Happy Birthday U-know Yunho: The Promise of Another Year Continues…

Happy Birthday Yunho:  Another Year’s Promise Is Here

yunhoghanahope7 Another year has passed in the life of U-Know Yunho–leader-sshi extraordinaire, friend, dancer, singer, and actor. Who is this ball of energy who seems to have the ability to do such a variety of things, including reaching into his heart and his resources to meet the needs of others? Yunho, you personify fatherhood and young wisdom, yet you also exude a certain vulnerability and naive playfulness that suggests that you have found a way to relieve the pressures of your everyday existence. You have always been one to shoulder everyone’s burden, but what about your burdens?

Early on, as a member of DBSK, you were assigned the leadership role. I can imagine trying to supervise those four extremely energetic, independent doers and thinkers, namely, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin, I believe that Jaejoong helped you a lot, as they all probably did–but it still remained your role to see to tasks being performed, and to coordinate between upper management and the members. This was not a comfortable place to be. Middle-management has its own set of problems, and you could get caught in between the two. Your loyalties have to lie with both, and the “buck’ definitely stops at your house often. It takes great courage and strength to live in this way, but you have consistently managed to do this.

It doesn’t matter how much we speculate–the only ones who truly know why DBSK split are the actual parties involved. The question is do we truly need to know? I believe that truth and revelation are healers. Each member was and still is affected, and what utter devastation was caused among the fandom. Yet, In some ways it has strengthened the fandom and revealed true loyalties. I also believe that this strengthened each member. Adversely, it has created a climate for fan wars that eventually will be revealed as evoking unnecessary casualties.  Over-all, everyone receives the love if they choose to embrace it. .

Yunho, you are a human being. You hurt like we all hurt. Yet, you tend to hide that hurt until you are alone. This makes it hard to know what your needs are. As a caring community of people, and disregarding diverse loyalties arising out of the split–you occupy a singular position. You also occupy a unique place in our hearts. There is no one like you. As this year progresses, and you achieve more things born out of your own inner drive and perfectionist personality–I believe that you will surpass your own expectations. You have greatness in you; we have seen it all along–and I am praying that you will someday emerge as a guiding influence on the world around you. Seek profound truths, and let yourself be guided by what is truth.

I want to congratulate you on the 10th anniversary, on ‘Somefhing’ and TENSE, and on all of the recent awards and achievements, whether in conjuncture with Changmin or singly. You will continue to grow, and more responsibility will fall upon your shoulders. You are fast approaching your 30’s, the start of the most potentially productive years of your life. Choose your projects wisely, esteem those who are worthy of your esteem, always keep the faith, and know that you are loved…


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Narrative Credit: Momma Cha @ jyjfantalk.com

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[Video] 121103 Kim Jaejoong Fan Meeting in Jakarta

[Vid] 121103 Kim Jaejoong Fan Meeting in Jakarta

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A Personal Note to Kim Jaejoong Who Surpassed an Ajumma’s Expectations!! Episode 21

Unbelievable, Jaejoong. You have just proven yourself through portraying the role of Kim Kyung Tak in such a professional way. A wealth of critics and people who have always equated your handsome looks with lack of depth in your character can no longer do so. You are a gem ablaze with many developing facets. You can no longer be labeled as just a singer, a songwriter, or an actor because there is so much more potential in you that I can see being developed over time. Keep breathing; keep growing; and some day the entire world will see a sensitive, wonderful, talented and influential person who truly loves to give of himself to help others. This is what this Ajumma can see in store for you. I pray that you will desire this for yourself..

I come from a nurturer’s perspective–wanting the best for you and your brothers that you can achieve in this life. I have lived many things that you have yet to see or experience, so I know how much you can and will grow. Jaejoong, I have always been intrigued by your acting even when you were younger, but the depth to which you have taken the character of Kim Kyung Tak is an indicator of the man still in the making, with so much more to come.

I know that you are open to learning from those who have been in the business so much longer than yourself. Keep an open mind and a caring heart and you will see doors open to you that no man can shut.  I have cried with you many times, and I want you to understand how much tears are a medicine. Tears are the beginning of healing–indicators that the emotions are being released. This is healthy and manly. Some would criticise the man who cries, yet I say that he is healthier and more in touch with his emotions than the stalwart, keep-the-stiff-upper-lip role model that young boys are taught to emulate.

Now that you are finishing this role and working on “Here Comes Jackal’, I only hope that you will be offered many more challenging roles that will stimulate you to do your very best. You have a remarkable work ethic, but remember to take time to rest, sleep, and play to heal your body, soul, and spirit. Always Keep The Faith, Jaejoong!!  <3  Momma Cha

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

picture credit: StarDailyNews

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120731 Confusion Reigns in Dr. Jin Land Episodes 19 and 20

          Well, Mr. Kim Kyung Tak aka Kim Jaejoong–what’s going down? Confusion for you as well as the rest of us is the operative [no pun intended] phrase here. As you are functioning as a double-agent, you seem to be reserving certain information for one side or the other. Your father is on to you now as well as Young Hwi. You answered Young Hwi’s query a bit too blithely. Consequently, they aren’t too sure whether to believe what you say, and you’re not sure of them either. The problem is–we can’t determine your true intentions, either.  Personally, I would consider you a babo to desert your friends, because I am convinced that the Left State Minister hasn’t a clue as to what love really is–and your friends do.

At present, you have continually carried out your father’s evil orders–albeit somewhat reluctantly, I’ll give you that.  There has to come a time and a place when you must make a firm decision to either help to usher in a new age for Chosun, admittedly at the expense of your own family’s status and rule, or cling to the bloody, conniving ways of the men in your family who up front admit to using you, despite your ‘inferiority’, to commit henious crimes in the name of justice. 

What I do not want to see is your failure to obtain anything of merit for yourself or for your friends due to lack of fortitude and lack of commitment  to the common good. How do you sleep at night after butchering innocent people? People have a right to be free and to make decisions for themselves, and that arguably can mean to choose, in this case, the traditional ways, or choose to begin ushering in a new age.

I have grown to love you as a character, Kim Kyung Tak, and I want so much for you. Recognition, legitimacy, respect, and more. I am hoping for a good woman to love you, share your life, and bear children for you. I want the same for Dr. Jin. Will this be possible writers? I’m not sure on this one. What I am sure of is an interesting, people dying thither and yon, heart-wrenching end to this historical drama. Great job, Everyone. 

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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120323 Personal Note: Thank You JJ

Mr. JJ has tweeted. Hurrah!! Hurrah!!  You don’t know how much a person is a part of your existence until they are no longer there. This is what Jaejoong, Yoochun, Yoowhan, Changmin, Junsu, and Yunho have been experiencing for weeks–directly or indirectly. Now we have had our own  taste of loss, not because Jaejoong desired that we should worry, but because as a human being–he reached an inpenetrable wall. Grief has stages and this is not the first time in the last couple of years that Jaejoong has had reason to mourn.

Soul-searching is hard work. I know, I have been there many times. Self-assessment is one of the hardest tasks out there, but it must be done in order to grow. Let’s give our Guys growth time–I believe that they and ourselves will benefit from this gift.

What we can do as supporters for Jaejoong right now [as well as for Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin and Yunho] is to allow him a season of recovery free from any expectations except work and home. Specifically, when JJ chooses to reach out, and I hope he will often, we are willing to interpret, intercede, and pray for his swift recovery without excessive demands on his time and energy. Jaejoong has preparations for his drama to do.

Let’s look forward to Time Slip Dr. Jin.  Fighting Jaejoong!!!  We sincerely love you.  Momma Cha, Bethbethree, thatmelancholysoul

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Personal Note: Condolences to Yoochun, Yoowhan, and Mom

 It is hard to lose a loved one. Even though the person who has passed receives peace, they leave behind loved ones who no longer have access to touch them and see them. We are praying for the Park family to receive joy in knowing that their loved one suffers no more–and we are also praying that they as a family can comfort one another in this family crisis.

As a gesture of respect for the Park Family jyjfantalk will not be posting on this day of March 14, 2012. It is a day of sympathy and mourning.

Update: Park Yoochun and Park Yoowhan’s father was laid to rest on March 16th, 2012.  Rest in Peace.

‘All my longings lie open before you, Lord, my sighing is not hidden from you.

                                                                                                    Psalm 38:9

111215 Happy 25th Birthday To Kim Junsu from Momma Cha

Hi Junsu.

You may never see this post, but it is my desire to express to you how much I appreciate you on your birthday. What is it about you that endears you to my heart like a family member? There are many things–the way that you laugh for one. Your laughter is so contagious, and I love to watch it start in your eyes and travel through your entire body. You make me laugh with you, and there are times when I truly need a good laugh.

I love to hear you sing. Yes, you’ve heard this before, but believe me June, your singing is  unique. Your vocal tones range from piano to forte; from legato to tinny. Yes, you can be tinny, but it is such a wonderful sound that it can capture my attention in the midst of all the other voices on the palette. I really cannot describe your vocals fully with the musical vocabulary that I possess. I can only close my eyes and let them play.

I enjoy the athletic side of you. You are a wonderful dancer. I am a person who loves to move and dance; take a hike –or at least a good, long walk. I was so thrilled to realize that you and the members had climbed the mountain. I want you to take care of yourself, but part of that is staying physically fit. I didn’t have an interest in soccer until I became aware of your team. Now it is something to watch and pursue.

I simply love your “humanitarianism”   🙂  You were describing your red-faced demeanor while gaming, but I define your ‘humanitarianism’ as helping others less fortunate than yourself–whether it is building houses for needy families to planting trees et al. One of my favorite pictures of you is the “Happy Energy” picture. The smile in your eyes seems to reach out from your soul. I know that some of the charities that you participate in are joint ventures, but I see the tender part of your spirit that desires to give. Adoption is a part of you.

I love the fact that you still cling to church and family. Family is so important in life, and when you possess a wonderful family such your own I ask you to treasure it with all of your heart. Church is also important because it is a place of sanctuary from all of the evil, mean things that life can throw at you. It is somewhere to go where you know that you will be loved and nurtured.

Last, but not least, I admire you as an actor. You have enormous potential in this field, especially stage acting. You have always been able to command a stage, and you have the ability to separate yourself from the role once you exit the stage. Choose your roles wisely and you will secure a future for yourself and your posterity.


Happy Birthday Junsu. I pray that you will have so many more wonderful celebrations. You are a private individual, and I thank you for those parts of you that you choose to reveal to us. That is our gift from You on this Christmas Season. Merry Christmas and Have a Wonderful New Year.

credits: princesskyuki+FCMen+aomgoodtime+zunoxiahmom+xiah-sshi.com+cantfeelthesame

Momma Cha  @jyjfantalk