Jaejoong Happy Birthday Tributes Compilation 2013

A couple of old, a lot of new birthday videos for Jaejoong. You are much loved 🙂 <3

credit: yukarin33333+TeamJaejoong+jaemeri+Ita Nassir+Xrayiiz1107+


Momma’s Source: youtube

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121020 Kim Jaejoong Nanjing FM Support Video

121020 Kim Jaejoong Nanjing FM Support Video


This is 121020 KimJaejoong Nanjing Fanmmeeting , the second video show on screen.
Made by: Jaesmile

credit: as tagged
shared by: meg wu

Momma’s Source: vimeo.com

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110911 When The World Stopped Turning–Alan Jackson

The question is asked here — Where were you when the attacks on the Twin Towers happened? I was on my way to work and found out once I got there. I remember feeling very violated. My brother was in the Senate chambers at the time and described how horrified everyone was. We move on, yet with the attitude of being “wise as foxes (but) as gentle as doves”. Momma Cha

credit: megara2009

Momma’s Source: youtube

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110907 Wonder Girls Sun Ye and Super Junior Heechul @ Youngstreet Radio FM Part 1+ More Heechul Moments

Wonder Girls Sun Ye and Super Junior Heechul… For Chris

Super Junior’s Heechul has enlisted in the Korean Army. That will be a reality for all of our guys at some point, and basic training is hard. So I thought that I would feature a few Heechul moments as he is close to Yunho, and full of energy. I tend to see the artists not their employers.
Heechul, you will be missed by many. <3

credit: Pikeyenny4

Heechul & Hongki Do Wonder Girl’s Nobody Dance

credit: tl11rj7x

Heechul Singing Alone –CNBlue

credit: Athenejen

Oppa band Episode 6 Cut

credit: KaNGaRooBaby910

Donghae Cried Because of Heechul (leaving)

credit; SHRINX4SiHaeTV

Heechul Acting As A Korean Mother in Rainbow Romance Eng Subs

credit: ForeverHeechul

Hey, Hey, Hey, Eng Subs

credit: cameew95

Momma’s Source: youtube