[News] 120420 ‘Rooftop Prince’ Sold to Japan, “Earns 200,000 Dollars Per Episode”

[News] 120420 ‘Rooftop Prince’ Sold to Japan, “Earns 200,000 Dollars Per Episode”

SBS’s series Rooftop Prince, starring JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min, recently sold to Japan by receiving 200,000 dollars (about 220 million won) per episode.

On April 20, Kim Young Seop, general CP of SBS Drama Center, said, “The series is receiving favorable reviews from foreign countries. Japan bought the series paying 200,000 dollars per episode.”

He added, “A broadcasting station from Singapore will visit the set on April 25 to report on the series and actors.”

 “The series drew a lot of attention thanks to writer Lee Hee Myung, who returned to writing TV drama in six years. Since the series is a romantic comedy combined with mystery, it could have become a beloved series. We will try harder to make TV dramas for the youth as well.”

The series is a fantasy romance about a crown prince named Lee Gak (played by Park) from Joseon Dynasty. He travels through time from 300 years ago to 21st century Seoul with his men after loosing crown princess (played by Jung Yoo Mi). He will fall in love with a girl who he couldn’t in the past life.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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