Translation 111117 Kim Junsu Wins Popularity Award At “Korea Musical Awards

[TRANS] 111114 Kim Junsu Wins Popularity Award At “Korea Musical Awards,” Feels That Award Is “Very Meaningful”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has won the popularity award two years in a row.

On 14 November, at the Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park, the 17th Korea Musical Awards ceremony was held.

This ceremony was hosted by singer-actor Lee Hyun Woo as well as SBS announcer Yoo Hye Young, and was broadcast live on SBS starting at 5.13pm

This day, Kim Junsu and Yoon Gong Ju were awarded the Popularity awards. Both of them appeared together in the musical “Tears of Heaven.” This is Kim Junsu’s second consecutive year to be winning the popularity award.

Kim Junsu said, “Firstly, I want to say thank you for giving me such a precious award. I feel that the passion and strength that is put in by the actors and staff for the sake of the audiences, is the strength of a musical, and that is the greatest charm we want to show in every performance.”

Following which, he said, “After last year, I want to express my gratitude for being able to appear again, and to receive an award this year.”

Kim Junsu also said, “I’m not sure when it started, but despite having objective numerical evidence, we were unable to get a fair review, and to suffer from this was something that made me very sad. To be able to stand here today bears great meaning. To all the audiences  and fans who laughed with me, and cried with me through every single performance,  thank you,” ending his acceptance speech.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TV Report via Nate]

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6 thoughts on “Translation 111117 Kim Junsu Wins Popularity Award At “Korea Musical Awards

  1. I`m late with this, but congratulations, Junsu, and, great post, Cha – as always! Noone else could have been more deserving of this award (well, that`s my humble opinion anyway ^^) and seeing this man smile is just so heart-warming. It is quite true, so many things, nice things and less nice ones, have happened in a relatively short time. I know how much you care for Junsu (and the other members, to be sure – but Junsu is special to you, right?) and this must have made you smile as well. At least I hope so!
    How is everyone? Fine I hope! Here, everyone`s gone down with colds. But this too shall pass… ^^ JYJ will take a break in December, isn`t that so? It`s already a bit more quiet online. May they rest long and well! 😀

  2. Hi YF. No colds here, but my joints aren’t happy, especially since I insist upon straining them dancing and bopping to music. Will I be able to do this in ten years? I hope so.
    I was very happy to see June get this award. I hope he achieves even more. However, I got more joy out of watching him survive the announcing part. He’ll be more prepared next time. Manly pride and all that. 😉
    You’re right–I love June dearly, but as time has progressed my affections are spread more evenly across the board to the point that all of them are equally dear. I look forward to every new achievement of the five. I tend to miss crucial things sometimes because Chris’ work schedule has changed so it doesn’t allow us to compare notes as much as we used to. Chris always kept me informed when HoMin info came up so I can be behind on them sometimes.
    Liz Ivory is full tilt into finishing the details for her book–you would love it–and finding a publisher, so she is a bit out of the loop, also. Both of them are finalizing college details.
    BUT they still scream when I tell them things, so believe me, the Boys are still the BOMB!! 🙂 Even John talks to me to keep up with them now. He’s partial to Jae and Micky.
    Yeah. I noticed that things have quieted down for a spell–that won’t hurt. It felt for a while like we were running a marathon. I am taking the quieter time to work online with Elance–complicated system. I’m still doing tutorials. Ya gotta earn those bucks to keep the albums coming. “Come On Over” is a bit beyond my budget at this time–maybe I can find a copy later.
    Anyway, this candidate for Twitlonger is off to find whatever scrapings are out there to do my daily updates. Cya, Cha <3

  3. Hey YF. Liz told me that you wrote her. Thank you for encouraging my girls from time to time. They need to experience interest from others beyond the family, especially because we as people are not “normal”. Our minds go in many directions and being confined to a ‘box’ would drive us crazy. How else do you explain this journey that we, and yourself, are on. Shades of Star Trek– we hope to go to places noone has gone before. I’m off again. This time to do my exercises. Too much sitting. 🙂 Cha

  4. Hi you! No problem! I`m happy she saw it – my tweets sometimes disappear and there have also many times lately when I could not see my mentions. I guess Twitter will do that to people – to so many people, actually, gathered in one place. But there, too, our minds go in different directions, right? I`m confident it`s a good thing. The Star Trek comparision is an apt one. And I may be wrong, but I do believe the boys feel that way a lot of the time as well.
    That`s great (I should exercise too) and I am off to read the nice new posts in here. Sadly behind as always! As you said further up on this page, JYJ`s planned break is just so shamelessly welcomed by tired admins all over. Breathe – …
    YF ^_^

  5. I understandYF. “Breathe on me Breath of God”–one of my favorite hymns. That’s how I feel sometimes after dealing with the demands of home and church and our extended family. I hope that the Boys are truly resting. I know that it’s hard to slow down after so much momentum, but they are young. It’s time to catch up with family and friends and Thanksgiving is on the way. Have a nice Thanksgiving, JaeSuChun.
    BTW, YF. Did you notice the exercise/zumba/our guy songs I placed in here?
    That is how I am exercising right now. Outside work has slowed down tremendously, I don’t do well at the exercise clubs, and treadmills drive me crazy. So—-I decided to momba-mumbo to some of my favorite choices off of Youtube. I’ll probably add new videos to these in the pages as I go along. I figured if Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin can look so svelte and handsome–why can’t we look good too? 🙂 Well, as goodlooking as possible at my age. 😉
    Thank You for the offer on HoMin. I’ll take you up on it. Cha

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