NEWS Kim Hye Su–Daring Dress in Front of TVXQ “Startling”

[News] Kim Hye Su, Daring Dress in Front of TVXQ, “Startling”

Actress Kim Hye Su (41) has taken the risk of “embarrassingly” showing skin in front of TVXQ (U-Know Yunho 25, Choikang Changmin 23), who are like nephews to her.

Cosmetics brand Missha has recently chosen actress Kim Hye Su and TVXQ as their CF models.

In the CF, Kim Hye Su sat on a chair adorned with floral decorations with her head held high, taking on a haughty pose. Wearing a gold-toned dress, her chest area was revealed a little and one could see her embarrassed expression. TVXQ was standing quietly next to Kim Hye Su. Overall, the concept of this CF mysteriously only places emphasis on the “1+1 Event”, arousing many questions.

Netizens commented, “When I look at the homepage, the words “Why Missha” are there, and it invokes questions of “why” in my mind too”, “When the CF appeared on TV, it’s a little confusing…”, “I don’t understand the mysterious concept”.

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