111215 Happy 25th Birthday To Kim Junsu from Momma Cha

Hi Junsu.

You may never see this post, but it is my desire to express to you how much I appreciate you on your birthday. What is it about you that endears you to my heart like a family member? There are many things–the way that you laugh for one. Your laughter is so contagious, and I love to watch it start in your eyes and travel through your entire body. You make me laugh with you, and there are times when I truly need a good laugh.

I love to hear you sing. Yes, you’ve heard this before, but believe me June, your singing is  unique. Your vocal tones range from piano to forte; from legato to tinny. Yes, you can be tinny, but it is such a wonderful sound that it can capture my attention in the midst of all the other voices on the palette. I really cannot describe your vocals fully with the musical vocabulary that I possess. I can only close my eyes and let them play.

I enjoy the athletic side of you. You are a wonderful dancer. I am a person who loves to move and dance; take a hike –or at least a good, long walk. I was so thrilled to realize that you and the members had climbed the mountain. I want you to take care of yourself, but part of that is staying physically fit. I didn’t have an interest in soccer until I became aware of your team. Now it is something to watch and pursue.

I simply love your “humanitarianism”   🙂  You were describing your red-faced demeanor while gaming, but I define your ‘humanitarianism’ as helping others less fortunate than yourself–whether it is building houses for needy families to planting trees et al. One of my favorite pictures of you is the “Happy Energy” picture. The smile in your eyes seems to reach out from your soul. I know that some of the charities that you participate in are joint ventures, but I see the tender part of your spirit that desires to give. Adoption is a part of you.

I love the fact that you still cling to church and family. Family is so important in life, and when you possess a wonderful family such your own I ask you to treasure it with all of your heart. Church is also important because it is a place of sanctuary from all of the evil, mean things that life can throw at you. It is somewhere to go where you know that you will be loved and nurtured.

Last, but not least, I admire you as an actor. You have enormous potential in this field, especially stage acting. You have always been able to command a stage, and you have the ability to separate yourself from the role once you exit the stage. Choose your roles wisely and you will secure a future for yourself and your posterity.


Happy Birthday Junsu. I pray that you will have so many more wonderful celebrations. You are a private individual, and I thank you for those parts of you that you choose to reveal to us. That is our gift from You on this Christmas Season. Merry Christmas and Have a Wonderful New Year.

credits: princesskyuki+FCMen+aomgoodtime+zunoxiahmom+xiah-sshi.com+cantfeelthesame

Momma Cha  @jyjfantalk

2 thoughts on “111215 Happy 25th Birthday To Kim Junsu from Momma Cha

  1. This is beautiful, Cha – beautiful and heartfelt and very very true…I believe you have captured Junsu`s unique spirit in this post, and that is not an easy thing to do. Thanks for finding, posting and sharing the gifs, the videos and the memories. I just retweeted your post of North Korea – I hope you don`t mind a retweet for this one as well. And you never know. Maybe he is reading it right now, and smiling.
    Ah, we have all been worried about Junsu today, haven`t we. This post set more than a few things right, because, ultimately, it`s all about Junsu himself, his words, actions, choices and passions – all of those things that intrigue us – not about what some other person does to him. That really isn`t important for our understanding of Junsu at all. Again, thank you – ! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the retweets YF. I tend to get like a hermit in here, and I’m always surprised that anyone is really interested in what I post. I thought about sharing it out there but I always figure since it is in English.. Yes, Shame on the person with a translator on her blog. 😉

    I’m always concerned when Junsu protests because he is the one who takes it all. However, there comes a point that he will not tolerate and that point is his mother. I pray for them for peace and that he will decide to stay with us on Twitter.

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