[News] 120815 TVXQ Holds Special Fan Signing in Myeongdong for ‘Missha’

[News] 120815 TVXQ Holds Special Fan Signing in Myeongdong for ‘Missha’

On the afternoon of August 14th, TVXQ set out to the streets of Myeongdong for their ‘Missha‘ fan signing event.

The event was set up as a celebration of the release of a special limited edition TVXQ perfume set that includes two perfumes embossed with the autographs of the members along with a photobook on all of the latest pictures of the group.

Attendance for the fan signing was organized prior to the event online, and as expected, fans crashed the site’s servers with over 5,000 rushing to grab a seat. On the actual day of the signing, hundreds were said to have paralyzed the area as they crowded around the boys’ table.

TVXQ made sure to hold each of their fans’ hands and greet them face to face. Like the Hallyu stars they are, reporters were able to spot a number of Japanese and Chinese fans in line as well.

The duo stated, “We’d like to deeply thank everyone who’ve expressed interest in the Missha limited edition release. We’ll be showing more variety as models to advance the Missha brand into the global market.”

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NEWS Kim Hye Su–Daring Dress in Front of TVXQ “Startling”

[News] Kim Hye Su, Daring Dress in Front of TVXQ, “Startling”

Actress Kim Hye Su (41) has taken the risk of “embarrassingly” showing skin in front of TVXQ (U-Know Yunho 25, Choikang Changmin 23), who are like nephews to her.

Cosmetics brand Missha has recently chosen actress Kim Hye Su and TVXQ as their CF models.

In the CF, Kim Hye Su sat on a chair adorned with floral decorations with her head held high, taking on a haughty pose. Wearing a gold-toned dress, her chest area was revealed a little and one could see her embarrassed expression. TVXQ was standing quietly next to Kim Hye Su. Overall, the concept of this CF mysteriously only places emphasis on the “1+1 Event”, arousing many questions.

Netizens commented, “When I look at the homepage, the words “Why Missha” are there, and it invokes questions of “why” in my mind too”, “When the CF appeared on TV, it’s a little confusing…”, “I don’t understand the mysterious concept”.

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NEWS TVXQ Become Endorsement Models For ‘Missha’ Cosmetics

[News] TVXQ become endorsement models for ‘Missha’ cosmetics

The TVXQ duo have been selected as new advertisement models for cosmetics brand ‘Missha‘!

Able-CNC Marketing revealed, “TVXQ’s powerful and luxurious image coupled with their passion for bringing new ideas to the stage perfectly fits the brand image of ‘Missha’ to a T. With TVXQ, Missha aims to become a global cosmetic brands in conjunction with the Hallyu wave, and thus become leaders of the international market.”

TVXQ will begin their official activities as ‘Missha’ models starting this month.

‘Missha’ is just one of several other endorsements they have under their belt, as they’ve also signed with ‘Pepsi Nex’, ‘Lotte Duty Free’, ‘Seven & i Holdings‘, and ‘SOGO Seibu’.

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