Sunday April 3rd 2011 What time: 18.00PM (6.00PM) Where: Impact Arena Ticket Information For 2011 JYJ World Wide Tour Concert in Thailand Tickets will open for sale on Saturday March 12th, 2011 via Thaiticketmajor from 10.00AM. More information call 02-262-3456 or visit the website (www.thatticketmajor.com) Details about Pre-sale When: Friday March 4th – Sunday March 6th 2011 Via: www.411ent.com How to pay: Transfer via bank account Receiving tickets: receive by yourself first round *when, where and Time will be confirmed later* Second round: On April 2nd and 3rd 2011 : At 411ent Customer Service Counter @ Impact Arena By Mail: Domestic Only (receive at least 7 days before the actual concert) Rules of Pre-sale (Please read throughly and clearly at all the numbers below) 1. The duration of pre-sale will start from Friday March 4th at 8.30AM and ends on Sunday March 6th 2011 at 6PM 2. Pre-sale can ONLY be done through website (www.411ent.com and details about how to pre sale will be up on March 1st, 2011) 3. During the pre sale, customers can choose the date of the concert, ticket prices, and seating zone but customers CAN NOT specify which seat numbers they want to be sitting ***seating numbers will depend on the order of tranfering money before-after (which means who pays first get better seats) 4. For 1 Pre sale equals “1 order” and 1 order can be no more than 6 tickets ( Our staff will set those seats that pre sale together at the same time to be seated together) 5. Customers, please be ready to provide important informations when Pre sale tickets[ ie: First name, last name from your ID card, phone numbers that can be reached at any time, emails and ***address for mailing tickets(only for domestic that want their tickets to be shipped by mail)] 6. Company can deliver tickets (actual card ticket **harded tickets) for domestic customers who live afar or who willing to receive them by mail(EMS) the additional shipping tickets will cost 50 bath per order 7. when fill out all of the needed informations and clicked to confirm tickets order the system will notify you with reservation code, payable ammount, bank account information, Timing of transfering and information about how to notify us with your order***(customers can only pay/transfer money no later than 6 hours after clicking confirm to your order)***If you aren’t able to do so(paying no later than 6 hours)your order will be cancelled and your tickets will run back to the system for other customers to purchase Order of booking tickets during Pre-Sale: Account (waiting for confirmation) Account Number (waiting for confirmation) Bank SCB (ไทยพาณิชย์) branch Phahonyothin Type of Account Current account 8. When clicking “confirm” to the order, customers CAN NOT change any imformation regards the order except the order gets cancelled by itself(if that happens, it means you didn’t transfer the money in the 6 hours period) 9. Therefore, to make it easy to check and faster to process, payable amount will have some small change with it. Thus, please transfer with the total balance of what is said on the screen ***in addition, Customers are required to pay 20 bath fee extra for issuing the order (20 bath per one ticket; if buy 6 tickets, will be paying 120 bath extra)***the system will add those up automatically 10. After transfering moeny please go and notify your transfer informations (tranfered date, transfered time, amount transfered) to the home page of www.411ent.com/jyj no later than 6 hours. If customers fail to notify transfering information to the web, the system will cancelled your order and means that you disclaim your tickets 11. After tranfered your money, staff will authorize your informations and amount of money that comes through the bank, this process will take throughly about 6 hours, therefore, customers can come and check your booking status 6 hours later(after you’re done with transferring and notifying) If your status doesn’t say “confirm” please call us and we will find the problem and fix it as soon as possible 12. Customers, please keep your evidence of tranfering slips from ATM, form of transfering via banks, some sort of confirmation paper from online banking and your reservation numbers. So you can use those as evidence when go get the actual ID(tickets) for the concert. This will make it easy for our staff to check the informations and protect any problems that might occur 13. Schedule of how to receive tickets (actual harded card) by yourself and by mail(EMS), informations are below Receving by yourself First round: date, Time, and location will be confirmed later Second round: April 2-3 2011: At 411ent Customer Service Counter @ Impact Arena Mailing: received before the autual concert at least 7 days 14. For those who couldn’t pre sale with 411ent, you can buy tickets at Thaiticketmajor from every branches domestically or at www.thaiticketmajor.com from Saturday March 12th 2011 at 10AM onward 15. For more information call 02-616-8178, 02-271-3088 or other ways like: Website: www.411ent.com/contact Email: jyjpresale@411ent.com Twitter: @411ticket Facebook: www.facebook.com/fouroneoneent **Special Privilege for those who pre sale 1. Receive 2011 JYJ World Wide Tour Concert in Thailand Poster(official version) ***(ie; if you pre sale you’ll get it automatically, any seats and any zones. both days) 2. Get a chance to win and attend Press Conference (With JYJ) On Friday April 1st 2011 at 5PM, Paragon Park (only 100 people will be randomly selected) we will announce the winners via www.411ent.com on Friday March 25th, 2011 3. Only 250 of those who Pre Sale with ticket prices 5500 and 5000 bath (both dates) will get a chance to win and attend an “Exclusive Meeting with JYJ” On Friday April 1st, 2011 (Time and location will be confirmed later) We will pick randomly and announce the winners via www.411ent.com on Friday March 25th, 2011. Notice: Details and rules can be changed if needed to Photo Credits: Sharingyoochun.net FAQ (I excluded some because those are already answered above) Q: When can we know which seats we will we sitting? A: At the day you receive your tickets Q: If I transfered my money within the 6 hours but fail to notify on the web within the 6 hours, what will happened to my tickkets that get cancelled? A: If there are left over seats that are still on the system, we will tell you to book those and bring the new reservation code with the SAME balance you transfer then notify on the web Q: Can we pay via credit card? A: No, you can pay by transfer via bank, Online Banking, ATM only Q: Can we Pre Sale before 8.30AM on March 4th? A: No, you can not pre sale before March 4th, time system will be locked so it is fair to everyone Q: Is this the completed seat plan? A: yes credit: 411ent.com trans by: sharingyoochun.net Shared by: Sharingyoochun.net [Our Source: Sharingyoochun.net]

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