110911 When The World Stopped Turning–Alan Jackson

The question is asked here — Where were you when the attacks on the Twin Towers happened? I was on my way to work and found out once I got there. I remember feeling very violated. My brother was in the Senate chambers at the time and described how horrified everyone was. We move on, yet with the attitude of being “wise as foxes (but) as gentle as doves”. Momma Cha

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4 thoughts on “110911 When The World Stopped Turning–Alan Jackson

  1. I was fifteen when this happened. It was devastating for me…I saw the live footage when the second tower was hit. I watched ABC news all day. I was so grateful for Peter Jennings. For me, the pain really hit when a sign was shown hanging over a ToysRUs store. The contrast made reality sink in, I think. That is when I cried, but I think that somewhere inside, I still mourn a little. All of us who were aware mourn still.

  2. I agree,sweetheart. You just hit another painful spot when you mentioned Peter Jennings. I mourned his passing and also Frank McGee’s passing so many years ago. The demise of President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King were also heavy burdens to bear as a teenager. Even when time reveals that there is always so much more to the story, and our heros emerge as human beings, we still grant them grace and mourn.

  3. True. That is why they are heroes. The true definition of “hero” should be “one who is imperfect, but lays their life down for the sake of others anyway”.
    John 15:13 GNB “The greatest love you can have for your friends is to give your life for them.”

  4. Thank You, Ivory–that axiom has been true throughout time. Very few peeople can get there–but sacrifice is also a part of life. What happened to our nation on 9-11 is a reflection upon how easy some find it to stereotype whole groups of people instead of trying to find out who they really are. TT

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