110401 JYJ–New Asia Schedule

Hi Folks.
A lot of fans are disappointed that the Indonesia and Singapore concerts have been cancelled. America is probably a part of the West Hemisphere list and/or if the visas are still a problem…?
We’ll see what comes. I think that we probably need to grant a little grace here and give C-Jes the benefit of the doubt. They will probably iron out some of these major problems as time progresses. In the meantime our main focus should not be whether they manage to get to our locale but to keep praying that they get to perform. Period. Momma Cha

[Info] 110401 JYJ – New Asia Tour Schedule. Thank you for your concern and interest in JYJ World Tour Concert. I finalise the cities and dates of Asia Tour.

As cancelling the World Tour at Indonesia and Singapore, I do know that many fans there are disappointed and devastated. I feel sorry for fans about the cancellation. We will visit you with better songs, better shows later.

Below is the changed and confirmed Tour schedule. Website that you can buy tickets will be announced through Cjes website and World Tour facebook page, please wait for the next notice.

2nd, 3rd April; Bangkok, Thailand

23rd April; Taipai, Taiwan

7th May; Beijing, China

11th, 12th June; Busan, Korea

credit: JYJ World Tour Concert 2011 FB
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