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[Trans] “I Love JK” TVXQ’s Interview on TONE while they were in Beijing

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Host: From the start, let’s introduce TVXQ and this is their latest Japanese album. This album reaches 200 thousand sales during the first week of release and attained the first place on the charts. This is the first album for Yunho and Changmin and the results through the release of this album gave the duo a confidence boost. Yes, that’s right. For this album, there are unique designs within the album packagings. I’m going to introduce to everyone in today’s programme and what are the unique designs? These are the 3 versions of the albums that were not released in Taiwan. Red, Blue and Yellow. When we placed the three together, we’ll get something amazing. What’s that? See, right here. What is written there? “It Is My Way.” It can only be seen when you piled them together. It’s quite a special design. There’s a card inside the album too which I’ll introduce to you all later. Let’s now take a look when they arrived in Beijing and though their stay was not that long, we managed to arrange an interview from them. We really did our best to get this interview and though the (interview) was short, please support us and now let’s take a look at the interview.

TVXQ: Hello, we are TVXQ (in Chinese)

YH: Hi, I’m Yunho. (in Chinese)

CM: Hi, I’m Changmin. (in Chinese)

About new album

YH:First of all, we released an album in Korea after a long while. Therefore we had a chance to meet with Japanese fans. This album was prepared with great work and we anticipate fans’ responses. We involved a lot of our feelings in this album and were done with a heart of thankfulness. Thus we hoped that fans will be able to hear our improvement while listening to this album.

Japanese album released in Taiwan

CM:For this album.. This album is named TONE. There are various meaning to it, eg. sound, color etc. When we first heard of this title and knew of the various meaning when used differently. As an singer, if we are able to control the various tone, it should be the best joy, isn’t it? To name this album as TONE, and in this album, other than the ballads and dance numbers we are used to, we tried something that’s similar to a fast tempo band-type and club music etc. As we tried various music genres, it is an album that’s worth everyone’s attention.

About the good sales results of the Japanese album

YH: Firstly, we want to thank everyone and other than loving TVXQ, we enjoy our work and would like to close up the distance between our fans and us. Hopefully everyone will listen to our songs and we will become an even more hardworking TVXQ.

About TONE’s train

CM: When we heard about this, we felt that it’s very novel. When I saw the photos on the net, I really wish to go there and take a commemorative photo myself. However due to some problems and time issue, I wasn’t able to do it. If I had the chance, I would like to take a ride on that train.

Any plans for performances in Taiwan?

YH: To be honest, there’s no confirmed plan as of now. But next year, there’s a plan for Asia Tour and it’s still under discussion. We’ll let Taiwanese fans know if it’s confirmed. Maybe in the near future, the good news will arrive.

TVXQ: You are currently watching, I Love JK. (in chinese)

Host: This interview was done in Beijing recently where TVXQ went for a fan meeting and we managed to get an interview for everyone. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it. Let’s continue to introduce the album. There’s a card inside each album and let’s see what we’ve got. It’s about the size of the album and this is Yunho and Changmin’s. Next, this is also a duo photo. Next we had Changmin’s solo photo, Changmin’s again, then Yunho’s, Yunho’s and duo photo. This is their card in the album and now let’s introduce a song from this album, B.U.T.

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