[Trans] 1140925 JYJ Asia Tour Concert in Thailand Press Conference Interview


The press conference took place at the Central World on 24 Sept 2014

Q: Please greet the fans and the media.
JYJ: Hello we are JYJ

Q: The 3 of you haven’t visited Thailand for 3 years. How do you feel visiting us this time?
JJ: I’m very glad to get a chance to meet the fans again because we haven’t been here for 3 years, and I’m glad there are many fans waiting for us until now. I’d like to thank the sponsors for inviting us to have this concert.
YC: I’d like to tell the fans I’m very touched. Although we haven’t visited here for 3 years but there are still many fans welcoming us. Thank you so much.
JS: I’d like to thank our fans again and we are having the final 2014 concert here in Thailand which means a lot to us, it’s a good opportunity for us to meet our fans this year.


Q: 2014 JYJ ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN THAILAND “THE RETURN OF THE KING” is considered the great comeback, what will the fans see in JYJ – The King?
YC: The concert will take place tomorrow with the theme “THE RETURN OF THE KING”, and it has a good meaning. We have also prepared cool shows for the fans so we don’t want any fans to miss the concert tomorrow.

Q: JYJ latest album “Just Us” reached the no. 1 all kill spot on every chart right after the album was released and it was also nominated on the music show without being promoted, how do you feel about it?
JJ: We haven’t had the album together for 3 years so we gave our whole hearts in “Just Us’ album, and you all will get to listen to this album tomorrow. We wish all the fans come to support us.

Q: All 3 of you are very good at singing, could you tell us how you share the lyrics part when you sing together?
JJ: We sat and discussed who was good for each part so we could express our feelings more clearly in that part of the songs.

Q: What are JYJ specialties?
JS: JYJ are different to other singers because we can sing with many vocals, for example, I can sing the high notes and other members can sing medium and low notes to make the best of the songs. This is our charm.

Q: This album is full of JYJ creations, please select a song that suits you the most and tell us why?
JS: I like ‘Valentine”. This song suits me well because I’m charming and this song is charming. This song can express who I am very well.
JJ: This is a very difficult question. I choose the song “Let me see”. I personally like this song because it means a lot to me and we all 3 sing this song together.
YC: I like “Valentine” , it’s been a year since this song was recorded but when we sing it again it can still grab my heart. I really like this song.


Q: Jaejoong, you once apologized to the fans you didn’t have the 6 packs to show them in your drama. So will the fans see them in the concert tomorrow?
JJ: I think it’d be difficult because, honestly, I’ve been eating a lot lately but if the fans really want to see them I’ll reconsider about it.

Q: Junsu, you are considered a musical star and your sexy role in the Musical Dracula has just ended. Could you tell us how you selected the musical role?
JS: When I considered the musical role I’d listen to their musical songs if I liked one of them I’d accept the role right away, but if there’s none that I like, then I have to reconsider again.

Q: What if Jaejoong or Yoochun accepted to take the role in the musical Dracula. Which roles would suit them the best and why?
JS: Jaejoong suits the Dracula role because his of facial features but there’s another role for Yoochun as the guy who is very into love, I think it suits Yoochun well.

Q: JYJ have been friends for more than 10 years. Is there anything you like to tell each member but hasn’t had a chance to do it yet?
JJ: If there’s anything I’d like to say but didn’t have the chance before, I think it’d be difficult to say it right now on the stage. Talking in private is a better idea.


Q: The fans always feel pity for Junsu because Jaejoong and Yoochun always tease him during the interview, is it true?
JS: Yes it’s been like this for 10 years. They like to tease me during the interview so if they don’t do it now it won’t be fun.

Q: We haven’t seen you guys for a long time, can you update us your Thai?
JS (Thai) : ma-proa (coconut)
JJ (Thai) : Chon kaew (Cheers)
MC : After you finished your drink you must say “Mod kaew” (The glass is empty)
YC (Thai) : Ting-tong (silly)
MC: Did you specify that to someone?
YC (Thai) : Mai Ting tong (not silly)
JJ (Thai) : A-roi (delicious) and I also learn the word “Pi” and “Nong) Pi is for the person who is older than you and Nong is for the person who is younger than you. I just learned those words today.
JS (Thai) : rak na joob joob (love you peck peck)

Q: JYJ has been appointed as the honorary ambassadors of 2014 Incheon Asian Games and got a chance to sing the theme “Only One” , tell us how you feel about it?
JJ: This Asian games is a great national competition. We are very honored to be invited to sing the theme song at the opening ceremony. We’d like to tell all the athletes to be careful during the competition. Although winning and losing is important but the most important thing is health. We want everyone to be safe.


Q: If you were selected to be South Korean national athletes in this Asian games . What kind of sports would you like to take part in and why?
JS: I will choose archery because it is considered South Korean national sports.
JJ: I want to participate in fencing.
YC: I’d just be the manager then. I think being manager for these two must be more tiring because I’d have to take care both of them when they’re in the competition.

Q: I think this is the question that the fans want to know, are Thai girls beautiful?
JS (Thai): rak na joob joob (love you , peck) I like Thai girls, they are beautiful and so pretty when they smile.
JJ: Hahahaha I’m not sure if I can ask this but I’d like to know when Thai girls put the make up on, are their eyebrows already thick? I saw my sisters after cleaning their make up , they had no eyebrows but I saw all the Thai girls have the eyebrows.

JS: One more thing, Thai girls got the very beautiful eyes.
YC: This question should have never been asked because I think Thai girls are very lovely. When the boys speak they end up the sentences with “krub” and girls end up with “ka” I think the “ka” accent is very imploring (the MC asked everyone to say Yoochun ka)


Q: Finally what would you like to say to the fans before going to meet them at the concert tomorrow?
JS: I’d like to thank all the fans and sponsors to give us a chance for the concert in Thailand this time. It means a lot to us because this is the final concert this year. Let’s have fun together tomorrow.
JJ: see you tomorrow
(Before Yoochun ending the press conference, the fans showed their support by showing the banner “JYJ Smile Again”)
YC: Thanks everyone for coming to this press conference. I’d like you all to continue supporting us in the concert tomorrow. Thank you so much.

source: pingbook
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

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[VIDEO + TRANS] 140901 JYJ’s Exclusive Interview with China Music Billboard

JYJ: Everyone at China Billboard Chart. Hello, we are JYJ.

JJ: Because we just released a new album, we will be singing songs from that album at the concert. There are also solo songs that the members created. There’s the stage performance that only JYJ provides but by combining individual ‘color’ gained through each member’s solo activities, we are showing a more diverse stage.

JS: In the past, we would want to show the cool side of us during concerts but now, I think we want to have fun with the fans during our concerts.

MC: The choreography to ‘Back Seat’ is very sexy and we recently saw the music video. While you were filming the MV, are there any behind the scene stories that you can share with us?

YC: It’s been a while since I’ve danced, and compared to before, it takes longer to memorize things.
JJ: Me too.
YC: I would feel exhausted faster as well.
JJ: Me too me too.
YC: In the past, I would film through the night and feel tired, but it was okay. Now, if I dance at night, oh~ my joints would hurt…

JJ: Junsu was lipsyncing while moving his hips. I thought ah.. he really knows which part of his body he’s confident in…

(JS & YC laugh)

MC: Aside from this dance, this album had many stylish points. Which one was your favorite?

YC: We were styled by this nuna here.
/JJ tries to hand the microphone to the stylist/
JS: Please show this part, even if it’s just one cut.
JJ: Our stylist..
YC: She’s still not married yet
JS: Single men can try to woo her
MC: (joking) You can leave us your contact information and we can display it on the screen. (JYJ laughs and claps xD)

T/N: Only actual interview parts were translated.
Translated from original Korean due to errors in the Chinese subtitles.

Credit: 音乐风云榜 via haru jj
Translations by: @ohmyjunsu
Shared by: JYJ3

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[TRANS] Marie Claire Korea Magazine (August 2014 Issue) Excerpts: ‘We are JYJ before anything


Yuchun “I like group activities better than individual activities, to be honest…I enjoy it. I don’t know how fans would feel. There may be fans who support individual activities more. But sometimes I feel that the fans would place more importance and show more interest in group activities.”
Jaejoong “I agree.”

Junsu “When we first started our activities, I think fans also thought that it was a reasonable and good thing for a member to do something for another member. But at some point in time, fans started to be sensitive about things that we thought nothing of doing for each other. There are fans who become fans because of Jaejoong’s acting, or fans who like my musical, not JYJ. It goes same for Yuchun’s drama. I think that’s what their positions are. But, I hope that they would keep in mind that we are JYJ before that.”

Jaejoong “We say these words with caution since the intentions of the fans are for the good of us, support and love for me. But I really would like to take this chance to talk about this before starting group activities for this album. Please keep in mind that we are able to come out and do our individual activities from the energy we gain from JYJ.”

Yuchun “There is another thing I would like to ask of our fans. We set the directions for our activities. We discuss it with the agency, but we make most of the decisions. But I noticed that there were many people who criticize the agency.”
Junsu “People believe that decisions that are beneficial to some and as beneficial to others are being made.”

Yuchun “Please understand this. There are times when we make considerations for the agency and when members make considerations for other members. But fans think that the decisions we made out of consideration for each other is a decision made unilaterally by the agency. Of course, we know. We know that it is out of your love for that member. But we chose to walk out from [our former] agency because we wanted to make our own decisions, and so we prioritize the respect for our opinions above anything else.”
Junsu “Yes. We listen to what the agency has to say. But we make the decisions. Among our activities, some have been more successful than others. Fans believe that those decisions have been made by the agency, but it is not true. To put it simply, we do what we want to do. I would like the fans, out of the love they have for us, to understand that JYJ are people who take responsibilities for the decisions they have made.”
Jaejoong “We hope that the fans would support us so that we could do what we want to do. Of course, we know that the fans have been our greatest support going through the hard times with us when we left our former agency.”
Junsu “After the hard times, I feel that the members and fans have laughed more and grown closer together. That is why we would like the fans to enjoy our group activities instead of being worried and defensive. Above all, I have the deepest gratitude for the fans.”
Jaejoong “It’s like fans and us are a family now.”


Q. Anyhow, that is a long time. There are many names to friendships. What kind of friends are you to each other?
Yuchun “There is no right word that could describe us. Before, it was just a friend and a family. There were few words that came to my mind, but now, the meaning of those words just seems pointless. There is just no need for it.”
Junsu “We depend on each other more and grow closer together when we are going through hard times, rather than being together only in good times.”

Yuchun “I don’t know what happiness is, but I really want three of us to keep doing well. It would be great if we became more successful and made a lot of money, but I think about how strong our relationship would be if the three of us could just have a smile on our faces simply by seeing each other’s faces. Of course, JYJ activities are very important and I would like to keep doing it. But I hope we do it because we think alike, because we are so happy when we are together, and because we think it would be great to do something like this when we listen to a song on the radio. Things we could do because it makes each other happy. We don’t know what great things we would be or what lies ahead in our future. Even if we don’t get the leading roles when we are forty years-old, and we could only afford to do 10 shows when we did 30 shows in the past, I would be happy if we were happy just for the sake of doing it. It would be great if we were successful, but that’s not what is important.”

Yuchun “People tell me to widen the social circle a little since the types of people I meet are limited. But it doesn’t matter how many people I meet. I have these two [Jaejoong and Junsu] as my security. Jaejoong hyung and Junsu. These two will always be there for me, and that’s enough. What would I be afraid of or worried about when I have assets like these two?”
Junsu “It’s hard enough to make just one [friend like this].” (laughs)
Jaejoong “It’s like a security deposit.” (laughs)


Q. It’s been three years since the last album, and the three of you have been involved in many individual activities. It is a time that would have matured you as a person as well. It may be a little abstract, but please tell us how your growth over the three years has been reflected in this album.
Junsu “Genres are more diverse, but we are relaxed a bit more in this album. It is not that we weren’t trying as hard but we matured in a way. For example, even for the same dance music, we chose songs with stronger impression rather than faster and louder beat. It is true that all three of us have different taste in music, but we also know what music JYJ should be doing. We got a lot of songs from Korean and international composers. About 80 songs. Each of us chose 5 songs, but 3 of the songs overlapped. Instead of deciding which songs were good or bad, we thought about music we should be doing, and we think alike.”

Q. What do three of you think JYJ’s music should be?
Yuchun “Good music. And music that harmonizes well with Junsu’s voice and Jaejoong hyung’s voice.”
Jaejoong “We didn’t think about the trends or genre for this album. We chose not to think about anything other than just finding the common ground for the three of us. There are songs with a powerful instrumental music, a cappella, R&B or pure pop. We chose songs that all three of us thought were good when we listened.”

Q. Three of you are all so different. It is amazing that you could find a common ground in good music.
Yuchun “I think we had few similar impressions [about music] when thinking about the group and excluding the genres we liked. These impressions come purely from the long years we spent together. There is no clear reason, but when we listen to the songs, we know what is good, what would go well with the members, and what it would be like when three of us sing together. This is possible because we have been together for a long time.”

Q. After reuniting after three years of activities in different areas instead of continuing activities as JYJ, there must be some changes you have noticed.
Jaejoong “I am sure all of us have it.”
Yuchun “I don’t have any.”
Jaejoong “You don’t have any? Why not?” (laughs) [T/N: JJ uses baby talk in a very cute, mocking way] Junsu and I had no pressure to sing because we had released solo albums [during the three years]. But I was wondering what it would be like for Yuchun, who only did acting. Junsu did musicals, so I thought the musical side of him would show and rock for me, since I released rock album. So we started recording wondering what the intersection that would encompass all three of us would be, but once the recording started, it was just JYJ. We were surprised too.”
Junsu “There is a difference between the vocals when doing a musical and when singing as JYJ. That’s also true for Jaejoong hyung. In case of Yuchun, I couldn’t really remember the last time I saw him singing. I worried that he may have lost the touch. But then, we went to karaoke on Yuchun’s birthday, and he sang so well. Maybe it’s because he’d been acting, but I could see that there was something more heart-rendering about his singing now. I was worried too. I was worried if we could start group activities again after three years of doing individual activities, but it turns out that it was only 3 years that we were apart.”
Yuchun “I thought we were together for all 10 years.” (laughs)
Junsu “Yes. 10 years all together.”
Jaejoong “It is our 11th year. Longer if we count the years before debut.”


To the question, “Is Kim Jaejoong happy now? Or, firstly, does Kim Jaejoong believe in happiness?”

Jaejoong “That standard [of happiness] is hard to say these days. People ask me, “JYJ doesn’t really see each other often outside of the work, like album recording, since you are all so busy doing individual activities, right?” It’s actually true. I am happy to see them so often during the making of the album. I was so happy when the three of us started [JYJ] activities together. But then as time passed, we are connected regardless of whether we are apart or together. It doesn’t matter if we are together or we are apart, we feel each other’s presences. It’s similar with happiness. If I had a clear definition of happiness before, now I don’t feel like I should have or do something to be happy. [turns to Yuchun, who previously texted “Are you happy these days?”] I got that text when I was filming a drama, and I was dazed. How many times did we talk about the future, ask each other if we were happy and if we would be happy? Answer to that question changed with each year we grew older, and it was weird hearing that conversation again.”

Junsu “We left [our former] agency because we truly wanted to be happy. We keep asking ourselves if we are headed in that direction, and I think we also worry that this happiness would fade away when we are happy. There are good and bad sides to everything. Whether you are rich or successful, there is definitely a bad side to it. It depends on how you think about it. If I think that I am unhappy because I don’t have something, then I am unhappy. But if I can be satisfied about having what others do not have, then I am happy. It’s harder than you think, because I would be unhappy pursuing something that I don’t have. Aren’t we at least closer to the answer of happiness than we were then?”

Yuchun “There is nothing to happiness, really. Realizing that even when you are going through the hardest time of your life, that moment in itself may be happiness. Realizing that you are happy not because you are having a good time, but that being able to go through the hard times and keep going with your life in itself may be happiness. I think that’s why the members have a clear goal. They don’t have the clear goal, but they have a clear goal. When I sent Jaejoong hyung that text, I was so tired and worn out. I had trouble sleeping, intimidated with thoughts racing in my mind. But then I realized in that situation, that I was fortunate. It is all good. I am still happy. That’s why I texted him. I knew he was busy filming a drama, making albums and preparing for the show, but that was not what I was asking. It was a question like, ‘did you eat?’ You could say it depends on how you look at it, but Jaejoong hyung’s answer was same as mine. No more judging between what is happiness and what is not.”

Translated by: @inheaven_wJYJ(1,2,3,4)
Shared by: JYJ3

–> Translation of the FULL INTERVIEW can be found : HERE
(by @WidM_)

JYJ Fantalk Source: JYJ3

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[ENG SUB] 140502 ‘Three Days’ Making Film: Park Yoochun’s Adieu! “Three Days” Interview



Source: SBS
Credit: SBSTVJobs + tarwen
Translations by: @ohmyjunsu
Shared by: JYJ3

JYJ Fantalk Source: JYJ3

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140430 MBC “Triangle” 트라이앵글 Press Con – Photo Session & Speech

Jaejoong has seen a raw side of life. I’m sure that his portrayal of this new character has realistic and redeeming qualities. 🙂

credit: JaeObsession

JYJ Fantalk Source: youtube

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[Exclusive] Interview with Producer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer: Working with XIA Junsu on “Uncommitted” and “Incredible”


Back in the summer of 2012, many fans were excited to learn about the release of Junsu’s (XIA‘s) new English single album, “Uncommitted.” The album opened a new understanding towards the singer’s ability to digest and express different musical ranges. Many have wondered about the American producer behind the English song “Uncommitted”. The question might have occurred again this past summer, when the same producer of “Uncommitted” had worked with Junsu to create the song “Incredible,” the Korean and English title song featuring Quincy Brown in Junsu’s second solo album.

American producer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer, CEO of InRage Entertainment, is the mastermind behind “Uncommitted” and “Incredible,” two completely opposite styled songs that managed to fit perfectly with Junsu’s vocals. While “Uncommitted” will make you shed tears as you grasp the heart-wrenching lyrics, “Incredible” will make you throw away the tear-moistened tissue as you dance along to the upbeat rhythm.

Despite his busy schedule, I had the opportunity to interview producer Bruce “Automatic” in obtaining the exclusive scope of what it was like to work with Junsu, as well as what the processes of creating two incredible hit songs entailed when working in the realm of K-Pop as an American music producer. Having worked with world famous singers such as Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera, producer “Automatic” provides a musical perspective to K-Pop that leads the way for Korean pop to be identified as a world renowned genre.


I.Said.Hi: It’s a pleasure to have this interview with you!

Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer: Hi! Awesome, I’ve been waiting for your call. I’m here at the studio right now.

I: I just have some questions for you that I know our readers are curious about. So, let’s get started! First off, you’ve worked with Junsu twice now, producing both “Uncommitted” and “Incredible.” Let’s go back to the beginning. How did this relationship form?

B: C-JeS actually contacted me. It was a very unique situation. They had an independent A&R (Artist and Repertoire) person named Niddy who was reaching out to different producers. He asked me if I could contribute any songs for Junsu’s album, but I didn’t know who Junsu was. My daughter knew who he was and she was so excited to hear that Junsu wanted new material. I have worked with Pink, Christina Aguilera, and so many other acts, but I’ve never worked with anyone in K-Pop. But my daughter was into JYJ, BIG BANG, TVXQ, G-Dragon, EXO, and all these different groups. She convinced me, and I submitted many songs. Junsu chose “Uncommitted,” but “Uncommitted” was a song I wrote four years ago, so I didn’t really think he would take the song. It was a good song, but I didn’t think he would choose it. I was so surprised when he chose it.

I: Well, I know that many readers are curious about your experiences working with Junsu. What was it like to work with him? Do you have any funny or interesting episodes while working with him?

B: Junsu, when he is in a creative environment, is relaxed and so funny. He’s just a really down-to-earth guy. When we were recording “Incredible,” we were trying to help him re-cut some of the Korean parts, and I was trying my best to pronounce Korean. So sometimes, he would start laughing at my pronunciation. We were joking all the time. After we would do a take or two, he would start practicing Korean with me.

I: Do you remember any of the Korean words or phrases you learned?

B: ‘Anyeonghasaeyo’ (‘Hello’ in Korean) is all that I’ve got so far [laughs], but we are making it important to start learning Korean. The fact that we have so many fans in Korea and all around the world makes us want to start learning.


I: Since “Uncommitted” was sung in English, what was the process like to produce an English song for a Korean singer?

B: My partner, Ebony Cunningham, is the one who guided him through the English lyrics of “Uncommitted.” She really helped him with the sounds and vowels, and also helped him with the American dialect. Junsu is such a fast learner, and it was really amazing because he was able to capture Ebony’s pronunciation very quickly. Also in the studio at the time was the CEO of C-JeS, Mr Baek (Baek Chang Joo). Mr. Baek was sitting there and also learning the English lyrics. It was a great feeling and vibe because this was the first time we were working with Junsu, and we were all feeding off of each other. Junsu was being a little shy when trying to pronounce the English, but we were all applauding in the studio saying, “You got it, you got it!” It was just a real great cultural experience between people who were learning to communicate with each other. Junsu was a real warm person, so he made us feel comfortable right away.

I: Then how was it like working with Junsu when producing “Incredible,” since the song is in both Korean and English?

B: What’s interesting is that we wrote “Incredible” and played it for Junsu the day we were recording “Uncommitted.” Junsu, for the year that he had been (promoting) “Uncommitted,” he would say or tweet certain things that gave us a clue that he still remembered the song. So he contacted us and let us know that he wanted to do the song and also translate some of the song into Korean. That’s when Junsu got involved in re-creating some of the lyrics. His writing ability is awesome. Through the Korean lyrics, he was able to not only translate the lyrics into Korean but add more dimension to the song; the lyrics became more beautiful. This is our first collaboration that we wrote together, and we are intending on doing more.

When releasing the video for “Incredible,” we sat and talked, and he was teaching me more Korean. I call him my Korean teacher [laughs]. He was saying that he’s looking forward to doing more songs together and was telling me to start working on it now. He works so hard, because here he is recording the video for “Incredible,” and we are talking about the next song. He’s always thinking in advance.

I: For the next song, what kind of music styles would you like to produce for Junsu?

B: The next couple of things we are going to do with Junsu are going to be a hybrid of different styles of music. I play certain instruments, so one of the advantages we have is to produce music of many different genres and styles. Junsu is one of the most versatile singers I have heard. He could sing in any genre. The next collaboration we work on is going to surprise a lot of people because it’s going to be different genres mixed with popular music, pop. It’s going to be very exciting.

I: Now that you have experienced both Korean and American music cultures, what are the traits of K-Pop that you find unique?

B: One of the things I love about K-Pop music is that it incorporates a lot of true musical styles that a lot of the times in America we don’t do any more. The stuff I produce in America is very technical and very advanced, but sometimes chord structure is not important as stylization and swagger. But a lot of K-Pop music I listen to really love strong chords, beautiful changes, and good lyrical content, so it helps me explore. As a producer who produced so many different genres K-Pop satisfies my artistic needs. A lot of times, I produce songs that don’t have a lot of chord changes, and its more focused on vocals. Yet in K-Pop, a lot of the songs I listen to are challenging because you can play it on the piano and on the guitar. It’s really beautiful, and I want to help expand K-Pop music in America so that this becomes a part of American culture and music.

You know, I got the interview for Junsu with the Grammys and he was on the front page of Grammys.com. The interview was through a friend of mine associated with the Grammys. I’m hoping that eventually the Grammys would start to recognize K-pop. They do have a world music category, but I want K-pop to have their own category.


I: Speaking of K-Pop awareness in American culture, we’ve seen the difficulties of big name K-Pop artists trying to break in to the American music industry. As an accomplished and experienced American music producer, what are some advice you would give to K-Pop singers trying to make it in the American Music Industry?

B: It’s important to plant seeds. As I listen to more K-pop, the artists seem to incorporate English in their work. G-Dragon did a collaboration with Missy Elliot. If we could continue to incorporate English in to K-Pop, and also try to do as many collaborations with established American artists, it would eventually break down those barriers. PSY has definitely helped to break down many barriers. When we have singers like Junsu who is more of a vocalist, I think Americans would understand that there are many dimensions to K-Pop artists. So we planted the seed because Junsu was the very first K-Pop artist to be on the Grammys (website). We worked real hard to have that happen, and we are going to keep on doing that, keep planting seeds, and help break some grounds.

I: As a producer and the CEO of InRage Entertainment, You were able to work with many different people from different backgrounds and cultures. Is there any other area of music that you have yet to venture and would love to challenge?

B: It’s funny that you mention it because my first Top Ten record was a country record with an artist name Bettina Bush. She was on “American Idol,” and (the album) was number two on the Hot Singles Sales. That was really ground breaking because I’m an African American from Brooklyn, New York. It seems like my career has been frequently crossing these cultural boundaries. K-Pop came by almost an accident, and now for me to be one of the American pioneers for K-pop is just a cool thing. I’m so honored to be a part of this. I would love to venture out to J-Pop as well.

I am also part of a rock band called “Asphalt Messiah,” and again, I’m a black guy doing rock. So we keep doing things that are a bit unorthodox. The next thing we do with Junsu and hopefully with JYJ will be unique.

I just wanted to add one thing that may seem off topic. Puff Daddy‘s (AKA P.Diddy, Diddy, Sean Combs) son, Quincy Brown, featured in “Incredible,” and he sang a line, “Shake your spaceship candy.” Nobody knew that Spaceship Candy is actually a clothing line. It’s a clothing line, and we just started selling clothes. I just wanted to add that that because everyone was asking about that line. [laughs]


I: Finally, to wrap things up, what is your big vision for InRage Entertainment, and how is K-Pop included in the vision?

B: InRage Entertainment’s core value is that we believe in artistic freedom, and we also believe in cultural togetherness. That’s what we’re all about. We have a very strong vision for the future of music and for the future of film. We have on our team a couple of Korean executives who are part of InRage entertainment, and we are working on some new acts. We are going to be putting together our own K-Pop acts. We are preparing a solo female artist and a group, and these people are coming from both Korea and America. We want to continue expanding K-Pop’s appeal, and try to gather a whole bunch of different K-Pop concepts so we can continue pushing K-Pop in to the American music industry. We’re still trying to get it together right now, but we’ve got some awesome things prepared.

Also, the result of doing KCON was that a lot of people have asked to collaborate with us.We plan on returning those people’s calls and trying to do more music. Lately, we have been producing a lot of K-Pop music, and we also have people translating for us, getting it ready for us to play for other K-Pop artists. We truly want to work with BIG BANG, G-Dragon, EXO, and all the other artists out there. That’s our goal.

I: Thank you so much for your time and sharing with us the processes of producing music with Junsu. We hope to (and we know we will) hear more from you soon. Thanks Bruce!

Be sure to follow Producer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer’s Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates. Also, don’t forget to check out InRage Entertainment’s website for more information!

credit: soompi

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JYJ Fantalk Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[News] 131129 Jaejoong is the Top K-Pop Act Selected by Experts on ‘KPOPULOUS’!

It’s no secret that we all have our own favorite music acts, but do you ever wonder who the music experts believe to be the top acts in K-Pop today?

That’s where ‘KPOPULOUS’ comes in. ‘KPOPULOUS’ is a segment that is aired through Arirang TV’s ‘Pops in Seoul’ every week to bring you a fresh look at different acts in K-Pop.

Ten experts from various fields that represent the Korean music industry have come together to share their favorite music acts each week through ‘KPOPULOUS’. Not only will you get to see exclusive interviews with the artists, it’ll all be in English as well!

Check out the episode featuring Jaejoong, and stay tuned as allkpop updates you with a fresh episode of ‘KPOPULOUS’!

credit: allkpop

JYJ Fantalk Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Vid} [ENGSUB] 131111 JYJ’s Interview for NII 2013 Winter

Jaejoong and Yoochun were slightly gentler to Junsu this time around 🙂  After all, this was a promotional video for the Christmas season, right? However, that fact doesn’t usually stops the antics. I truly agree that NII has beautiful styles and colors, and I’m glad that JYJ are happy with them.

credit: t4rw3n·

JYJ Fantalk Source: youtube

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TRANS] Esquire November Issue – HERO, Jaejoong Is Finally Free At Last

Kim Jaejoong has the names of the other two JYJ members tattooed on his spine. They may actually be the wings that set him free.

This is your first photoshoot for a magazine spread in a while since India. How was it?
It was fun. And moving.

What have you been doing?
I’ve been preparing my album. Working on new music brought up some old memories. I wrote about 80% of the lyrics of the album, and I was reminded of those memories while writing the lyrics. I seem to be very sentimental these days.

(He cried during the photoshoot. Photographer Mok Na Jung stated that this was the first time a photoshoot model’s tears brought her to tears herself.) So back there….
Yes. It was because I suddenly got a little emotional.

I think the magazine will be released right before your album.
It’s a rock album. Before, I wanted to express the rock genre as best as I could, so I sang a lot of music that only rock-manias might like. This time, I’ve diversified my music a lot. There’s some Euro-pop, and Canadian and American rock, rock music that I can call my own and Korean rock that you hear a lot in the Korean music industry… It’s an album that combines all of these music styles together. It’ll also feature a wide range of musicians as well. From Yoon Do Hyun to B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung, and Ha Dong Gyun. I think a lot of people are going to like the album because it’ll feature a lot of genres and lots of collaborations with other singers. People who like rock music will especially like it.

It seems as though you not only focused on your capacity as a rocker, but the Korean sentiment as well.
I incorporated the message of love into my entire album. From the heart-pounding and trembling emotions that arise in the beginning stages of a relationship to the feelings of letting someone go or breaking up with them. All the feelings you experience from beginning to end in a relationship are included in the upcoming album. I think I’m going to incorporate a lot of these emotions into my performances during my concerts as well.

Rock is a difficult genre. I know nothing about it. When and how did you get into rock music?
JYJ sing pop music. Though we sing pop music as a group, I wanted to differentiate myself a little during my solo activities. And I wanted to do something that I really liked and wanted to do. My train of thought ended there and I was reminded of rock music, a genre that I’ve loved since I was a little kid. For my first album, I didn’t want to be hated by the people who love traditional rock music. I told myself that if I was going to do this, I should go all the way, and luckily, it was received well by rock musicians. That’s why I was able to receive so many tracks to put in the new album. I wanted to create music that had a definitive sound, but also had a melody that the general public would enjoy.

You’ve held lots of concerts. If only we could see you singing on TV as well.
Of course, we really want to show ourselves on TV as much as we can. We’re trying as best as we can. But the situation we face is a bit…

Haven’t things changed these days?
Well, there was the verdict of our lawsuit and all, but…

Anyway, I really enjoy your acting. I fell in love with your work in .<Sunao Ni Narenakute>.
I enjoy acting, and I’m looking at my career in the long-run. Those who started off their careers in the acting industry may not see me in a favorable light when I say this, but I’m not really willing to put everything on the line for my acting career. Right now, I’m at the stage where I just want to be an actor because it’s fun and I’ve discovered the charm of acting although I’ve only just begun. I’d like to try acting in a small-scale play, if I ever get the chance to. I want to be more serious about my work.

Your sincerity can definitely be felt already. The characters you’ve played till now weren’t really that cool. They were either timid or a little weird. It was surprising to see you trying out a historical role as well.
The best thing is something you’re good at. But before that, I think what’s important is to experience a lot of things rather than doing well right off the bat. I believe that experiencing a wide range of characters now will be the foundation of becoming a great actor ten to twenty years from now.

You’re the first generation and original Hallyu stars of Korea.
No, that’s NRG…

… I heard that there’s a temple in Thailand dedicated to you… How do you feel about that?
The people who like me as a singer and the people who like me as an actor are a little different. And within those groups are people who like me for who I am as Kim Jaejoong. The fact that so many people place their expectations and support in me is all I need, and I feel grateful to have it.

By the way, I was so surprised when I saw you today. Have you always been this skinny?
I’ve been trying to put on some weight, but maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older? ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up your age.’ When I was younger, I was quite muscular so whenever I worked out, results would show up immediately. But it’s not easy to do that anymore. If I were to think of it positively, I’d say that I’m glad to be skinny instead of gaining weight and getting pudgy.

(I’m sure he was looking at my belly) I’m jealous. You have a better body than your fans.
It’s a source of stress for me.

You’re in your late twenties now. Are you frugal about spending money?
I’ve got some things going on here and there, shall I call them investments? I have my bag brand, and my coffee shop and my izakaya with Yoochun.

Izakaya? Where?
It’s located around the Hakdong intersection.

(Isn’t that near my house?) Where’s that?
If you go into the alley where Bennigans is at the Hakdong intersection, it’s called Bum’s story.

(My old job was located in the building right next to Bum’s story. It’s true) My name ends in ‘Bum’. So whenever I used to have a drink there, I’d call the place my home.
But I don’t think I’d last if I had rushed into my investments with the sole purpose of making money. Nowadays, my goal is to focus more on specialization. I must have investments that last and make money if I want to move on to greater things. Doesn’t everyone feel the need to do something right if they’re going to start something at all?

You have a great sense of fashion.

Since G.D. came around.

Shall I call it a style of your own? Something like that.
I don’t really have a particular style that I’m set on. I wear anything and everything. From tracksuits to jeans and a t-shirt. But there are times when I like to go over-the-top and dress up.

I think it’s important to have a great sense of fashion if you’re an actor or a rocker.
I think the fashion of a rocker reflects that person’s state of mind. A person can have the aura of a rock star, even if he hasn’t washed his hair and is walking around in shorts and slippers. Like how Kim Bada or Yoon Do Hyun have this special something, even though they’ve done nothing but put a pair of sunglasses on. It’s not something that can be achieved solely by one’s sense of fashion.

What is the spirit of rock music exactly? Is it really an expression of rebellion like most people think it is?
If K-pop is a song written into a set melody, rock is music where voices cracking and singing off-key aren’t a big deal. That’s what I like about it. That’s freedom. I can’t fully express in words the feeling of letting all your stress go by hitting those high notes. Happiness, sorrow, despair. You are only free when you’re able to express all these emotions through the sound of rock music.

Let’s talk about love, the theme of your album. Family first.
I feel bad. I know that my family are a great source of strength for me because they are people who will love me, no matter what I do. But I never feel like I’m able to fully repay them for everything they give me. My family prefers the little things like an extra phone call, text message or visit, over success, but I haven’t been able to do those things often.

The opposite sex, women, marriage.
I think my ideal woman changes depending on what I’m chasing after. What I want in my partner changes depending on what stresses me out, and what makes me happy. I used to have a set standard when I was younger, but not anymore. It changes depending on where I am and how I’m feeling. I don’t really care about age gaps either.

Are you able to overcome break-ups well?
It depends on how I’m feeling at the time of the break-up. Break-ups are so much harder when it was a serious relationship or if it took a while to become a couple. Wouldn’t that mean that break-ups are easier if a relationship was more casual?

You have the names of Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, the other members of JYJ, tattooed on your spine.
It’s a very meaningful thing for me. Tattooing something on your body means you want to keep that something with you forever.

When did you get it done?
When JYJ was formed. We were dreaming the same dreams and making them come true; they are the friends who endured the biggest pains and changes of my youth with me, so I will never regret my decision to get it done. Even if my grandson asks me about it when I’m much older, I’ll never feel embarrassed to explain it to him. Memories fade little by little as time goes by. It makes me happy to think that whenever I see the tattoo, forgotten memories will rise to the surface of my mind and I’ll be able to share those memories with my children.

What do you do when you’re with the other members?
All we need is for the three of us to be together. Nothing else really matters. Just having them near me gives me strength. If I didn’t have them, I’d probably die. When you have a good friend, it doesn’t really matter how many times you see them in a year. I see Hyun Joong – Kim Hyun Joong – once or twice a year, but if anyone asked me who my three best friends are, he’d be on the list. Junsu recently texted me and asked, ‘What are you up to these days?’ and it made me feel really happy when I read it. I wanted to take a screenshot of it and upload it on my SNS account.

You must be grateful that the three of you are all doing well in your respective fields as individuals, as well as when you’re in a team.
For example, let’s say that Yoochun is partaking in solo activities and I’m not. He would split some of the money he earned through his activities with the rest of us. It’s been a while since we started doing that, and we have no complaints about it. It’s because money isn’t our objective. I’m not saying that I don’t need to work since I get money anyway. Instead, it works as a form of motivation to make me work harder because I’ll think, ‘This guy is working so hard and helping me out, so how could I possibly not pick up the slack?’ I can’t fall into idleness, can I? Through the process of growing as JYJ, we’ve formed a healthy relationship where we become a source of strength and motivation for each other.

We’ve talked about family, the opposite sex, friends and your members. Now let’s talk about the love you may have for yourself? Do you love yourself a lot?
I do. And it gets more intense when I feel tormented. Of course, the torment itself hurts me a lot. But what pains me more is the fear that I’m hurting those around me through the pain that I feel.

It’s been 10 years since your debut in 2004. What would the last 10 years say to the next 10 years of your life?
I feel as though my age is just a number, nothing more. It’s meaningless to already be choosing what I’ll be doing when I’m thirty, or even what I’ll be doing next year. I just like who I am right now. I really do. So much that I sometimes regret why I didn’t realize this sooner. When I play, I play hard and when I work, I work hard. I’ve begun to realize that happiness comes from expressing myself like this, and letting myself go once in a while. In the past, I’d cry and keep it all locked inside of me when no one was looking, so I’d see things in a distorted perception. The freedom I feel now has helped a lot with that.

So it would be right to say that the past 10 years have been a happy time for you?
Of course. But there are times when I look back and feel disappointed at myself for not realizing sooner that I could have been even happier.

Do you have any final remarks?
I want this to definitely be included in any article written about me. There exists a thread that one must never forget when talking about our fans, JYJ and me. We feel as though we’ve received the love of our fans for a longer time than other celebrities because that thread exists, and it gives us the motivation to work harder. Please, never tire and never let go of that thread, no matter what. Even if we grow and change….

Source: [Esquire]

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JYJ Fantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[Info] 130927 Hello Asia! Special Feature: XIA Press Conference – SBS PopAsia Studios

juneaustraliaK-Pop star Xia arrived in Sydney yesterday ahead of his one off concert at Big Top Luna Park. A press conference was held at SBS PopAsia’s television studios ahead of the concert. Hello Asia editor Johnny Au and contributor Erin Smith was on hand to provide coverage. Photos by Johnny Au & Erin Smith. Translation provided by Lynn Ko.

Can you give us a greeting and your impressions of Sydney?

Hi everyone! My name is Xia. I actually visited Sydney back in 2010 with members of JYJ. Sydney is such a beautiful city. As soon as you land at the airport you can tell it’s a beautiful city. I’m very excited to be in Sydney again and it feels a bit different to be here for my concert this time but it’s wonderful.

While you are having your concert overseas and Korea, is there any difference? (e.g. concert, response from fans)

Clearly the most obvious difference is the language. Actually I don’t really feel much of a difference. As JYJ fans alike we start to become one. As a whole there isn’t much difference.


Also you are a singer song writer, what inspires you to write songs and where does your ideas come from? (e.g. Incredible)

I have no roles in terms of writing songs or coming up with music. Every song is very different but dance songs like Tarantallegra we actually came up with the beats first then the lyrics but with ballad songs like Fallen Leaves we came up with the lyrics first then the dance moves. So every song is different.

Could you tell us something incredible about yourself that we might not know?

Incredible? I really hope the concert will be an incredible time for my fans and myself. It’s something that cannot be achieved by myself so it has to come from my fans as well. It’s like a fusion of the two energies. So I’m very looking forward to the concert tomorrow and I do hope it’s going to be something incredible.


We believe you were first here in 2010 on a mini vacation. Do you have a favourite place in Sydney?

My favourite place in Sydney? Firstly ever since I was a child I have seen pictures of the Sydney Opera House in textbooks, TV and all kinds of media. You name it I’ve seen it! So when I saw the Opera House I thought it was grander than I have imagined. So the Opera House was great, as well as the Harbour Bridge of course. I actually completed the Harbour Bridge climb so that was great. I also really enjoyed your kangaroo steak and crocodile pizza. We were here for a brief amount of time but tried to experience as much of Australia as possible.

How do you feel about performing in the musical Elizabeth, chosen to act the leading role of ‘Death’ for the second time, and what musical do you want to perform in the future?

When I first performed in the musical Elizabeth the fact that my character was ‘Death’ overwhelmed me. I tried hard to think up of how to portray my character. It was a bit of a struggle to come up with something that was against my nature. But I really enjoyed performing the role. For the second time around I wanted to portray ‘Death’ differently. I wanted to colour him differently. It was an incredible experience to do that. In fact I have just announced that I will be performing in another musical this December. Funnily enough the musical is also called The December.

Your latest album Incredible had various types of genres, which genre was the most fun to do? Do you have a favourite song on the album?

The most fun I had? I must say it’s the song Incredible that I enjoyed the most. It an upbeat dance song that was targeted for the Korean summer. And summer makes everyone happy as you all know! I also know its summer in Australia soon so I hope you guys feel the same way I had when I was making the song as well. I actually cannot pick one favourite song on the album as I’ve put in my effort to all songs so it’s hard to choose one favourite song.


What can fans expect from your first Sydney concert?

I’ve been doing my world tour since last year and now I’m performing in Sydney so that means I have performed on every continent except for Africa which I am very grateful about. In this concert I want the audience to feel the excitement and joy I feel when I’m performing for them. So I hope everyone has a great time!

What are the main differences between performing in a musical and promoting albums and singles?

When I promote my albums and singles as a solo artist it’s all about me. But when I perform in a musical it’s a very different feeling. It’s the same excitement but the feeling I get at the end of each is very different. All in all there is a difference when I’m by myself or with other people.


Questions from Erin Smith of The AU Review

You took on the name Xia as a desire to be recognized as a star throughout Asia. Now that you have achieved that goal are there bigger desires?

(Laughs) I feel a bit embarrassed! When I first took on the name Xia it actually originated from the word Asia. But forget about being a star and all. I just want to be out there for every one of my fans around the world. That is all I want. I want to perform for every fan around the world. Beyond Asia.

What’s your message to your Australian fans and your plans for the rest of 2013?

I’m very much looking forward to the concert tomorrow. I hope it’s going to be a night I will be enjoying with my fans, breathing in the air with my fans. Performing in Australia is not something I just look forward to by myself. I really hope one day I can come back with my group JYJ. Not sure when that is going to happen but it’s something JYJ is looking forward to. As for the rest of 2013 as I mentioned earlier I have my musical coming up and we also have the Asian Games theme song. It’s quite full on so till the end of the year we have lots of things coming up.


credit: theaureview
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

JYJ Fantalk Source: sharingyoochun.net

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