[News] 131203 JYJ Junsu End of the Year Concert Tickets Sells Out in 15 Minutes


JYJ Junsu’s end of the year solo concert tickets sold out in 15 minutes, showing off his amazing ticket power.

His agency revealed today that Junsu’s ‘XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.2′ concert tickets, which opened today, sold out in 15 minutes.

They also stated that right as the ticket sales began, the home page and mobile website overflowed with visitors, showing Junsu’s immense popularity.

Junsu’s concerts and musicals have always shown amazing ticket power and have always sold out in a short period of time.

On the other hand, Junsu is preparing for his musical, ‘December’.

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[TRANS] 131013 XIA Junsu To Begin His Yokohama Concerts Tomorrow… Tickets Sold For All 33,000 Seats


XIA Junsu will be holding the grand finale of his Asia tour from tomorrow till Wednesday at the Yokohama Arena in Japan. Having already kicked of his first Japanese tour as a solo singer, JYJ’s XIA Junsu has already held three successful concerts in Nagoya.

On the 13th, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “XIA Junsu is currently on a successful tour around Japan. From tomorrow (14th) till the 16th, he will be holding concerts in Yokohama and all 33,000 tickets have been sold, with over 99,000 initial applicants.”

They continued to add, “The upcoming Yokohama concerts will signal the end of XIA Junsu’s Asia tour this year, and Kim Junsu’s special performances of ‘Minna Sora No Shita’ and ‘Tsubomi (Kobukuro)’ have been met with a positive response in Japan.”

The representative also stated, “XIA Junsu’s Japanese fans were moved by his vocal talent and sincere fan service, and they were jumping and dancing along to his performance of ‘Incredible’. XIA Junsu even sang his title song a second time in Nagoya at the request of his fans.”

Meanwhile, XIA Junsu will be marking the end of his Asia tour at the Yokohama Arena for the next three days and will soon return to Korea to begin rehearsing for the musical ‘December: The Song That Hasn’t Ended’, which will make its debut in December.

Source: [asiae]

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[TRANS] Kim Junsu Has The Greatest Ticket Power with an All-Kill in Both Musicals and Concerts

[TRANS] Kim Junsu Has The Greatest Ticket Power with an All-Kill in Both Musicals and Concert

 JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Ok Joo Hyun have made their mark as the musical actors with the greatest ticket power.

On the 7th, ticket reservation site Interpark released the results of their ‘Golden Ticket Awards’, which names the actors and productions with the greatest ticket power in 2012. In the musical genre, EMK Musical Company’s ‘Elisabeth’ came out on top, with Kim Junsu and Ok Joo Hyun chosen as the actor and actress with the greatest ticket power.

In 2012, Kim Junsu played Tod in the musical ‘Elisabeth’ and reinterpreted the character signifying death in his own way, receiving love from both fans and musical lovers alike. As his third production since ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’, ‘Elisabeth’ has helped Kim Junsu lose his image as an idol singer and make his mark as a talented musical actor.

Kim Junsu, who topped the rankings of the musical genre, also came out on top in the concert category as well. This was the result of Kim Junsu’s busy schedule as a solo singer in 2012 as he released an album and held his ‘JYJ Junsu 1st Asia Tour’ and ‘XIA Ballad & Musical Concert’ this year.

(omitted for irrelevance)

The ‘Golden Ticket Awards’ differs from other awards ceremonies as it has no judging panel and choses its nominees and winners based on ticket sales and audience participation (voting poll) in the past year. It is a ‘Award chosen by the audience members’ that is given to the year’s most popular productions and actors. On its eighth year since beginning in 2005, the public-oriented awards ceremony held its voting poll from the 24th of December till the 6th of January on the Interpark website, with a total of 17,708 participants.

Source: [tv daily]

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[Info] 130107 Jaejoong Sells Out 16,000 Tickets To His Solo Concert in Record Time

[Info] 130107 Jaejoong Sells Out 16,000 Tickets To His Solo Concert in Record Time

Jaejoong has sold out 16,000 tickets to his first solo concert.

On January 7th C-Jes Entertainment stated, “After the tickets to Jaejoong’s first solo concert Your, My, and Mine went on sale at 8PM, the servers were bombarded and the tickets were immediately sold out. He became the #1 searched term on the main portal sites while his tickets were on sale. This is Jaejoong’s first solo concert in Korea, and it’s made of a program that we’re trying out for the first time, so we’ve had high interest. The concert is set in three parts of fanmeeting, product history talk, and mini concert.

The label also revealed that Jaejoong had many foreign fans attempting to buy tickets as well adding, “Fans from not only Japan and China but also from Europe and the Americas focused on Jaejoong’s ticketing. The most foreign IP addresses tried to access the site in its history.

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[News] 121019 Tickets for TVXQ’s Concert In Seoul Are Sold Out In Three Minutes

[News] 121019 Tickets for TVXQ’s Concert in Seoul Are Sold Out In Three Minutes

Tickets for TVXQ’s concert in Seoul were sold out in only three minutes.

Ticket reservations for TVXQ’s concert in Seoul, part of TVXQ’s world tour titled TVXQ! Live World Tour “Catch Me” in Seoul, began on October 18 at 8:00 p.m. on G Market. The tickets were sold out in only three minutes.

TVXQ will hold concerts in Seoul on November 17 and 18 at the Gymnastics Arena at Olympic Park, expecting to attract about 20,000 people. This is the first concert of TVXQ to be held in Seoul in four years.

TVXQ will go around the world, including such Asian countries as China and Thailand. TVXQ’s distinctive, powerful performances are expected to captivate the audience.

TVXQ are currently promoting the lead track of their new album, “Catch Me.”

source: TV Report
credit: korea.com

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[News] 120403 TVXQ’s Tokyo Dome Concert Tickets Sell Out Within 30 Seconds

[News] 120403 TVXQ’s Tokyo Dome Concert Tickets Sell Out Within 30 Seconds

TVXQ has once again evidenced their immense popularity in Japan.

The group is planning to hold performances for their Japanese fans at the Tokyo Dome from April 14th to the 16th. The tickets went on sale for the public on April 1st at 10 a.m. (local time) and within 30 seconds, all the seats had completely sold out. Additionally the tickets for their Osaka Kyocera Dome concerts, which will be held from April 21st through the 23rd, also sold out in a mere two minutes.

The Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome seat 55,000, and 36,477 respectively. With the three concert dates at each location, the total seats at each location amount to 165,000 and 109,431, respectively.

In addition, the ticket reservations over the phone also sold out, leading to a ticket war between the fans. The tickets that originally sold for 8,500 to 9,500 Yen, has been marked up to 10 times the amount, and is being bought by fans at 80,000 Yen.

Although the group has already added additional dates to their concerts, fans are still desperately requesting for even more dates.

Source + Photo: Sports Chosun
credit: allkpop


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[TRANS] 120220 JYJ Movie, Surpasses “Crime” To Rank 1st In Presales…Seats In 19 Cinemas Sold Out, “Expected To Blow Up A Storm”

[TRANS] 120220 JYJ Movie, Surpasses “Crime” To Rank 1st In Presales…Seats In 19 Cinemas Sold Out, “Expected To Blow Up A Storm”

Group JYJ’s daily-life documentary “The Day” is will be hitting the theatres.

According to statistics from the Film Council’s real-time cinema ticket sales figures on the afternoon of 20 February, JYJ’s “The Day” took 1st place with a whopping 42.8%, while “Nameless Gangster (The War Against Crime)” ranked 2nd with 11.5% of the total sales. (JYJ) took 1st place with a large margin of almost 4 times.

Furthermore, once the ticket sales opened, more than 110,000 users logged into the site at the same time, causing the server to crash. JYJ’s management company C-Jes Entertainment expressed, “Seats for “The Day” in all 19 Lotte cinemas have been sold out.”

Representatives of Lotte Cinema commented, “At 1pm, when the reservations for tickets of shows during which JYJ would make appearances were put on sale, 110,000 users were on the site at the same time, causing the server to crash temporarily. And the sales for all 19 cinemas which opened at 4pm also sold out within an hour. In particular, (tickets for) the Busan cinema sold out in a record time of 5 minutes.”

“The Avenuel shop near Lotte Hotel was crowded since morning with Japanese tourists who were there to purchase tickets. Usually, even contents related to singers also only sell about 30%, and the fact that (“The Day”) was able to receive an explosive reaction of selling out so quickly left even the management surprised. They are true Hallyu stars.”

JYJ’s representatives expressed, “As it was produced with the intention of fanservice, we have yet to decide how long it will be running in cinemas. However, as we have been receiving many calls from the fans who have not been able to purchase tickets, we, together with Lotte Cinema, are currently considering increasing the number of screenings.”

“‘The Day’ is a 90 minute production made with the intention of fanservice, for the fans for Valentine’s Day. It records the daily lives of the 3 members of JYJ, as well as their dreams, friendship, happiness and true stories.”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + OSEN via Nate]

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[TRANS] 120112 Not Justin Bieber, Not Miley Cyrus: Korean Band Breaks Peru’s Ticket Sales Records

[TRANS] 120112 Not Justin Bieber, Not Miley Cyrus: Korean Band Breaks Peru’s Ticket Sales Records

JYJ, a popular K-pop group, sold half their concert tickets within half an hour. They will be performing in Lima, the capital of Peru, on 11 March.

Perhaps before you read this article, you would be wondering about two things, who is JYJ, and what is this K-pop that they represent. Without being mentioned on the radio, and never having appeared on television programs such as MTV, and their albums are not sold in Peru. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, Korean names that are hard for us to pronounce, have created a new record in our country. Their fans created a record of buying half the total number of tickets within 30 minutes for this concert which will be held at Estadio Monumental on 11 March.

According to Carlos Huamán, one of the people who made this concert happen, two of the ticket categories was sold out within the first day.

It is expected that a crowd of 10,000 will be mobilized for the JYJ concert, and this is a historical moment for fans of K-pop, a leading representative of Asian pop culture.

Another noteworthy point is that they will be arriving in Lima on 10 March, and will hold their concert immediately after that.

Data : The previous record for fastest selling tickets was held by the Jonas Brothers in 2009 when tickets for their first show sold out in 5 days.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + El Comercio]

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[News] JYJ Kim Junsu – Musical Tickets Sold Out in 10 Minutes

[News] JYJ Kim Junsu – musical tickets sold out in 10 minutes

Posted on November 22, 2011 by DBSK Always

JYJ’s Junsu has shown his “ticket power” once again.
According to his management agency, when the first round of ticket sales for Junsu’s musical [Elisabeth] opened at 10am on 22 November, more than half of the tickets for all the shows available were sold out within 10 minutes.
In particular, all of Junsu’s performances were sold out. Junsu participated in [Mozart!] last year, as well as in [Tears of Heaven] and the encore performances for [Mozart!] this year, and each time all the tickets for all of his performances were sold out. The musical [Elisabeth] is a piece of work which depicts the dramatic life of the beautiful queen Elisabeth and her fantasy-like love story.
On the other hand, preparations for the musical [Elisabeth] have begun and it will run for approximately 3 months, from 9 February to 13 May 2012, at the Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall.

Source: [kstarnews]

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News European JYJ Fans Crash Server As Berlin Concert Tickets Are Made Available

NEWS] European JYJ Fans Crash Server As Berlin Concert Tickets Are Made Available

Group JYJ’s European Tour Is Currently Receiving Explosive Attention From K-Pop Fans At The Site

JYJ has already surprised concert staff by selling 80% of the tickets for their 5000 seat solo concert at Poble Espanyol in Spain in just three days. The group has again proved their European popularity with German fans crashing the server for the ticketing site as soon as tickets went on sale for their concert in Berlin to be held in November.

An associate of the concert has revealed his sentiments about this occurrence with, “Since this event is not even a project concert of a giant entertainment company, but a solo concert, this situation is that much more startling. Once again, I came to realize the great popularity of K-Pop in Europe as well as the high popularity of JYJ.”

Regarding the European tour, JYJ had also stated, “Since this is the first European tour we’re having, we’ve had some fearful feelings, but we thank people for their attention and we’ll prepare a hot concert (for them). The Spanish ambassador in Korea thanked us for performing in Spain and gave us encouragement. Upon hearing that the ticket sales are flourishing like this, we’re full of excitement for the concerts we’ll hold with the European fans.”

JYJ has also been invited for the Spanish manga fair that gathers over 60,000 people that come to attend the event. Through the performance in this festival, JYJ plans to present their exclusive charms to the Spanish press and the west European public.

credit: soompi
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Translation 110921 Junsu Twitter Tickets For Barcelona, Spain

[Trans] 110921 Junsu Twitter

You can buy concert tickets in Barcelona JYJ now. I hope many people come to our concert. See you soon. ^^

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News 110512 Can Kim Junsu Draw K-Pop Crowds Again?

Odd. No one mentions Levay With Friends, which was Junsu’s second time performing this role. It also sold out.
This is his third committment to the role, and I believe that he will do even better than before. All five of the original DBSK members are hard-working perfectionists, and they put every effort into their work.
I do not believe that this is a phenomena. Junsu’s appeal will be there for some time to come. Watching your back, mancub. Momma Cha.

News 110512

Can Kim Jun-su draw K-pop crowds again?All eyes on Kim during rehearsal for ‘Mozart!’ musical starting its second round

Namsan Creative Center in Yejang-dong, central Seoul, was jammed with about 200 people on Wednesday when musical “Mozart!” opened its practice room to press and fans.

Though there were no ardent fans screaming or waving placards, it was obvious by the direction the cameras were flashing in that most were there to see one particular actor, Kim Jun-su.

The JYJ K-pop group member would have easily garnered the press anyway, but his popularity has further skyrocketed since he stepped into the musical scene. He is one of the few idol star-turned-musical actors who are successful.
The musical “Mozart!” which tells the life of the legendary musician through musical genres including rock and jazz, set an impressive record by attracting more than 100,000 audience members during its first short run of about a month in Seoul last year.

All tickets were sold out and the musical took home 11 local musical awards at the end of the year. At the heart of the fever was Kim, a former member of boy band TVXQ, who drew thousands of his fans to the theater.

The 15 shows that he starred in were the ones that were completely sold out within three hours of ticket sales. Scalped tickets were sold online for as much as three million won. Tickets to his second musical, “Tears of Heaven,” in which he starred as a Korean soldier earlier this year, were all sold out as well.
Because his “ticket-power” is currently unbeatable, his guarantee fee is known to have been around 35 million won per show for the first round of “Mozart!” topping that of most veteran musical actors.

Kim Jun-su performs a song from the musical “Mozart!” at Namsan Creative Center on Wednesday. (Lee Sang-sub/ The Korea Herald)

“I actually just wanted to do one musical per year. Now is a busy time for me, but I badgered my agency to let me do this because it is ‘Mozart!’ This is something much more than just a musical,” said Kim, who is also currently on a world tour with JYJ.

Kim is taking the role of Mozart again for the second round of the musical which will take place from May 24 to July 3 at Seongnam Art Center Opera House in Yatab-dong, Gyeonggi Province. Three more actors ― veteran musical actor Im Tae-gyung and up-and-coming stars Park Eun-tae and Jeon Dong-seok ― will be sharing the role.

Decked in a fancy red Mozart’s coat, Kim sang one of the musical numbers, “Why Don’t You Love Me,” in front of the press and fans on Wednesday.

His voice was rather soft without a microphone, but there was something that seemed to draw in the listeners ― perhaps the boyish coarseness in his voice and his unadorned, surprisingly quick immersion into the character.

Musical insiders and critics say that Kim’s vocal and dance skills honed during his long training period to debut as TVXQ and his experiences of performing in front of hundreds and thousands of people is paying off.

“I called him a musical prodigy during the last ‘Mozart!’ This time, I think he has reached the stage of a genius. Although he only recently started musicals, he could not be any quicker in learning it,” said Yu Hee-seong, director of the musical.

Kim said that “Mozart!” helped him make a comeback after the TVXQ scandal. Kim and two other members of TVXQ ― Park Yoo-chun, Kim Jae-joong ― filed a lawsuit against S.M. Entertainment over their 13-year contract in July 2009 and formed a new group, JYJ, together.

“It helped me come out to the world, and had me welcomed by the audience again. Looking at videos of the last show, I spotted some unsatisfying parts that I did not realize at the time. I will work hard to present a more mature and perfect performance this time,” said Kim.

EMK Musicals, the producer of the musical, expects tickets to sell out immediately, like last time. The company is opening ticket sales for shows starring Kim at 10 a.m. on May 24, an hour earlier than for other shows.

Although some point out that the Kim Jun-su craze is only temporary, as it relies on his fans, musical insiders say that it could bring positive results for the musical industry by expanding its audience base to the younger generation.

Written by Michael Kunze and music by Sylvester Levay, the musical “Mozart!” premiered at Theater An Der Wien in Vienna, Austria in 1999. Some lyrics have been changed and songs rearranged from last year’s show for the upcoming production.

The musical will run from May 24 to July 3 at Seongnam Art Center Opera House in Yatab-dong in Gyeonggi Province. Tickets range from 30,000 won to 13,000 won. For more information, call (02) 6391-6333 or visit www.musicalmozart.co.kr.

By Park Min-young (claire@heraldm.com)

credit: koreaherald
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News JYJ Kim Junsu Sells Out “Mozart” Once Again

Junsu, are we surprised. Nawwww… Keep up the great work. Hwaiting!!! Momma Cha

News: JYJ Kim Junsu sells out “Mozart!” once again

Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu (JYJ, Xiah Junsu) once again accomplished a legend in selling out tickets.

Musical “Mozart!’s” producer EMK Musical Company revealed, “the ticket sales for Kim Junsu’s 8 performances in “Mozart” which started today (4th) have sold out.”

The number of sold-out tickets are for a total of 13,000 seats in eight shows. Kim Junsu, when he was appearing in “Mozart!” last year, had also sold all 30,000 seats for 15 performances in Saejong Culture Hall. [Previously], the 40,000 seat musical concert starring Junsu had also sold out.

EMP Musical Company stated, “questions regarding canceled and transfer tickets are pouring in already. Please look forward to the third round of ticketing on the 25th.”

“Mozart!” is a piece made by world famous playwright Michael Kunz and composer Sylvester Levay. It received much love during its premiere [in Korea] by reinterpreting Mozart’s dynamic life in a modern way with various music such as rock and jazz.

Kim Junsu tired musicals for the first time last year with “Mozart.” Kim Junsu, who received the nickname “Xiahzart (Xiah Junsu+Mozart),” positioned himself as a musical actor with excellent singing ability and natural acting.

(Last few sentences regarding other actors and ticketing information omitted)

Source. Nate News
Translation by. withJYJ
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[Info] JYJ World Wide Concert Tour in Th…

[Info] JYJ World Wide Concert Tour in Thailand Posted on March 1, 2011 by YunhoFan on dbskalways.com

 110301 JYJ World Wide Concert Tour in Thailand Sharingyoochun.net reports: When: Saturday April 2nd – Sunday April 3rd 2011 What time: 18.00PM (6.00PM) Where: Impact Arena Ticket Information For 2011 JYJ World Wide Tour Concert in Thailand Tickets will open for sale on Saturday March 12th, 2011 via Thaiticketmajor from 10.00AM. More information call 02-262-3456 or visit the website (www.thatticketmajor.com) Details about Pre-sale When: Friday March 4th – Sunday March 6th 2011 Via: www.411ent.com How to pay: Transfer via bank account Receiving tickets: receive by yourself first round *when, where and Time will be confirmed later* Second round: On April 2nd and 3rd 2011 : At 411ent Customer Service Counter @ Impact Arena By Mail: Domestic Only (receive at least 7 days before the actual concert) Rules of Pre-sale (Please read throughly and clearly at all the numbers below) 1. The duration of pre-sale will start from Friday March 4th at 8.30AM and ends on Sunday March 6th 2011 at 6PM 2. Pre-sale can ONLY be done through website (www.411ent.com and details about how to pre sale will be up on March 1st, 2011) 3. During the pre sale, customers can choose the date of the concert, ticket prices, and seating zone but customers CAN NOT specify which seat numbers they want to be sitting ***seating numbers will depend on the order of tranfering money before-after (which means who pays first get better seats) 4. For 1 Pre sale equals “1 order” and 1 order can be no more than 6 tickets ( Our staff will set those seats that pre sale together at the same time to be seated together) 5. Customers, please be ready to provide important informations when Pre sale tickets[ ie: First name, last name from your ID card, phone numbers that can be reached at any time, emails and ***address for mailing tickets(only for domestic that want their tickets to be shipped by mail)] 6. Company can deliver tickets (actual card ticket **harded tickets) for domestic customers who live afar or who willing to receive them by mail(EMS) the additional shipping tickets will cost 50 bath per order 7. when fill out all of the needed informations and clicked to confirm tickets order the system will notify you with reservation code, payable ammount, bank account information, Timing of transfering and information about how to notify us with your order***(customers can only pay/transfer money no later than 6 hours after clicking confirm to your order)***If you aren’t able to do so(paying no later than 6 hours)your order will be cancelled and your tickets will run back to the system for other customers to purchase Order of booking tickets during Pre-Sale: Account (waiting for confirmation) Account Number (waiting for confirmation) Bank SCB (ไทยพาณิชย์) branch Phahonyothin Type of Account Current account 8. When clicking “confirm” to the order, customers CAN NOT change any imformation regards the order except the order gets cancelled by itself(if that happens, it means you didn’t transfer the money in the 6 hours period) 9. Therefore, to make it easy to check and faster to process, payable amount will have some small change with it. Thus, please transfer with the total balance of what is said on the screen ***in addition, Customers are required to pay 20 bath fee extra for issuing the order (20 bath per one ticket; if buy 6 tickets, will be paying 120 bath extra)***the system will add those up automatically 10. After transfering moeny please go and notify your transfer informations (tranfered date, transfered time, amount transfered) to the home page of www.411ent.com/jyj no later than 6 hours. If customers fail to notify transfering information to the web, the system will cancelled your order and means that you disclaim your tickets 11. After tranfered your money, staff will authorize your informations and amount of money that comes through the bank, this process will take throughly about 6 hours, therefore, customers can come and check your booking status 6 hours later(after you’re done with transferring and notifying) If your status doesn’t say “confirm” please call us and we will find the problem and fix it as soon as possible 12. Customers, please keep your evidence of tranfering slips from ATM, form of transfering via banks, some sort of confirmation paper from online banking and your reservation numbers. So you can use those as evidence when go get the actual ID(tickets) for the concert. This will make it easy for our staff to check the informations and protect any problems that might occur 13. Schedule of how to receive tickets (actual harded card) by yourself and by mail(EMS), informations are below Receving by yourself First round: date, Time, and location will be confirmed later Second round: April 2-3 2011: At 411ent Customer Service Counter @ Impact Arena Mailing: received before the autual concert at least 7 days 14. For those who couldn’t pre sale with 411ent, you can buy tickets at Thaiticketmajor from every branches domestically or at www.thaiticketmajor.com from Saturday March 12th 2011 at 10AM onward 15. For more information call 02-616-8178, 02-271-3088 or other ways like: Website: www.411ent.com/contact Email: jyjpresale@411ent.com Twitter: @411ticket Facebook: www.facebook.com/fouroneoneent **Special Privilege for those who pre sale 1. Receive 2011 JYJ World Wide Tour Concert in Thailand Poster(official version) ***(ie; if you pre sale you’ll get it automatically, any seats and any zones. both days) 2. Get a chance to win and attend Press Conference (With JYJ) On Friday April 1st 2011 at 5PM, Paragon Park (only 100 people will be randomly selected) we will announce the winners via www.411ent.com on Friday March 25th, 2011 3. Only 250 of those who Pre Sale with ticket prices 5500 and 5000 bath (both dates) will get a chance to win and attend an “Exclusive Meeting with JYJ” On Friday April 1st, 2011 (Time and location will be confirmed later) We will pick randomly and announce the winners via www.411ent.com on Friday March 25th, 2011. Notice: Details and rules can be changed if needed to Photo Credits: Sharingyoochun.net FAQ (I excluded some because those are already answered above) Q: When can we know which seats we will we sitting? A: At the day you receive your tickets Q: If I transfered my money within the 6 hours but fail to notify on the web within the 6 hours, what will happened to my tickkets that get cancelled? A: If there are left over seats that are still on the system, we will tell you to book those and bring the new reservation code with the SAME balance you transfer then notify on the web Q: Can we pay via credit card? A: No, you can pay by transfer via bank, Online Banking, ATM only Q: Can we Pre Sale before 8.30AM on March 4th? A: No, you can not pre sale before March 4th, time system will be locked so it is fair to everyone Q: Is this the completed seat plan? A: yes credit: 411ent.com trans by: sharingyoochun.net Shared by: Sharingyoochun.net [Our Source: Sharingyoochun.net]

Source: dbskalways.com